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2015-03-05 Nokia, Ericsson demo 5G tech for next-gen IoT
Ericsson's 15GHz test base station uses a 400MHz carrier aggregation modem, delivering about 5,250Mb/s total throughput, while Nokia Networks is looking at 6GHz to 100GHz for 5G.
2016-02-23 Nokia to be 5G-ready by 2017, says CEO
The communications and IT company intends to go big on its investment on 5G mobile networks to support the IoT technology, and also plans on making a comeback in the smartphone market.
2015-09-11 Nokia highlights next-gen 5G network
During the recent CTIA Super Mobility Conference, Nokia Networks detailed a programmable 5G architecture for next-generation networks where most functions will become software-defined and automatic.
2006-07-31 NEC, Panasonic, TI establish JV for 3G/3.5G handsets
NEC, NEC Electronics, Matsushita, Panasonic and Texas Instruments have signed an agreement to establish a new joint venture company.
2002-08-16 National frequency synthesizers suit 2.5G, 3G basestations
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced the LMX2346 and LMX2347 frequency synthesizers that feature low-phase noise and are targeted for 2G, 2.5G, and 3G basestations.
2015-04-22 Moore's law and 5G: Out with old, in with the new?
In order for 5G to happen, there needs to be a collective effort to shy away from 20nm CMOS and Moore's law and look toward next generation technology for increased speed and lower power.
2006-12-14 MOEA sees robust 7.5G, 8G FPD production by '09
Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs projected that the flat-panel display industry will have three 7.5G and one 8G facilities to add to the island's volume production by 2009.
2016-05-04 mm-wave SDR accelerates 5G development
The NI mm-wave Transceiver System is a full transceiver that can transmit and/or receive wide-bandwidth signals at up to 2GHz real-time bandwidth, covering the spectrum in the E-band, 71GHz to 76GHz.
2010-02-12 MIPS set on cracking 3.5G/4G handset market
MIPS Technologies is determined to extend its processor IPs to both baseband and multimedia co-processor chips inside future mobile handsets.
2014-09-15 Millimetre wave makes headway in 5G research
NYU Polytechnic's wireless research centre is driving ahead with work in millimetre wave bands as the new frontier for wireless communications.
2004-11-08 MII advises display makers to focus on 5G plants
The Ministry of Information Industry (MII) of mainland China advised panel makers, such as BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd and Shanghai SVA NEC Liquid Crystal Display Co. Ltd, to concentrate on their fifth-generation (5G) plants instead of constructing or shifting production in 6G and 7G facilities.
2002-11-21 Microcell to supply 2.5G handsets to Siemens
Microcell will design and build 2.5G mobile handsets for Siemens based on Ericsson Mobile Platforms' technology, with shipments to Siemens expected to begin next year.
2008-08-07 Measurement software supports 2.5G GSM/Edge
Anritsu's measurement software packages can be incorporated into the MS269xA series that allow the signal analyzers to support 2.5G GSM/Edge and G Edge Evolution (EGPRS2) mobile phone systems.
2004-09-28 Maxim SiGe mixer suits 2.5G, 3G wireless-infrastructure apps
The new MAX9995 from Maxim is designed specifically for 2.5G and 3G wireless-infrastructure apps.
2006-03-28 LG.Philips to build a 5.5G TFT LCD plant
LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd is reportedly planning to setup a new 5.5G TFT LCD facility this year.
2003-03-27 LG.Philips LCD ramps up second 5G fab
LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd has announced that its new "P5" facility, a fifth-generation (5G) TFT-LCD fabrication plant, has commenced volume production, following the successful ramping at its "P4".
2002-10-15 InnoLux to build 5G TFT-LCD plant
InnoLux Display Corp. plans to build a 5G TFT-LCD manufacturing plant in February 2003. Monthly capacity is expected to reach 40,000 units of 1,100-by-1,300mm glass substrates.
2006-02-16 Infineon's baseband processor suits 3.5G cellphones
Infineon announced sample availability of its latest baseband processor for 3.5G multimedia cellphones as well as its second generation platform for ultra-low-cost handsets.
2015-08-18 Industry bets high on 5G
A report from Juniper Research predicts a healthy adoption for 5G, with service revenues to top $65 billion by 2025, compared to just $100 million during its first year of commercial services in 2020.
2004-06-28 HannStar to set up 4.5G color filter production line
HannStar Display Corp. has revealed its plan to build a 4.5G CF production line at its 6G plant.
2015-02-27 Glimpse at 5G highlights role of air interface
This year's ISSCC revealed a prototype 5G base station, as well as a number of 5G cellular research projects racing to a conclusion so proposals for formal standards can begin as early as next year.
2008-01-03 Fujitsu equips mobile suite with 3.5G connectivity
Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific has released its 3.5G-enabled mobile suite packed with high speed connectivity in seven different models, spanning across display sizes of 5.6- to 14.1-inches wide.
2015-03-04 Experts weigh in on spectrum use, 5G
Mirroring the call to share spectrum among a variety of industries, a panel of experts from the cellular, satellite, broadcasting and networking industries discussed how to best use spectrum.
2006-02-07 Evaluation board supports 3.5G single-chip CMOS transceiver
Sirific Wireless Ltd reports that it has introduced the mobile industry's smallest multi-band HSDPA/WEDGE radio evaluation module for 3.5G handset applications.
2013-12-20 EU formally sets 5G initiative
The 5G Public-Private Partnership Association aims to accelerate work on fifth-generation cellular networks for 2020 and beyond.
2015-02-18 Ethertronics develops self-steering antennas for 5G
The 5GHz band is often used for video and has become full of interference; Ethertronics officials said their RF chips can improve signal quality at the edge of the network by 2dB or 3dB.
2008-09-24 Equalizer eases transition to 8.5G
Phyworks has introduced an equalizer and retimer receiver designed to greatly simplify the upgrade of existing 4.25G Fibre Channel equipment to full 8.5Gbit/s operation.
2016-04-14 Engineers lay groundwork for 5G standardisation
Engineers around the globe are making collective effort to set the ground ready for 5G, with early 5G deployments expected at Gbit/second speeds-hungry cities like Korea, Japan and the U.S.
2003-02-20 Elcoteq adopts Motorola's 2G, 2.5G wireless platforms
Elcoteq Network Corp. has selected Motorola Inc.'s Innovative Convergence platforms to be used to develop its customers' advanced wireless handsets for delivery of voice and high-speed data services.
2015-08-10 Designing phase adjustable PA for 5G front-ends
In this article, we describe the design of a 4-channel transmitter IC with each channel containing a power amplifier with integral 4bit phase shifter.
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