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What is 3D TV?
Three-dimensional television (3D TV) relies on showing each eye the same image in two different locations to trick the brain into thinking the flat image has depth. This is achieved by projecting two images on the display at the same time or in quick succession and using either passive or active 3D eye glasses to convey the left-eye information to the left eye and the right-eye information to the right eye.
In active 3D glasses left and right LCDs turn opaque or transparent in synch with the "left" and "right" images shown on by the display in quick succession. The early versions of displays had refresh rates that were too low for this to work without the viewer detecting a flicker.
To synchronize the alternating images on the screen with the LCD lenses in the glasses, a stereoscopic sync signal connector is used. The connector has three pins and plugs into a port on a 3D-ready TV. The other end of the cable plugs into an IR emitter. The emitter sends signals to active 3D glasses.
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2008-07-25 Update: CEA to look into 3DTV spec proposal
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) will explore the possibility of setting standards for 3DTV, seen by many observers as the next big thing in home entertainment.
2008-10-16 Setting the stage for 3DTV
Stereoscopic 3DTV could be the next home entertainment blockbuster, the logical sequel to today's high-definition flat-screen TVs. But the path to 3DTV winds through more twists and turns than the road to the Emerald City, passing through forests of alternative file formats, compression schemes, display technologies and patents.
2009-04-17 Philips shuts down 3DTV operations
Philips Electronics said it will close its 3D Solutions operation which had been readying an autostereoscopic display designed to eliminate the need for special 3D glasses.
2008-11-04 HDMI is interface of choice for 3DTV
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has started standards work aimed at enabling home systems to play stereoscopic 3D video.
2010-08-31 Full-HD 120Hz TV SoC offers 3DTV, motion compensation
Next-generation 3DTV SoC IC features full-high definition and motion smoothing capabilities
2011-01-10 Dual silicon cable tuner handles multiple HD 3DTV streams
NXP's TDA18260 eliminates tuner-to-tuner interference, as well as complex RF components. It also permits handling of multiple streams of HD 3DTV. The device is now in mass production.
2009-12-21 3DTV processor cuts need for external FPGA
NXP Semiconductors has released the PNX5130, video co-processor enabling 3DTV, frame-rate conversion (FRC) and local backlight dimming in a single chip.
2008-12-19 3DTV format war looms
Efforts to set standards are just getting started for everything from 3D content mastering to distribution and displays. There's potential for enough format wars here to make the VHS versus Betamax debate look like a picnic.
2009-01-08 What's next for video and imaging designers?
Here are 10 reasons design engineers involved with video and imaging can be hopeful looking to 2009 and beyond
2008-09-22 TV big shots lack stereo 3D patents
LG, Matsushita, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba currently have no significant patents on stereo 3D, according to an initial patent search by EE Times.
2010-01-11 Toshiba, RealD jointly bring home 3D
The RealD 3D format multiplexes a left eye and right eye 3D image stream into a single channel.
2010-12-21 NVIDIA cGPU, Intel Sandy Bridge in 200 new products
Over 200 PC models will feature NVIDIA GeForce GPUs with Sandy Bridge CPUs by 2011.
2008-11-12 HDMI supporters prep to deliver 3DTVs
Proponents of the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) say that the industry will be able to deliver stereoscopic 3DTVs eventually and the HDMI interface braces to go for first-generation 3DTVs.
2013-01-09 chipset geared for Triple Play, IPTV services
Sigma Designs' CG5200 family offers optimised functionality, performance and cost structure to enable networked entertainment performance over all three household wires: power line, coax and phone line.
2009-01-21 Comment: CES 2009 hits and misses
Attendance was down, yes, and the mood was a bit gloomy. But the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show still delivered exciting gadgets and technologies to watch out for.
2009-05-06 CEA to set 3D glasses standards
The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) plans to set the standards for stereo 3D glasses, a move aimed at paving the road to interoperable 3DTV products for the digital home.
2011-02-22 TSMC, Taiwan university create multi-angle 3D chip
The 3D TV chip allows TV viewers to see an object in stereo from various angles. It also comes with traditional HDTV and 3DTV functions.
2012-04-09 IR receivers operate on 26.2kHz carrier frequency
Compliant to 3DTV CEA-2038, the TSOP75D26 and TSOP35D26 are designed to be assembled into active 3D glasses, delivering 830nm peak wavelength sensitivity.
2009-01-13 Will Blu-ray finally fly in 2009?
The Blu-ray drives have won a historic battle but the proponents of the technology are finding some of the fruits of that victory a little less than sweet.
2009-06-09 Three alternatives challenge HDMI
At least three companies are fielding new wired alternatives to the HDMI hopes to leapfrog the HDMI 1.4 specification by providing more bandwidth, reach or networking capabilities.
2012-04-03 STB SoCs target price-sensitive markets
The STiH207, STiH237, STiH239 and STiH273 can be used in HD zappers, personal video recorders, IP clients and dual-HD boxes supporting connected-TV services.
2011-01-04 STB SoC with VXP studio quality video processing, 3D
Sigma Designs' SMP8910 is an STB SoC that integrates VXP studio quality video processing and 3D video processing. It reaches more than 6,000DMIPS with its dual-core 1004K MIPS CPU.
2010-01-13 STB chip brings convergence to TVs
The HD chips provide the end user with 3D HDTV user experience enabled by unprecedented CPU performance.
2011-07-26 ST's TV SoC platform gets Adobe AIR certification
Claiming a significant step forward for its third generation TV SoC platform, ST has announced the successful porting and certification of Adobe AIR 2.5 for TV.
2013-04-25 ST's Orly SoC selected by NTT Plala's STB
STMicroelectronics' Orly system-on-chip was selected as the high-end SoC best fit for Sumitomo's global set-top box middleware platform based on Linux, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and HTML5.
2011-01-21 ST samples STB decoder chips for content protection tech
STMicroelectronics announces that it is the "first" to sample STB decoder chips supporting for next-generation security and content protection technologies that include the NDS VideoGuard Security Kernel and DVB-CSA3 descrambler system.
2011-07-13 ST platform receives Adobe AIR verification
The successful porting of Adobe AIR to the STi7108-based platform has proven that the platform is able to produce rich Internet applications and games for consumer equipment manufacturers.
2012-04-04 Nvidia rolls GPUs based on Kepler architecture
The GeForce GTX 680 GPU features the Nvidia GPU Boost technology that adjusts GPU speeds to maximize gaming performance while touting lower levels of power consumption.
2009-01-13 Longer distance HDMI cables emerge
Monster Cable Products Inc. and Gennum Corp. teamed up to bring three long distance cables, and ultrahigh-speed and high-speed products for HDMI connectivity using the ActiveConnect technology.
2015-01-14 Keep your eyes open for these gadgets in 2015
The recently concluded International CES 2015 showed tons of interesting items that provided a preview of the possibilities that people might explore in 2015.
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