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2005-04-27 Vision sensor captures 1,600 x 1,200 images at 15fps
Cognex announced what it claims as the first vision sensor that captures full-frame, 1,600 x 1,200 images at up to 15fps for highly detailed inspection of fast moving objects.
2007-03-02 Sony unveils $600 Blu-ray Disc player
At its Open House event this week, Sony Electronics unveiled its second Blu-ray Disc (BD) player, BDP-S300, which will hit stores by the middle of the year for about $600.
2011-09-06 SMD placement system touts speed of 600C800cph
The EXPERT-SAFP is designed for rapid prototyping, and is available in manual and semi-automatic models.
2007-08-08 Siemens mulls 600 layoffs at Enterprise unit
Seimens AG disclosed plans to cut about 600 jobs at its Enterprise Communications unit as part of a restructuring move.
2004-08-12 SanDisk licenses ARC 600 processor core
SanDisk Corp. has licensed the ARC Int.'s 600 RISC processor core and MetaWare development tools for use in their next-generation of flash storage products.
2007-11-20 Samsung drops 1,600 names from payroll
Samsung Electronics has cut more than 1,600 jobs this year, the first dip in its labor force in a period of five years.
2008-07-17 RS232 board handles 9,600-baud wireless link
The TDi2 from Radiometrix is a RS232 interface board that combines a TDL2A 433-9 OEM multichannel wireless modem module, an RS232 driver, a 9 way DB9F connector, helical SMA aerial and power connectors, and a local 5V voltage regulator.
2005-08-12 Qualcomm to pay $600 million to buy Flarion
Wireless technology company Qualcomm Inc. has said it plans to acquire Flarion Technologies Inc., a developer of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex Access (OFDMA), for $600 million.
2003-08-18 LCD projector realizes 4,600 ANSI lumens brightness
Canon has extended its LV-series of LCD projectors with the release of the Power Projector LV-7555 device.
2009-07-14 Compact PLL/synthesizer operates from 1,600-2,200MHz
Crystek Corp. introduces the CPLL66-1600-2200 PLL/synthesizer. It operates from 1,600MHz to 2,200MHz with a typical step size of 1,000kHz.
2002-10-02 CML audio processor draws 600?A at 2.7V
Specifically designed for use in professional two-way radio systems, CML Microcircuits' CMX881 audio processor IC draws 600?A at 2.7V.
2005-05-30 Chinese banks agree to loan SMIC $600 million
A consortium of Chinese banks has agreed to loan $600 million to Shanghai-based foundry Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp. to allow the company to expand its 300mm wafer operations in Beijing.
2008-05-28 Board supports 600 concurrent VoIP sessions
AMTELCO XDS is offering a VoIP board that is designed to function as a cost-effective H.100 and T1/E1 TDM to VoIP gateway.
2005-07-11 Alcatel to invest $600 million in India
France's Alcatel is to invest about $600 million in India over the next few years, according to the Indian communications and information technology minister, Dayanidhi Maran.
2015-03-16 1,600 lose jobs in Cypress-Spansion merger
The merger of Cypress Semiconductor and Spansion will result in layoffs of 1,600 employees worldwide, or 20 per cent of their combined workforces, according to an internal memo.
2005-06-10 Using the ADS8380 with the TMS320C6713 DSP
This app note presents a solution to interfacing the ADS8380 18bit, 600-KSPS serial interface converter to the TMS320C6713 DSP.
2008-02-28 SecurID fob provides single-chip safety net
The SecurID generates a new code every 60s over the fob's lifetime, with the host-side solution synchronously calculating this moving target to stay in lockstep with the token.
2006-03-02 NetLogic, Broadcom team on packet processing
NetLogic is collaborating with Broadcom to provide Ethernet routing solutions to the carrier market, enabling carriers to launch services based on Ethernet communications technology.
2003-11-26 Micron image sensor in PalmOne smartphone
Micron Technology has announced its MT9V143 image sensor is featured in the Treo 600 smartphone from PalmOne Inc.
2006-04-11 Line-interactive UPS can be managed from the web
MGE says its new Nova AVR 600 and 1100 VA line-interactive UPS are the first low-cost types that can be remotely managed through a web browser or a network management system.
2003-10-08 Haoxin Li-ion battery has protection circuit
Shanghai Haoxin Science and Development Co. Ltd has rolled out the TN-3.6-600-I type mobile phone use Li-ion battery.
2008-09-19 Connectors gear up for in-flight entertainment
ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a custom ARINC 600 connector designed specifically for in-flight entertainment systems.
2002-01-16 Compact modular supply delivers 400W
HiTek Power has answered the call for ever-compact power solutions for applications for which rack space is increasingly at a premium with its FM-400 and FM-600 series of modular, low-profile, distributed power systems.
2002-04-18 CEO develops 1.5kW laser module for EUV lithography
Cutting Edge Optronics Inc. has demonstrated a 1.5kW laser module as a plasma source for extreme ultraviolet semiconductor lithography.
2004-12-02 Broadcom, TTPcom signed up to use ARC processors
ARC International plc, a developer of configurable processor cores and application platforms, has cut a licensing deal with fabless chip company Broadcom Corp. and has had a product partnership in place for some time with TTPcom Ltd, ARC announced Monday (Nov. 29).
2003-12-12 ARC platform suits portable devices
ARC International has announced what it claims is the smallest digital audio subsystem available in the market. The initial set of digital audio codecs available on the ARC 600 digital audio platform includes MP-3 encode, MP-3 decode, MPEG-4 AAC encode (with Temporal Noise Shaping), AAC decode (with Temporal Noise Shaping), and WMA decode.
2004-02-27 Ando releases three BERT units
Ando Electric has launched the AP9945/9946 portable and AQ2200-600 series of modular 10Gbps BERT units.
2000-07-01 Wireless future: At what cost?
I recently attended "Bluetooth Geneva," a conference sponsored by UK-based IIR Limited. Bluetooth, a proposal by cellphone makers Nokia and Ericsson along with computer makers IBM, Intel and Toshiba, is now endorsed by over 1,600 manufacturers. That this technology is hot is evidenced by the questions from the Taiwanese engineers at the executive panel discussion, "Interfacing for the Millennium," sponsored by Global Sources during the IIC-Taipei conference in May. Bluetooth was intended to link portable PCs and cellphones with a short distance wireless link. In principle, it will enable you to download an address book from your PC to your cellphone. Though it frequency hops at 2.45GHz, the Bluetooth transceiver was conceived as dumb, low power (10mW), and cheap.
2014-02-03 Wearable Technologies Innovation World 2013 winners
Here are six innovative devices out of the 20 winners from last year's Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup that emerged victorious among 600 entrants from 69 different countries.
2008-05-30 Vishay releases enhanced rectifier series
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. introduces a new series of enhanced high-current-density PowerBridge rectifiers with current ratings of 10-25A and maximum peak reverse voltage ratings of 600-1,000V.
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