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2007-03-26 Winbond sells 200mm fab for $251M
Winbond Electronics Corp. Board of Directors has approved the deal to sell the 200mm fab in Hsinchu Science Park to Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS) for about $251 million.
2008-01-04 Vanguard finalizes purchase of Winbond's 200mm fab
Aiming to expand its capacity, Taiwan specialty foundry provider Vanguard International Semiconductor Corp. has completed its acquisition of Winbond Electronics Corp.'s 200mm fab.
2008-06-18 Toshiba shuts down 200mm NAND JV
Toshiba is slightly scaling back on its 200mm NAND flash-memory production amid a downturn in the arena. It will mainly focus on its 300mm fabs to meet improved production efficiency for the company's overall semiconductor business.
2004-08-16 Tongxin four-layer PCB measures 150-by-200mm
Shenzhen Tongxin Circuit Electronic has disclosed the availability of its 4B6371 four-layer PCBs that come in dimensions of 150-by-200mm.
2013-10-22 Thermoplastic linear actuator boasts 200mm travel range
The U-264KSPA linear actuator features a 200mm travel range and a minimum incremental motion of 6?m
2006-12-21 Taiwan approves 200mm fab investments in China
Taiwan approved applications by Powerchip Semiconductor and ProMOS Technologies, to invest in 200mm wafer fabs in China.
2008-01-31 SMIC to put up 200mm, 300mm fabs in Shenzhen
China's SMIC has struck a deal with the Shenzhen municipal government under which the foundry provider will build new and separate 200mm and 300mm fabs in that region.
2007-04-11 SMIC to boost capacity at Chengdu 200mm plant
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. disclosed its plans to expand the capacity of a 200mm wafer fab in Chengdu from 20,000 wafers per month to 70,000.
2004-09-06 Renesas, Mitsumi agree on transfer of 200mm wafer fab
Mitsumi Electric Co. Ltd will acquire a 200mm wafer fab from Renesas Northern Japan Semiconductor Inc., a wholly-owned affiliated company of Renesas Technology Corp.
2008-10-15 Qimonda exits 200mm, cuts 3,000 jobs
Qimonda will implement a global restructuring and cost reduction program intended to reposition the company in the market and substantially increase its efficiencies through a wide-ranging realignment of its business.
2007-12-04 Qimonda cuts 200mm capacities in favor of 300mm
Qimonda will reduce capacities at 200mm manufacturing facilities to further focus on 300mm production, which is targeted to increase approximately 90 percent by the end of the financial year.
2009-02-25 Micron to phase out 200mm production
Micron Technology Inc. announced that it will phase out 200mm wafer manufacturing operations at the company's Boise facility, as a result of decreased demand for 200mm specialty DRAM products.
2003-12-10 Keithley device tests 300mm wafers in 200mm test times
Keithley Instruments Inc. has expanded its S600 series with the release of the S680DC/RF parametric test system that allows control of 300mm wafer processes in 200mm test times. The optional SimulTest parallel test software measures up to nine devices simultaneously within a single probe touchdown.
2015-12-18 Imec reveals significant headway on 200mm GaN-on-Si tech
During the recent IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting 2015, Imec presented three novel AlGaN/gallium nitride (GaN) stacks featuring optimised low dispersion buffer designs.
2005-04-26 IBM to reportedly sell 200mm semi plant
IBM Corp. is seeking to sell or lease almost 1 million square feet of semiconductor research and manufacturing plant in East Fishkill, New York, according to an unpublished report.
2002-03-15 Ibis receives order for 200mm MLD wafers
Ibis Technology Corp. has received initial production orders for 200mm Advantox Modified Low Dose wafers from an undisclosed customer.
2008-07-25 Hynix's 200mm U.S. facility to close shop soon
Hynix will close within two months a 200mm DRAM wafer fab in Eugene, Oregon, according to local officials speaking after a visit from Jong Kap Kim, chief executive, Hynix.
2008-09-22 Hynix shuts down 200mm fabs
Hynix Semiconductor Inc. will retire its 200mm wafer fabrication plants earlier than planned in order to improve its financial stability and focus on profitability.
2007-09-05 Hynix scraps planned sale of 200mm fab
With a massive expansion plan on the way, South Korea-based Hynix Semiconductor Inc. has scrapped plans to sell its older M8 200mm fab in Cheong-ju, according to the Korea Times.
2006-11-30 Hua Hong drops 300mm wafer plans, goes for 200mm
A Hua Hong NEC affiliate is canceling its plans for a 300mm wafer fab in Shanghai, opting instead to build up a 200mm wafer line, the company said Tuesday.
2008-01-17 Freescale opens new 200mm MEMS facility
Freescale Semiconductor has built an advanced MEMS 200mm production line to address growing sensors market demand at its Oak Hill Fab in Austin, Texas.
2005-02-07 Excess 200mm capacity could threaten next upturn
The IC industry faces a glut of 200mm fab capacity, which could threaten the dynamics of the next semiconductor upturn, according to an analyst.
2007-02-26 Elpida sells 200mm fab gear to China's Cension
Elpida Memory Inc. announced last week that it has sold some 200mm fab gear to Cension Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.
2007-03-06 Cypress to keep U.S. 200mm fab
Cypress Semiconductor clarifies its current position on its fab strategy, saying it continues to invest in a 200mm fab in Minnesota, United States, while "exploring options" for an older 150mm fab in Texas, also in the United States.
2004-10-29 Cypress SVTC sets up 200mm, 300mm lithography tool
Silicon Valley Technology Center (SVTC), a division of Cypress Semiconductor Corp., has installed a 200mm and 300mm wafer photolithography tool from ASML, and is now offering 65nm silicon processing capabilities to third-party companies.
2015-04-02 CVD graphene available on 100mm x 200mm substrates
The high-quality polycrystalline graphene films promise to outperform what the competition can deliver in terms of low defect density and high mobility.
2010-03-30 Bosch opens 200mm wafer fab in Reutlingen
Robert Bosch GmbH has formally opened a 200mm wafer fab in Reutlingen. The fab, which cost 600 million euros (about $1.1 billion), will make a variety of ICs including MEMS.
2010-02-16 Bosch gears 200mm fab for automotive ICs
Robert Bosch GmbH currently is adding the finishing touches to its 200mm wafer fab in near-by Reutlingen.
2002-03-15 AmberWave, IQE jointly produce 200mm silicon epiwafers
AmberWave Systems Corp. has licensed its Generation 1 strained silicon technology to IQE plc's Silicon Compounds Division for the production of 200mm strained silicon epiwafers.
2014-02-10 300mm wafer processing dominates, 200mm capacity stays relevant
IC Insights indicated that nearly all fab upgrade and construction activity has to do with 300mm wafer processing, but there is still plenty of life remaining in 200mm fabs.
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