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2016-05-12 Tech breakthrough boosts 2D semiconductor photoluminescence by 20,000-fold
National University of Singapore researchers said the discovery could pave the way for the application of 2D semiconductors such as tungsten diselenide in advanced optoelectronic and photonic devices.
2002-07-31 Schott Optovance offers 2D VSCEL interconnects
Schott Optovance Inc. has introduced a 2D VCSEL transceiver interconnect to address the emerging market of 2D parallel optical transceivers.
2015-06-24 Scalable production of low-temperature 2D MoS2 films
Researchers at the University of Southampton's Zepler Institute characterised large-area 2D films of molybdenum disulphide at room temperature using a process that is scalable to any size wafer.
2013-04-17 Research: Layered 2D nanocrystals to replace CMOS
Made up of a material called molybdenum disulfide, the layered structure could pave the way for further scaling and improving compute performance driven by smaller transistors.
2007-04-16 R8C/2D group: DAC
This application note shows a program for the DAC. The program can be used with other R8C/Tiny Series MCUs which have the same special function registers (SFRs) as the R8C/2D group.
2016-02-03 Promising 2D material opens path for next-gen spintronics
Researchers from NUS and Yale-NUS College have established the mechanisms for spin motion in molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), an emerging 2D material that shows potential for low-power devices.
2012-08-13 Multitest introduces integrated 2D code reader
Semiconductor test equipment manufacturer now offers advanced code reader
2012-08-28 Molybdenum disulfide presents 2D platform for electronics
Research on molybdenum disulfide promises new applications geared at electronic devices, placing it on the same level as graphene.
2005-02-07 Mezzanine card imparts high-res 2D/3D graphics
A new PMC graphics mezzanine card from MEN Micro gives you a way to include high-resolution 2D/3D graphics into systems that accommodate PMC cards.
2010-11-16 ITRI flexible 2D/3D switchable displays lauded
Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has earned three R&D 100 Awards for three of its technologies in the materials science and electronic instrumentation categories.
2002-02-20 Imaging 2D protein gels stained with SYPRO Ruby
This application note describes how the Typhoon variable mode imager are good choices for imaging protein gels stains.
2005-12-23 IGP chipset delivers 2D/3D graphics
VIA Technologies announced the VIA CN700 IGP chipset, which is designed for low-power digital media apps, including mini PCs, fanless embedded commercial systems and home entertainment centers.
2004-06-16 ICOS acquires 2D wafer inspection from Siemens
ICOS Vision Systems Corp. NV has acquired the wafer inspection business of Siemens AG.
2001-09-25 G4 hardware acceleration facilitates 2D processing
This application note focuses on the advanced data movement capabilities required in various advanced radar, sonar and image processing algorithms.
2010-09-27 Free 2D CAD software now runs on Mac OS
Dassault Systmes announced that its DraftSight 2D CAD software is now available for Mac OS.
2003-04-04 feinfocus x-ray displays 2D, 3D imagery
feinfocus has released the ?CT-F.O.X. x-ray inspection system, which is claimed to be the first to include 2D and 3D modalities in one device.
2004-02-05 Feinfocus releases x-ray system for 2D, 3D inspection
The ?CT-50 x-ray inspection system from Feinfocus combines high-power ?focus 2D x-ray technology with 3D computed tomography techniques and volume rendering software.
2013-11-04 Columbia researchers develop new architecture for 2D materials
Columbia Engineering researchers showed that it is possible to electrically contact an atomically thin 2D material only along its 1D edge, rather than conventionally contacting it from the top.
2014-12-29 Cognex's tech improves 2D barcode reading rate
PowerGrid technology boosts read rates in 2D barcode-reading applications where a part's geometry, poor lighting, occlusion or print-registration errors make it hard to capture an image of the entire code.
2007-02-12 Coaxial device design tool provides 2D electromagnetic simulation
Vector Fields announced an electromagnetic design tool for coaxial devices such as connectors and attenuators.
2008-06-16 Boost TV performance with 2D LED dimming
Adaptive backlight dimming requires a significant amount of image processing to be performed on the video stream to derive optimum backlight and pixel drive signals.
2003-05-02 Board-to-board optical interconnects using 2D VCSEL and microlens
The trade-off between packing density and optimum interconnect distance will be a major consideration in approaches to multibus line optical backplane for board-to-board interconnects.
2002-11-04 Ansoft offers free 2D field solver
Ansoft Corp. has released a free subset of its commercial field solver, Maxwell 2D.
2010-09-13 32nm application processor features 2D graphics acceleration
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd demonstrated its Saratoga 32nm application processor at the 7th annual Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum.
2010-12-11 2D/3D chip banks on 3D in smart phones, tablets
Dialog’s DA8223, which has a hardwired, dedicated architecture that puts no extra load on the host application processor and requires no external memory, can be plugged into existing portable devices.
2012-11-30 2D thin-film magnetic cores feature WLM tech
Enpirion claimed to extend micro-fabrication and materials technology with what it touts as the world's first 2D thin-film magnetic cores with new wafer level magnetics technology.
2002-01-22 2D superlattices show storage limits
Researchers from the Paris VI and Paris VII research labs and the Laboratoire de Physique de la Matihre Condensie in Palaiseau France have produced 2D superlattices of metallic nanoparticles.
2013-05-20 2D stacking makes for high-quality semiconductors
MIT researchers discover a new method towards engineering a band gap into graphene, which is necessary to form transistors and other semiconductor devices.
2014-04-11 2D molybdenum shows potential for LED prod'n
Researchers created a method for making 2D molybdenum diselenide using CVD and is widely used by the semiconductor and materials industries to make thin films of silicon, carbon fibres and other materials.
2014-07-01 2D graphene nanosheets developed using Scotch-tape method
A team of researchers looked into the physics, kinetics and energetics behind the regarded "Scotch-tape" technique using molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) atomic layers as a model material.
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