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What is a comb filter?
A comb filter is a bandpass filter used to process audio and video signals by mixing the original with a delayed signal. Comb filters allow selected frequencies to pass while blocking their harmonics and all other frequencies. (Souce: EE Times)
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2013-04-23 Interposers to dictate the future of 3D chip stacks
The market for silicon interposers will grow by 88 per cent annually through 2017 with all the big semiconductor makers looking to grow their 3D integration capabilities.
2011-05-09 Intel transistor uses 3D structure
Intel has released a 3D transistor design called Tri-Gate into high-volume manufacturing at the 22nm node in an Intel chip codenamed 'Ivy Bridge.'
2013-06-20 Intel touts eDRAM as forerunner to 3D ICs
Intel's eDRAM technology is expected to challenge discrete graphics sockets in high-end notebooks and servers.
2005-06-10 Intel tips high-speed 3D imaging for SEMs
Intel Corp. is developing a scanning electron microscope (SEM) technology that claims to be 100,000 times faster than current systems in the marketplace
2015-01-09 Intel takes to market its RealSense 3D camera
Intel revealed that its RealSense 3D cameras come with software to allow hands-free operation, a 3D scanning routine and the ability to change backgrounds during video conferencing.
2015-08-21 Intel shows off RealSense 3D camera
Intel's 3D camera includes an R200 camera with an IR laser projector that produces a 3D depth model onto which it maps an HD image with an internal image processing chip for objects 10ft or farther.
2015-10-22 Intel reveals $5.5B-plan to build 3D NAND in China
The company said the first production of 3D NAND for its solid state drives at the fab, located in the Northeast China city of Dalian, is forecast to start in 2H16.
2015-03-06 Intel recommends 2.5D, 3D integration for next-gen chips
Intel emphasised that heterogeneous integration enabled by 3D IC is essential to the development of future SoCs, especially in terms of scaling lithography processes.
2013-05-28 Intel maps out plans for 3D NAND
Intel VP Keyvan Esfarjani discussed the transition of non-volatile NAND flash memory from cells in a 2D array to strings of NAND transistors integrated monolithically in the vertical direction.
2002-09-27 Intel develops 3D transistor design
Intel researchers have developed a 3D "tri-gate" transistor design that is expected to perform better than traditional planar (flat) transistors.
2011-04-06 Industry pushes TSV-based 3D chips development
Amid fears that IC scaling is becoming too costly for chipmakers, the IC industry is working to develop TSV-based 3D chips, and stack and connect devices in a 3D configuration using TSVs.
2015-05-08 Industrial automation welcomes new use cases for 3D vision
The addition of 3D vision can also help improve factory safety and permit closer interaction between robots and human workers, and may also prevent inadvertent contact with nearby humans.
2002-12-30 Ind. Co. Ltd, and Kobe University have jointly developed a 3D sound reproduction technology for headphones.
Matsushita Communication Ind. Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Matsushita Electric
2011-05-10 In-Stat: Intel takes industry lead with 3D transistors
In-Stat believes Intel has demonstrated its industry leadership as it introduces its next-generation 22nm process technology and 3D transistors.
2011-05-19 In-Stat: 3D TV market to grow 500% this year
A new study from In-Stat reveals the possible growth of the 3D TV set market in 2011 and in the coming years. The research forecasts the 3D TV market is likely to grow 500 percent in 2011.
2011-01-18 In-Stat sees faster growth for 3D game console market
Research firm cites manufacturers' need to differentiate products as reason for fast growth
2007-11-01 Improve embedded 3D graphics with OCP
Using the Open Core Protocol can reduce the time and cost of developing 3D graphics technology for the embedded space.
2001-05-08 Implementing a fast 3D vision with multiple TMS320C31 DSPs
This application note describes an automatic stereovision process with mobile robot guidance and autonomous vehicle navigation using multiple TMS320C31 DSPs.
2010-03-11 IMEC, Synopsys join hands on 3D stacked ICs
Synopsys Inc. and IMEC have partnered to accelerate the development of 3D stacked IC technologies.
2013-01-21 Imec, PVA Tepla demo 3D TSV void detection
The organisations successfully used advanced GHz SAM technology to detect TSV voids at wafer-level after TSV copper plating.
2013-08-30 Imec, Entegris team up on 3D wafer handling
The organisations are working on a solution to safely transfer and handle multiple kinds of 3D IC wafers without the risk of breakage and other damage that may occur during the 3D production process.
2013-01-24 Imec, Cadence team up for DFT solution for 3D memory
Cadence's and imec's solution includes generation of DRAM test control signals in the logic die and inclusion of the DRAM boundary scan registers test access mechanisms of the 3D test architecture.
2011-05-26 Imec, Atrenta develop exploration flows for 3D ICs
Atrenta and Imec have co-developed a design flow for heterogeneous 3D stacked ICs.
2009-10-06 IMEC pushes 3D integration of DRAM on logic
IMEC and its 3D integration partners have prototyped a DRAM chip integrated on top of a logic IC.
2011-05-27 IMEC extends 3D research agreement with Qualcomm
IMEC and Qualcomm will continue to be partners in researching for and designing advanced technologies related to 3D technology.
2007-04-11 Image registration speeds up 3D medical images processing
Mayo Clinic and IBM Corp. have disclosed an advancement in image registration, which utilized parallel computer architecture and memory bandwidth to speed up the processing of 3D medical images.
2005-12-23 IGP chipset delivers 2D/3D graphics
VIA Technologies announced the VIA CN700 IGP chipset, which is designed for low-power digital media apps, including mini PCs, fanless embedded commercial systems and home entertainment centers.
2010-12-09 ICs seen to scale via 3D TSV
Chip scaling is becoming harder and costlier entering into the sub-20nm realm, thus, the industry is looking for new materials, structures and processes, says a technologist from Samsung.
2007-10-17 IBM, Linden Lab join to advance 3D Internet
IBM and Linden Lab, creator of the virtual world Second Life, have announced the intent to develop new technologies and methodologies based on open standards that will help advance the future of 3D Internet.
2011-10-14 IBM, 3M partnering for 3D ICs
IBM Corp. and 3M Corp. are collaborating on developing the first adhesives that can be used to package semiconductors into densely stacked silicon "towers."
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