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2012-02-02 Capital spending seen to rise for 4G/LTE tech
Global capital spending on the wireless technology is projected to reach $24.3 billion next year, nearly triple the $8.7 billion this year.
2015-05-11 Can mobile operators keep up with rising traffic demands?
The appetite for bigger screens and ever-higher resolutions is gobbling up even more data with each new smartphone generation. Can mobile operators provide the higher bandwidth required for each new generation of displays?
2015-11-05 Camera phone: From birth to how it transformed the world
A smartphone today without a camera is unthinkable, but two decades ago, this combination would have been an unthinkable marriage of two completely different products.
2013-01-14 Broadcom points to Gb wireless as CES 2013 star
Broadcom CTO Henry Samueli identified Ultra HDTV, gigabit wireless and "Wi-Fi in everything" as three key trends in this year's CES.
2012-04-09 Broadcom intros smartphone location platform
The BCM4752 GNSS chip feature multiconstellation support, and leverages sensors, WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC for indoor positioning.
2008-12-22 Broadband coaxial switch provides three states
Teledyne Coax Switches has introduced the CAS-37, a 3-state switch and the latest in its line of high-performance broadband coaxial switches.
2005-05-04 BOE OT receives order from Samsung
Beijing BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co. (BOE OT) is negotiating with South Korea-based Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd on the manufacture of 17-inch LCD monitor panels.
2002-11-04 Bluetooth semiconductor market to hit $2.6B in '06
After a notoriously delayed start, the Bluetooth semiconductor market is now prepared to achieve significant growth.
2002-08-20 Bluetooth industry slated for flexible growth prospects
The Bluetooth industry is forecasted to experience growth this year according to research firm Allied Business Intelligence (ABI).
2003-08-21 BeStar micro speakers suit portable devices
The BMS 13 series of micro speakers from BeStar Electronics Industry Co. Ltd features 763dB SPL and 0.2W rated power.
2014-10-14 Best practices form guidelines for IoT design
The GSMA released version 1.0 of its "IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidelines," a 70-page document outlining best practices for chips, systems and apps riding the cellular network.
2004-11-23 Berkana reference design kits support multiple leading baseband platforms
Berkana's new reference design kits accelerate the development of cellular handsets and handhelds based on the BKW9000 family of GSM/GPRS CMOS RF transceivers.
2009-01-22 BER reference design rolls for 100G Ethernet testing
Inphi Corp. has launched a 28G Bit Error Ratio (BER) Receiver reference design for R&D or production testing of emerging high speed protocols.
2015-05-27 Benefits of LTE-A carrier aggregation
Stop-gap measures such as combining LTE and Wi-Fi carriers can help increase download speeds. But what about uploads? Find out how LTE carrier aggregation can help boost effective bandwidth.
2004-06-07 Basestation chip market poised for growth
After several years of sluggishness due to the slowdown in wireless infrastructure spending, the basestation semiconductor market is now posting healthy growth.
2007-03-22 Back to the BenQ brand for handsets
BenQ has decided to scrap its BenQ-Siemens branded business and go back to using BenQ brand starting Q3, according to a Digitimes report.
2003-09-10 AVS standard to eventually replace MPEG-4
Image recognition will become a very important technology and in the future the next-generation JPEG2000 code compression technology will be used.
2004-02-16 AUTHOR = Roman Robles
Wireless market face the daunting challenge of providing complex enhancements required to support new air interfaces at a price that's lower than today's cost of supporting the legacy functions alone.
2005-05-04 AUO sets standard for 7G line
AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) is setting its LCD substrate standard at 1,950-by-225mm in its 7G production line, following the lead of South Korea-based LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd.
2004-08-11 AUO opens 6G plant earlier than scheduled
AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) is expecting to open its new 6G plant three months ahead of schedule.
2007-04-27 AUO denies plans for 8G LCD plant
AU Optronics Corp. president HB Chen clarified that the company has no plans to establish an eighth-generation (8G) TFT LCD plant in the future.
2015-04-02 Atg delivers flying probe tester for substrates
The S3 10?m Substrate Tester from atg Luther & Maelzer enables positioning accuracy and high number of contact points through flying probe technology.
2014-07-18 ASOCS, Wind River target bulk deployment of virtual base stations
ASOCS's virtual base station, combined with Wind River Linux, a commercial-grade embedded Linux platform, present a breakthrough in data plane performance of the mobile base station.
2013-05-16 Asia/Pacific saves ailing mobile phone sales
The Asia/Pacific was the only region that posted growth, helping boost the performance of the weak mobile phone space.
2004-01-01 Asia's chip industry reaches a new trajectory
Strong growth on chips is expected this year, driven largely by demand from the computer, communications and consumer electronics sectors.
2007-04-03 Asia Pacific pins mobile growth on emerging markets
Asia Pacific will remain a high-growth sector in the global mobile market arena, with its mobile subscriber base projected to hit 1.14 billion by end of 2007.
2014-02-21 Artemis promises max connectivity in low mobility areas
Artemis Networks adopts interference in their technology to add to the carrier network's data capacity by using distributed antenna techniques.
2003-05-05 ARM grants core license to Synad
ARM Ltd has licensed its ARM922T embedded processor core to Synad, a fabless WLAN SoC company.
2003-07-25 ARM core to support Innovics 3G wireless solutions
ARM Ltd has licensed its ARM922T microprocessor core to Innovics Wireless Inc, a semiconductor company specializing in wireless communications.
2009-09-22 Aricent, Cavium tie-up on LTE solutions
Aricent has announced an LTE evolved packet core development collaboration with Cavium Networks.
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