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2001-09-20 The advantages of PIN diode switches over MESFET switches for IEEE 802.11a high-speed wireless LAN applications
This application note provides a comparative discussion of silicon PIN diodes and MESFETs to help circuit designers in choosing the suitable mobile wireless diversity switch.
2004-08-19 SiGe power module eyes 802.11a-compliant devices
SiGe unveiled a new 5GHz power amplifier module for access points, PCMCIA cards, laptop computers and other client devices compliant to the 802.11a WLAN standard.
2003-01-09 RF Micro deploys 802.11a WLAN chips
RF Micro Devices Inc. has announced that it has begun deployment of its 802.11a WLAN chipsets, which is expected to ramp-up in the March quarter and accelerate throughout the year.
2002-10-17 Proxim 802.11a/b Combocard features security authentication
Proxim Corp.'s ORiNOCO 802.11a/b ComboCard is equipped with authentication security features including user name and password authentication.
2002-03-27 Phycomp chip antenna supports 802.11a, 802.11b
Phycomp has announced the release of a 2.45GHz/5.2GHz dual-mode chip antenna, meeting both the IEEE 802.11a and IEEE 802.11b requirements for high-speed data communications via wireless links.
2002-10-10 Micro Linear drops 802.11a work, shakes WLAN out
Micro Linear Corp. has announced that it is discontinuing its development activity on IEEE 802.11a WLAN chips, citing slow sales growth and excessive competition.
2004-12-06 Maxim unveils transceivers for 802.11a, 802.11a/g apps
Maxim released two single-chip RF transceivers designed for single-band 802.11a and dual-band 802.11a/g WLAN apps.
2002-10-21 Maxim 802.11a SiGe PAs eliminate extra op amp
The MAX2840 and MAX2841 SiGe PAs feature an on-chip power detector that allows for the implementation of an automatic level control function, eliminating the use of an extra op amp required on GaAs HBT PA solutions.
2002-06-20 Intersil chipset supports 802.11a/b/g
Intersil Corp. has introduced the PRISM Duette chipset that is positioned as an 802.11a and 802.11g WLAN solution capable of 54Mbps data transmission, while remaining backward-compatible to existing 802.11b systems.
2003-03-11 Infineon samples 802.11a/b/g WLAN solution
The company has announced an 802.11a/b/g dual-band, multimode system that is geared towards high data rate WLAN systems for enterprise and residential users.
2003-07-17 IceFyre, Hitachi to offer 802.11a embedded platforms
IceFyre Semiconductor has entered into a partnership with Hitachi ULSI Systems for high-performance 802.11a full system embedded platforms.
2005-07-18 Design, verify 802.11a 5GHz WLAN systems
Delve into the IEEE 802.11a physical layer and the integrated software/hardware design flow for a typical IC design and verification
2004-11-16 Cisco rolls 802.11a/g APs, enhances security support
Cisco expanded its line of WLAN access points with the release of two dual-band systems that support 5GHz 802.11a and 2.4GHz 802.11g operation.
2002-08-19 Cirocomm WLAN filters suit 802.11a, 801.11b apps
Cirocomm Technology Corp. has announced the availability of WLAN filters that suit the 802.11a and 802.11b frequency bands, and can be used in WLAN transceivers.
2003-03-21 BVS offers 802.11a WLAN analysis tool
Berkeley Vitronics Systems has introduced the Yellowjacket IEEE 802.11a analysis tool that is designed to work with Compaq's iPAQ PocketPC device.
2002-07-25 Broadcom WLAN chipset supports 802.11a, 802.11b
Broadcom Corp. has announced the release of a WLAN chipset that supports the existing 802.11b WiFi standard.
2004-04-01 Boosting efficiency using 802.11a power amps
For 802.11a-based systems to deliver their full performance potential in WLAN-enabled devices, a completely new modem architecture and PA design is required.
2001-04-15 Bluetooth chipmaker will ride 802.11a wave
This technical article describes Cambridge Silicon Radio's move to develop an all-CMOS 802.11a chip for 54MHz wireless networking in the 5GHz band.
2002-05-13 Bermai, Archtek/BMI partner to deliver 802.11a/b solutions
Bermai Inc., a provider of SoC technology for indoor WLAN and outdoor fixed wireless access applications, has partnered with Taiwan-based Archtek/BMI to deliver combined 802.11a and 802.11b WLAN solutions.
2002-01-22 Amphion launches WLAN baseband IP cores for 802.11a and HiperLAN2
Providing solutions for PHY implementations of IEEE 802.11a and HiperLAN2, the CS3720 transmit and CS3820 receive cores use direct-mapped DSP functionality to accomplish end-to-end WLAN baseband processing.
2002-10-11 Alliance to begin testing 802.11a wireless LAN devices
The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced that it will begin interoperability certification testing of 5GHz IEEE 802.11a-based WLAN products.
2004-06-14 Agilent test set measures WLAN 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth modules
Agilent disclosed that it has developed the industry's first test set that measures both WLAN 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth modules from a single platform.
2008-11-27 802.11a/b/g core module enables secure networking
Digi International has developed the ConnectCore Wi-9P 9215, an 802.11a/b/g embedded core module for secure wireless networking and integrated application processing.
2003-03-07 WLAN chipset features video image transfer capabilities
Matsushita Electric has developed a 5GHz WLAN chipset capable of transferring video images among IEEE 802.11a/e-compliant equipment.
2002-02-12 Wireless LAN options add to confusion
IEEE-802.11g is a technical achievement, but it will not help the wireless LAN industry to grow at such a critical juncture.
2002-04-01 Video over wireless in the home
The article outlines digital video technology for wireless markets, and how FPGAs could enable video processing and connectivity in wireless devices.
2002-12-30 Toshiba ships 5GHz WLAN chipset
The company has presented a 5GHz WLAN chipset that comprises of a baseband LSI and IF IC.
2002-08-01 Too much of a good thing?
As 802.11a survives and prospers, many players won't get a piece of this success. They'll merge, move on, be acquired or bite the dust. That's just the way it works.
2002-09-06 Tektronix analysis package has frequency-mask triggering
The WCA11A signal analysis software package from Tektronix Inc. provides fault finding features and test automation to the company's WCA380 wireless communication analyzer.
2002-03-25 Systemonic expands technology base for wireless comm
Systemonic AG has expanded its technology base to support multiple standards across multiple bands for wireless communication.
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