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2008-01-11 Winbond taps ESI solution for 70nm DRAM
Electro Scientific Industries announced that Winbond Electronics has adopted its UV laser link processing to enable the latter's move to 70nm advanced DRAM production.
2006-12-06 ST completes NAND flash transition to 70nm
STMicroelectronics announced full availability of its entire NAND Flash memory family in 70nm process technology.
2005-07-25 SanDisk readies 70nm flash line, posts profit
Amid a 70nm flash-memory chip and systems launch, SanDisk Corp., a supplier of flash storage card products, said second quarter revenues increased 19 percent on a year-over-year basis to $515 million and increased 14 percent compared to the first quarter of 2005.
2005-06-02 Samsung's 70nm 4Gb NAND flash device writes data at 16MBps
Samsung disclosed that they have already begun mass producing what it touts as the highest density NAND flash device yet to take advantage of advanced 70nm process technology
2005-05-31 Samsung produces 4Gb NAND flash memory using 70nm technology
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has begun mass producing what it claims to be the highest density NAND flash device yet to take advantage of advanced 70nm process technology -- 4Gb NAND flash memory.
2004-06-01 Samsung develops CVD wiring process for 70nm DRAM
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method for depositing aluminum interconnect in DRAMs using a 70nm manufacturing process, the company said.
2005-10-20 Samsung announces 70nm-based 512Mb DDR2 SDRAM
Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed the first 512Mb DDR2 SDRAM using the 70nm process, which is said to be the smallest process technology yet applied to a DRAM device.
2004-12-21 Infineon, Nanya to use 70nm process for 300nm DRAMs
Chip makers Infineon Technologies AG and Nanya Technology Corp. from Taiwan recently came up with a 70nm process technology that will be used to produce 300nm DRAM chips based on deep trench cells.
2006-03-15 Infineon aims for 70nm DRAMs in '06
Infineon Technologies' memory unit outlined its technology roadmap to keep pace in the competitive DRAM market.
2005-10-04 Hynix unveils roadmap for 70nm NAND flash
Korean chip maker Hynix Semiconductor Inc. has disclosed an aggressive product roadmap to mass produce NAND-based flash memory.
2007-01-30 Elpida-PSC JV ramps 70nm production
Elpida Memory and Powerchip Semiconductor will commence business in April, aiming to launch manufacturing operations with a 70nm process by this summer.
2006-12-28 Elpida makes 1Gbit, 512Mbit DRAMs at 70nm
Japan's Elpida Memory Inc. has begun mass production of the DRAM industry's first 1Gbit and 512Mbit DDR2 SDRAMs using 70nm process technology.
2005-02-10 Toshiba, SanDisk to enable 8Gbit of storage on a chip
Toshiba Corp. and SanDisk Corp. on Monday (Feb. 7) announced an 8Gb NAND flash memory chip fabricated with 70nm process technology.
2006-04-06 Samsung goes to volume with next 1Gbit OneNAND
Samsung announced it has started mass production of a 1Gbit OneNAND flash memory made using 70nm manufacturing processes.
2006-09-12 Qimonda engineers to report 58nm DRAM
Engineers from Qimonda AG are set to report on a 58nm DRAM manufacturing process technology at the International Electron Devices Meeting on December.
2007-01-10 PSC eyes 50 percent supply boost in '07
Powerchip Semiconductor Corp.'s outlook for the year remains bright as its 70nm production expansion will result in a 50 percent supply increase in 2007.
2002-05-20 Virage Logic to supply embedded memories to UMC
Virage Logic will supply embedded memories for UMC's 0.135m MPU CMOS logic process that utilizes phase-shifting technology from Numerical Technologies Inc. to generate 70nm transistor gates.
2006-02-21 Ziebart: Infineon must shrink to become a 'problem solver'
A sweeping reorientation is the only way to lead Infineon Technologies to lasting profitability, CEO Wolfgang Ziebart told shareholders.
2005-03-07 Ziebart positioning Infineon for chip revival
Wolfgang Ziebart, president and CEO of Infineon Technolgies AG, said in his first wide-ranging interview that the chip maker is positioning itself for the end of the chip recession as competitors cut profit expectations.
2007-10-12 XDR DRAM transfers data at 9.6GBps
Elpida Memory and Rambus claim the industry's fastest DRAMthe 512Mbit, 4.8GHz XDR DRAM, with a data transfer rate of 9.6GBps.
2005-06-17 Winbond to ramp up 300mm production using ESI Model 9830
Winbond Electronics Corp. has purchased multiple ESI Model 9830 semiconductor link processing systems from Electro Scientific Industries Inc. to be installed at its latest 300mm fab in Taichung, Taiwan.
2009-03-13 Will Taiwan DRAM venture push through?
Is the proposed Taiwan memory venture already falling apart?
2004-04-23 VLSI papers weigh 65nm, new circuits
While technologists look to 65-nanometer nodes, circuit designers by and large are two generations back.
2007-07-26 Uptrend in DRAM contract prices seen until Q4
DRAMeXchange predicts that DRAM contract prices will continue on an uptrend until Q4, due particularly to the peak PC shipment season in October to November.
2002-02-13 UMC dropping Dow's SiLK from performance 130nm process
After working with Dow Chemical's low-k dielectric film for nearly a year, UMC is preparing to drop Dow's SiLK from its high-performance 130nm process, choosing a path different than that of development partner IBM Corp.
2003-12-05 Toshiba, SanDisk to expand NAND flash memory production
Toshiba Corp. and SanDisk Corp. have agreed to cooperate in the construction of a new 300mm wafer fab facility at Toshiba's Yokkaichi operations.
2006-02-13 Toshiba, SanDisk to boost spending on flash fab
In an effort to keep up with huge demand for its NAND flash-memory devices, SanDisk and Toshiba said that they plan to boost the investment and production levels of its 300mm fab venture in Japan.
2007-03-01 Toshiba, SanDisk ship 'highest-density' NAND
Toshiba co-developed with SanDisk a 16Gbit NAND flash memory fabricated in 56nm process technology, said to be the highest-density single-chip NAND flash memory yet achieved.
2005-02-23 Toshiba, SanDisk move up opening of 300mm flash fab
Toshiba Corp. and SanDisk Corp. plan to open a new 300mm flash memory fab as early as June, several months ahead of scheduled.
2004-04-16 Toshiba, SanDisk expand 300mm NAND fab plan
Toshiba Corp. said it expects the final capacity of its planned 300mm NAND memory fab to be about 37,500 wafers a month, 1.5 times larger than the original plan announced in last December.
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