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2002-01-08 Seoul Electron to begin development of 300mm wafer equipment
Seoul Electron Ltd will begin the development of rapid thermal processing (RTP) with the cooperation of Kostec Sys Co. Ltd.
2006-01-26 Sematech CEO tips '300mm-prime' effort
The semiconductor industry is exploring new ways to extend 300mm fabs and push out the need for 450mm plants, according to Sematech.
2007-08-09 SanDisk, Hynix partner on 300mm fab
Against the background of rising NAND demand, SanDisk and Hynix plan to build a joint fab, reported the media in Europe.
2005-11-29 Samsung's new 2MB smart card IC manufactured on 300mm
Samsung new 2MB smart card IC meets all the industry requirements for 3G multimedia handsets by enabling higher memory density for SMS, telephone directory, games and Internet services, as well as its typical subscriber identification function.
2005-08-31 Samsung seeking U.S site for 300mm fab
Arizona, Oregon and Texas are among the states in the running for Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd's new and proposed semiconductor wafer fab, according to reports.
2007-06-19 Samsung opens 300mm flash fab in Texas
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has opened its 1.6 million square foot 300mm NAND flash memory wafer plant in Austin, Texas.
2004-08-30 Samsung mulls new 300mm fab for 65nm chips
Continuing to expand its capacity, Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has disclosed plans that it is looking to build a new wafer fab for use in processing devices at the 65nm node.
2005-10-11 Samsung committee recommends Austin for 300mm fab
A Samsung Electronics site selection committee has recommended Austin as the location for a 300-mm memory fab, with an estimated investment of $3.5 billion, said Samsung Austin spokesman Bill Cryer.
2007-09-27 Russia's Sitronics mulls 45nm on 300mm plant
Russian telecom and consumer equipment provide JSC Sitronics has reportedly started a project to develop chip manufacturing at the 65nm to 45nm nodes on 300mm wafers, according to a CNews.
2007-06-20 Russia cooks up 300mm wafer fab plans
Russia is collaborating with a party known only as the "Kedah Group" to construct a 300mm wafer fab at the city of Nizhny Novgorod.
2013-05-31 Research reveals SiC film epitaxial growth on 300mm silicon
The Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Facility of Griffith University and SPTS said the finding is the result of over 10 years research at QMF on low temperature SiC deposition on silicon.
2010-09-15 RCP technology manufactured in 300mm format
Nepes to manufacture Freescale technology that replaces deployed ball grid array packaging
2012-01-09 Rapid acoustic inspection for 300MM wafer generation (Part 2)
Read about a system that is touted to deliver superior precision, resolution and throughput in wafer inspection.
2011-12-30 Rapid acoustic inspection for 300MM wafer generation (Part 1)
As wafers become larger and individual die become smaller, acoustic micro imaging is developing the non-destructive tools that can remove defective die to boost reliability and yield.
2007-04-27 Qimonda expands Asia footprint with 300mm facility
Qimonda AG plans to strengthen its footprint in the Asian market by building a 300mm manufacturing facility on the continent.
2007-12-04 Qimonda cuts 200mm capacities in favor of 300mm
Qimonda will reduce capacities at 200mm manufacturing facilities to further focus on 300mm production, which is targeted to increase approximately 90 percent by the end of the financial year.
2013-09-09 PVD system enables power devices' 300mm transition
The Sigma fxP carries thin wafer handling hardware and uses film deposition stress control techniques to deliver high throughput processes with low wafer bow.
2006-09-06 ProMOS to invest $5B for two more 300mm fabs
Memory maker ProMOS Technology Inc. disclosed that it is planning to invest $5 billion for two more 300mm wafer DRAM fabs that will be located in central Taiwan. Construction is set to begin in the Q3 of next year.
2005-02-08 ProMOS takes $300 million loan for 300mm equipment
ProMOS Technologies said it would use a $314 million loan to begin purchasing equipment for its 300mm wafer fab in central Taiwan, starting this May.
2006-07-14 Production scheduling tool rolls for 300mm fabs
Ilog has unveiled the Fab PowerOps, touted to be the first software package to address production scheduling for front-end process areas within a 300mm semiconductor fabrication plant.
2002-05-16 Powerchip opens 300mm DRAM fab
Amid sinking prices in the DRAM market, Powerchip Semiconductor Corp. flipped the switch on its first 300mm wafer fabrication facility on May 14.
2002-05-15 PLD moves toward 300mm wafers, 0.135m process
The move towards 300mm wafers is proving to be advantageous to PLDs as compared to ASICs, said Wim Roelandts, president and CEO of Xilinx, because PLDs need bigger dies than ASICs.
2015-07-08 Peregrine, GlobalFoundries unveil RF SOI 300mm platform
The UltraCMOS 11 uses a custom fabrication flow from GlobalFoundries' Fab 7 facility, and will be the foundation for Peregrine's high volume mobile products and SOI products for other applications.
2005-01-10 Owens unveils new module for 200/300mm wafers
Owens Design announced that it has introduced a wafer heating and cooling module to its family of custom wafer handling solutions.
2007-10-08 Numonyx to reactivate ST's 300mm Italy fab
STMicroelectronics' 300mm M6 wafer fab in Catania, Italy is going to be reactivated by Numonyx NV.
2005-07-27 New 300mm fab positions Chartered for future growth
Industry observers are predicting better times ahead for Chartered Semiconductor despite the foundry's posting a net loss July 22 for the third straight quarter.
2002-06-18 NEC introduces 88-by-482-by-300mm SDH system
NEC Corp. has introduced the SpectralWave C-node next-generation SDH system that measures 88-by-482-by-300mm.
2004-04-12 NEC Electronics plans second 300mm fab
Rapidly growing demand for digital consumer products has prompted NEC Electronics Corp. to launch construction of its second 300mm fab that will have a maximum capacity of 10,000 wafers a month.
2005-05-31 NEC doubles plan at 300mm fab launch
NEC Electronics Corp. has officially celebrated the launch of its 300mm wafer fab at Yamagata and has started to ramp its manufacturing capacity towards 20,000 wafers a month.
2005-10-28 NEC buys 300mm line from R&D group
NEC Electronics Inc. on Wednesday (Oct. 26) disclosed that it has purchased a 300mm wafer prototype production line from a Japanese agency.
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