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2012-01-30 Could 450mm wafers play away from the leading edge?
When the processing of integrated circuits on 450mm diameter wafer comes, many assume that it will do so first for the most advanced digital manufacturing processes.
2011-07-14 Bonding system targets 450mm SOI wafers
EV Group has released a bonding system for 450mm-diameter wafers manufactured from silicon-on-insulator substrates.
2009-04-20 Analyst: Stay away from 450mm
Semiconductor equipment vendors should boycott development of tools for the transition to 450mm wafers, The Information Network analyst warned, saying chip gear vendors were the losers in the transition to 300mm wafers and would likely not benefit from the next move to larger wafers.
2007-10-26 AMD puts 450mm fab transition on hold
Adopting a different approach than rival Intel Corp., Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) is set on maximizing utilization of existing 300mm fabs before moving to the larger 450mm wafer size.
2010-01-25 450mm, EUV, TSVs suffer further delays
IC Insights sees more delays for two emerging and key IC manufacturing technologies: 450mm and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography.
2008-10-24 450mm wafer standard gets industry nod
Hoping to accelerate the development of 450mm fabs, International Sematech and others have formulated a preliminary standard for 450mm silicon wafers.
2007-10-30 450mm tool testing facility in Sematech's agenda
Sematech is proposing to establish a "factory integration test bed" facility for the development of 450mm fab tools.
2008-01-22 450mm fabs unlikely to come soon, says analyst
Despite the push towards 450mm fabs in some circles, the next-generation wafer size is not expected within the next decade, according to of VLSI Research.
2009-01-19 450mm fab spins new round of debate
The Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) witnessed the next round of the 450mm fab debate.
2008-07-21 450mm debate remains in the hot seat
The 450mm debate rages on. At the Semicon West Trade Show, SEMI and many fab-tool vendors earlier this week telegraphed their position on 450mm, reiterating that the economics do not add up for the next-generation wafer size.
2005-04-14 Standards may move inside the process chamber, says Intel's Gargini
Paolo Gargini, Intel Fellow and chairman of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors organization, said that standardization may have to go much further than in the past to allow nanotechnology to be developed on 450mm diameter wafers.
2006-01-26 Sematech CEO tips '300mm-prime' effort
The semiconductor industry is exploring new ways to extend 300mm fabs and push out the need for 450mm plants, according to Sematech.
2012-11-26 Report: TSMC heading to New York
Rumour has it that TSMC may be opening its first commercial-scale wafer fab in New York soon. Reports have surfaced that a consulting firm has been enlisted to scout for a future location for a major production facility in the state and all arrows are pointing to TSMC as the searcher.
2010-01-13 Panelists debate IC manufacturing fate
At SEMI's Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS), panelists agreed to disagree on the fate of IC manufacturingabout the future of 450mm fabs, Moore's Law and the R&D funding gap.
2006-11-17 Get ready for 675mm fabs in 2021
The semiconductor industry could see a plethora of major changes in the post-CMOS era, including a frightening scenario in the distant future.
2012-11-23 ENIAC JU proposes three pilot wafer fabs
The ENIAC joint undertaking is seeking more than $1 billion towards projects for 2012, the majority of which would be for the pilot line project proposals.
2008-06-11 Commentary: Applied's ASMI bid reads Intel
Why did Applied Materials Inc. make an unsolicited bid to acquire a chunk of ASM International NV?
2012-07-17 Analysts foresee GlobalFoundries-IBM deal
Future Horizon speculated that GlobalFoundries will purchase IBM's semiconductor division, and that Hynix/Micron will buy up the remaining memory firms.
2010-01-27 Analyst: Is Moore's Law slowing down?
An analyst cited that the 450mm fabs and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography delays may be a possible sign that Moore's Law is in danger of slowing down.
2011-04-08 TSMC chief tackles 7 points in keynote
Morris Chang discusses key points concerning TSMC and the industry, among them, the Japan quake's impact on the IC business, industry growth drivers, and TSMC's 28nm, 3D chip and 450mm efforts.
2010-12-01 Semiconductor equipment industry flounders (part 2)
The semiconductor capital equipment industry has not yet recovered its investment in 300mm wafer processing technology, thus, it is not yet prepared to develop 450mm tools.
2014-12-15 Probing the macroeconomics side of Moore's Law
The author believes that the entire economic structure that was supposed to lead to next-generation manufacturing technologies like 450mm wafers and EUV lithography is on the verge of coming apart.
2010-11-15 IBM VP says EUV not ready
Gary Patton, VP, semiconductor R&D, IBM Corp., also emphasized the importance of computational lithography, noted the lack of development of high-k and 450mm chips, and discussed technologies to extend CMOS.
2013-11-26 Despite flat year, Intel remains optimistic
The company revealed that 2014 will be another flat year for the company, yet it is maintaining historically high capex spending, seeing the need for a new 450mm fab on the horizon.
2014-12-18 What's hot at IEDM 2014?
The 2014 International Electron Devices Meeting proved that Moore's Law is still alive. The event was a victory lap for Intel, which gave more details on the 14nm finFET process.
2007-10-15 VCO-based microwave signal generator rolls
A fast-switching microwave signal generator ideal for data intensive applications, such as antenna test, satellite payload test, and terrestrial microwave link testing, has been introduced by Anritsu Co.
2011-12-16 TSMC preps for $26B fab
TSMC is building a $26 billion fab on a 50-hectare plot at Central Taiwan Science Park in Taichung, Taiwan.
2013-04-15 TSMC FinFET production set in 2013
Company executives detailed the new processes and how they aim to get there and also gave an update on 3D chip stacks and their on-going ramp of today's 28nm process node.
2011-05-17 TSMC expands R&D efforts with Sematech affiliation
TSMC is now one of the core members of Sematech. This will accelerate the improvement of R&D and manufacturing solutions in leading edge technologies.
2009-07-09 Top 10 industry issues
Here are the top 10 looming issues that the semiconductor capital equipment industry is facing.
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