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2006-05-18 World's highest-density single-slot 3U PXI switching modules?
Pickering Interfaces is rolling out a family it says is the world's highest-density matrix in a single-slot PXI module.
2006-06-06 Radstone claims 'first' VPX board based on 3U form factor
Radstone Embedded Computing has released a range of rugged 3U VPX boards, adding that it is the first company to release this type of product.
2006-03-20 NI unveils latest single-slot, 3U PXI module
National Instruments announced a programmable, triple-output precision DC power supply in a single-slot, 3U PXI module.
2009-11-27 FPGA 3U PXI card supports up to 150MHz clock rate
Geotest has rolled out a user-configurable FPGA 3U PXI card that features 160 digital I/O signals for specific application needs.
2005-02-25 Elma PIBs available in 3U, 6U versions
Elma Electronic now offers Power Interface Boards in 3U and 6U versions with either one or two 47-pin power supply connectors.
2002-05-15 Astec supplies deliver 6kW in 3U
Astec Power's HPS15 bulk-front-end switching power supplies deliver 1.5kW dc at 85 percent efficiency.
2002-02-13 Adtron SCSI storage system fits into 3U card
The SC3 SCSI storage system offers up to 4GB of Flash memory or up to 40GB of hard-disk space on a single-slot 3U card, making it suitable for use in network routers, military computer systems, aviation and vehicle-based computers.
2008-05-15 3U VPX SBC fits space-constrained embedded apps
GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms announced the VPXcel3 SBC320, the first 3U VPX SBC to feature Core2 Duo processing technology combined with a server class memory controller.
2013-06-25 3U VPX Ethernet switches, routers tweaked for Cisco tech
The XChange3013 and XChange3018 include Cisco IOS IP routing and Cisco Mobile Ready Net capabilities allowing the router to provide highly secure data, voice, and video communications to network nodes.
2008-01-10 3U VPX backplane operates in harsh environs
Carlo Gavazzi Computing Solutions has released its 6-slot 3U VPX REDI backplane for military and aerospace applications.
2007-12-13 3U cPCI processor blades target military apps
Adlink has released the latest members to its lineup of cPCI products based on AMD Geode processors, which offer an optimal power/performance ratio for military, automation and transportation applications.
2006-09-21 3U cPCI backplanes come in different slot sizes
Elma Bustronic Corp. has developed several 3U CompactPCI backplanes in both 32bit and 64bit versions and several slot sizes.
2005-01-13 Stratos BMCs at ease in harsh environment apps
Stratos Lightwave LLC introduced a new family of Bulkhead Media Converters (BMCs) designed for use in harsh environment apps.
2008-03-26 Storage system rolls for cable operators, government security
Atrato is debuting a 'Self-maintaining Array of Independent Disks' for the cable TV operator and government security markets.
2006-08-30 Rugged SBCs deliver 1.4GHz processing performance
Aitech Defense Systems has announced two power-saving, rugged 3U CompactPCI SBCs that promise improved processing performance of up to 1.4GHz and broader memory and I/O options.
2008-03-12 Pickering launches PXI RF switches
Pickering Interfaces has expanded its PXI RF switch product line with five types of 75 switches and a 50 switch.
2007-01-29 PHY solutions target growing CE market
Micrel has announced its latest PHY solutions designed for the rapidly growing CE market applications.
2002-03-06 Massana Gigabit Ethernet transceivers sample at 250MHz
Using the company's IntelliRate architecture, the MA1110, MA1140, and MA1141 Gigabit Ethernet transceivers sample at 250MHztwice that of traditional architecturesthereby providing a better BER, faster start-up time, and a more robust performance.
2002-07-12 Inova debuts industrial SBC
Inova Computers' new Pentium 4-based, flexible SBC incorporates communications capabilities, high-performance graphics and myriad I/O facilities.
2006-03-21 Conduction-cooled cPCI boards to combine Altera FPGAs with DSPs
BittWare pre-announced its plans for a new family of ruggedized hybrid signal processing boards based around FPGA-maker Altera's Stratix II GX FPGAs and DSPs.
2005-02-18 Bustronic extends CompactPCI backplane line-up
Bustronic has expanded its line of low profile CompactPCI backplanes with new 3U and 6U versions.
2011-04-05 ADP adopts MIL-STD-1533 capability
Extreme Engineering Solutions integrates MIL-STD-1533 capability from Data Device Corporation into its Avionics Development Platform.
2007-07-11 Adlink PXI tools feature smart chassis management
Adlink Technology Inc. releases two new 8-slot 3U PXI chassis: the PXIS-2558T (with 8.4-inch LCD touch panel screen) and the PXIS-2508 (without LCD).
2003-05-22 TEWS carriers provide front and rear I/O access
TEWS Technologies has announced the release of three 3U CompactPCI Carriers that provide front and rear I/O access for IndustryPack modules TCP211, TCP212, and TC213.
2010-06-01 SBC packs Freescale processor, 8Gbyte SDRAM
Extreme Engineering Solutions Inc. has released XPedite5470, a high-performance 3U OpenVPX single-board computer (SBC) with Freescale QorIQ P4080 processor.
2015-03-30 SanDisk takes on big data flash market with new platform
Rather than use SSDs, SanDisk's InfiniFlash uses 55 hot swappable cards, each with 8TB of flash capacity, to provide 512TB of raw flash storage in a 3U enclosure.
2005-03-03 PXI plug-in is a 7-1/2-digit DMM, digitizer
NI not only offers a dazzling array of modular instruments, but it's also constantly dishing up new products such as this new 3U-sized single slot PXI/cPCI 7-1/2 digit DMM.
2007-05-25 Portable PXI chassis has 14 slots
Adlink Technology Inc. releases the PXIS-2690P, claimed to be the world's first 14-slot, 3U portable PXI chassis fully compliant with the PXI specification, rev. 2.2.
2014-01-22 Pentek unveils Flexor line of FMC carriers, modules
Pentek has released the first members of its Flexor line of FMC carriers and FMC modules: the Model 5973 3U VPX FMC carrier with a Virtex-7 FPGA and the Model 3312 multi-channel, high speed data converter FMC.
2005-05-02 PCI combo card generates spectrally pure mixed-signals
ZTEC's ZT530PCI is a single-width 3U-sized PCI instrument that combines the functions of an ARB (arbitrary waveform generator) and a function generator.
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