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2010-07-26 Virage, SMIC extend partnership to 40nm
Virage Logic Corp. and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.have extended their partnership to the 40nm low-leakage (LL) process technology.
2008-12-18 USB 2.0 PHY on 40nmWhat's the big deal?
The challenge is to build a circuit that can support 5V using a transistor, in the case of 40 nm, that has been only been rated to 1.8 V.
2009-10-13 UMC gears Singapore fab up for 45/40nm
UMC's Fab 12i in Singapore has begun an aggressive expansion project, increasing its capacity and enabling 45/40nm production.
2008-08-15 TSMC ups budget for 40nm, MEMS
The board of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd has approved a $795 million capital spending plan that covers the foundry's push into 45-/40nm CMOS processes and MEMS.
2007-05-17 TSMC to produce Spansion flash at 40nm, below
Spansion Inc. once again signed a deal with TSMC to produce MirrorBit at 40nm and below, in order to increase its NOR flash capacity.
2010-03-01 TSMC takes on 40nm yields, high-k, litho issues
At the TSMC Japan Executive Forum in Yokohama, Shang-Yi Chiang, senior VP of R&D at TSMC, addressed several issues about the silicon foundry giant.
2008-06-05 TSMC stirs IC designs using 40nm node
Paving the way for next-generation chips, TSMC is set to roll out its latest design methodology for IC production at the 40nm node.
2009-05-06 TSMC resolves 40nm yield issues
Silicon foundry giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd posted better-than-expect results in Q1 09.
2008-11-19 TSMC ramps 40nm volume production
TSMC Ltd. has announced the volume production of the first semiconductor foundry 40nm logic manufacturing process with the successful ramp of its 40nm General Purpose (G) and Low Power (LP) versions.
2009-11-10 TSMC 40nm yield woes continue
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd is still having yield issues with its 40nm process, according to analysts.
2010-02-16 Trio develops 40nm reconfigurable RF transceiver
IMEC and its research partners Renesas Technology Corp. and M4S presented a complete transceiver with RF, baseband and data converter circuits in 40nm low-power CMOS.
2008-10-27 Toshiba readies 40nm node, but is Sony?
Toshiba is preparing to release its 45-/40nm logic process, but Sony, the company's initial technology customer, could be late to the party.
2008-03-26 TMSC unveils 40nm 'half-node' step to 32nm
TSMC has unveiled an interim, 'half-node' step toward 32nm, which the foundry giant expects to ramp starting late next year.
2010-07-09 TI turns to pillar flip-chip for 45-/40nm node
Texas Instruments Inc. is embracing an emerging technology called fine-pitch copper pillar flip-chip packages for devices at the 45-/40nm node and below.
2008-05-19 Synopsys, TSMC develop modeling tech for 40nm process
Synopsys has released the TSMC Modeling Interface methodology, an advanced HSPICE modeling methodology for 40nm processes that improves circuit simulation throughput fivefold.
2009-07-31 ST taps GlobalFoundries for 40nm low-power devices
STMicroelectronics and GlobalFoundries have teamed up to develop products based on 40nm low-power (LP) bulk silicon technology.
2010-12-22 Spreadtrum to host tech forum on 40nm 3G baseband processor
Spreadtrum will host a technology forum on its 3G baseband processor in Beijing, China on January 19, 2011.
2013-06-24 Software burden for 28nm SoC dev't doubled over 40nm
The software cost for developing 28nm SoCs more than doubled from the previous node, according to Semico Research.
2006-09-14 Samsung's 32Gbit 40nm NAND uses high-k
Samsung Electronics announced what it touts as the industry's first 32Gbit NAND flash memory, based on 40nm design rules and the company's proprietary Charge Trap Flash architecture.
2009-07-27 Samsung ramps up 40nm 2Gbit DDR3 production
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has begun mass production of 2Gbit DDR3 devices using 40nm class process technology.
2009-02-06 Samsung champions 40nm DRAM
Samsung Electronics has validated what it suggests is the first 40nm DRAM chip and module, a 1Gbit DDR2 compliant device.
2008-11-17 New tech responds to 40nm, 65nm design needs
Fabless ASIC company Open-Silicon has released new technologies to address design issues common to the 40nm and 65nm nodes.
2009-07-20 NetLogic, TSMC work on 40nm Gbit PHY
NetLogic Microsystems Inc. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. have partnered on 40nm-G semiconductor process technology for NetLogic's advanced knowledge-based processors and 10/40/100GbE PHY solutions.
2009-03-04 NEC picks Virage to provide IP for 40nm
NEC Electronics Corp. has selected Virage Logic Corp. to provide a portfolio of silicon-proven Silicon Aware IP at the 40nm process node.
2007-11-22 NEC jumpstarts 40nm process, eDRAM tech
NEC Electronics has unveiled a 40nm logic process that makes use of a one-two punch: hafnium-based high-k dielectric materials and nickel-silicide gate electrodes.
2008-05-01 Memory compilers, logic libraries support TSMC 40nm process
The availability of memory compilers and logic libraries for TSMC's 40nm process has been announced by Virage Logic.
2012-10-01 MCUs with on-chip 40nm flash for car body apps
The RH850/F1x series of 32bit MCUs from Renesas uses the 40nm process and metal oxide nitride oxide silicon structure for flash memory with lower power consumption and higher reliability.
2013-05-02 Infineon, Globalfoundries develop 40nm embedded flash
To maintain its position in automotive and security Infineon is turning to Globalfoundries to provide its MCUs with embedded flash at 40nm.
2009-05-05 Fujitsu, TSMC partner on 40nm logic ICs
Fujitsu Microelectronics Ltd and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd have partnered on process technology production for the manufacturing of Fujitsu's products.
2012-07-12 DesignWare circuit designs ported to 40nm process
Synopsis has announced that its DesignWare line of circuit designs are now available at a low-leakage 40nm process.
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