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2005-11-04 China's Hua Hong NEC mulls 300mm fab
Chinese foundry specialist Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Co. Ltd. plans to build a 300mm fab at a cost $2 billion, according to the Shanghai Daily.
2007-01-16 China faces bumpy road to 300mm
The outlook for China's chip industry clouded after a Hua Hong NEC affiliate announced in December it would shelve plans for a 300mm wafer fab and instead build a 200mm line.
2005-06-22 China devising 300mm silicon wafers
China is developing a significant silicon wafer industry, including a company that has a 300mm capability, according to the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Int. (SEMI) trade group.
2004-09-10 Chartered yields 0.13?m 300mm wafer in Fab 7
Chartered Semiconductor Mfg has achieved functional 0.13?m 300mm wafers from its Fab 7, demonstrating silicon results which exceeded internal targets within five months of the first equipment installation.
2007-05-21 Chartered takes $610M loan to ramp up 300mm fab
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing took a $610 million loan to push forward the ramp-up of its first 300mm wafer fab.
2005-07-25 Chartered ships 300mm wafers, posts another loss
Chartered Semiconductor Mfg Pte. Ltd said that it has begun processing wafers from its initial 300mm wafer fab - a month sooner than previously expected. But the troubled Singaporean foundry is still spilling red ink amid lackluster demand.
2005-02-02 Chartered commences customer prototyping in 300mm fab
Chartered Semiconductor Mfg has begun prototyping customer products at its first 300mm facility, Fab 7, at multiple advanced technology nodes.
2004-03-30 Chartered 300mm fab selects ASML multisystem tool
ASML Holding NV (ASML) has received a purchase order for a suite of lithography tools from Chartered Semiconductor Mfg.
2013-07-04 Capacity for 300mm wafers to grow 70% by 2017
IC Insights forecasted that production using 300mm wafers will steadily increase and reach 70.4 per cent in 2017 while 200mm wafers is expected to drop to 21 per cent in December 2017.
2009-06-12 Bigger 300mm plants to boost fab capex in 2010
The outlook for worldwide fab construction and capital spending may be poor for 2009, but spending rebound is projected in 2010 with fewer but bigger 300mm plants in the works.
2002-11-05 ASE launches 300mm flip-chip bumping volume production
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. has announced that its 300mm wafer flip-chip bumping line is ready for volume production.
2003-12-04 ASE deploys multiple 300mm wafer bumping system
SUSS MicroTec AG announced that Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE) has recently purchased and installed multiple 300mm SUSS lithography systems.
2002-02-04 AMD taps UMC for joint 300mm wafer fab in Singapore
United Microelectronics Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. have entered into a comprehensive alliance to establish a joint venture to own and operate a 300mm wafer fab in Singapore.
2005-04-11 AMD runs silicon in 300mm wafer fab, preps 65nm process
Processor vendor Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has started running wafers through Fab36, the company's 300mm wafer fab located in Dresden, Germany and is on course to have commercial production in 2006, according to Tom Sonderman, the company's director of APM technologies.
2005-11-02 AMD opens new 300mm fab in Germany
AMD has announced the opening its new 300mm Fab 36 in Dresden, Germany. The company plans to make 90nm production shipments from the new fab in Q1 of 2006 with 65nm production scheduled by the end of the same year
2005-10-18 AMD opens new 300mm fab in Germany
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. opened its first 300mm fab here Friday (Oct. 14), with outgoing German Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder lauding the jobs created in this relatively depressed area of the former East Germany
2006-04-06 AMD begins 90nm production at 300mm fab
AMD executives said that the company has earned its first revenues from microprocessors made on 90nm design rules at Fab 36, the company's first 300mm wafer fab.
2010-03-11 Alchimer establishes 300mm facility in South Korea
Alchimer S.A. has opened a new applications and development facility in Seoul, South Korea, for demonstration of its processes on 300mm wafers.
2014-06-23 3D integration tech thins down 300mm wafer to 4?m
The length of the wiring between upper- and lower-layer chips in the thinned wafers is reduced to below 1/10 compared to conventional TSVs, with wiring resistance, capacitance, and volume being reduced drastically.
2004-04-28 300mm wafers reach 'crossover,' says PLD makers
Xilinx Inc. and Altera Corp. said that the cost of producing their devices using 300mm wafers has fallen below that of 200mm wafers, an indication that Taiwanese foundries have hit their much sought after "crossover" production milestone.
2010-04-27 300mm wafers drive silicon demand recovery
Global demand for silicon used in semiconductor manufacturing is expected to rebound robustly in 2010, led by shipments of cutting-edge 300mm wafers.
2011-06-01 300mm wafer scanner gives double throughput
Sonoscan has rolled out the AW300, an automated 300mm bonded wafer inspection system that simultaneously scans two wafers and gives user double throughput of other systems.
2014-02-10 300mm wafer processing dominates, 200mm capacity stays relevant
IC Insights indicated that nearly all fab upgrade and construction activity has to do with 300mm wafer processing, but there is still plenty of life remaining in 200mm fabs.
2011-03-23 300mm wafer plant shutdown cuts global production by 20%
Analysts fear the shutdown of Shin-Etsu Chemical's 300mm wafer plant in Fukushima prefecture could leave the industry short by 200,000 to 400,000 wafers a month until additional capacity is generated.
2005-03-04 300mm fabs to drive 2005 capex growth at 2 percent, says firm
The facilitation of 300mm wafer fabs will help maintain capital expenditure and cause chip capital spending to grow by 2 percent in 2005, according to market research company Strategic Marketing Associates.
2007-08-13 300mm fabs add capacity despite memory price fall
SEMI found that despite the steep memory price fall, manufacturers continue to invest significantly in additional 300mm fab capacity.
2009-02-09 'First' 300mm MTJ fab in U.S. unveiled
Grandis Inc. announced the first 300mm magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) fabrication facility in the United States dedicated to spin torque transfer-RAM (STT-RAM) memory technology. The recent additions to its MTJ fab enable Grandis to incorporate STT-RAM into its customers' most advanced semiconductor processes on 300mm wafers.
2006-06-09 Work begins on SemIndia fab
The foundation stone for the $3 billion SemIndia wafer fab was laid at Shamshabad in southern Andhra Pradesh state.
2006-12-12 Winbond posts $110M revenues for November
Winbond Electronics Corp. announced that revenue for November 2006 was $110 million, an increase of 6.5 percent from last month's $103.7 million.
2005-10-27 Winbond borrows $440 million for fab expansion
Winbond Electronics Corp. has signed a five-year syndicated loan for NT$15 billion (about $440 million) to fund 300-mm wafer fab expansion at the Central Taiwan Science Park.
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