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2007-09-17 Let WiMAX, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi coexist in handsets
The coexistence of WiMAX, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in handsets and handheld devices poses an engineering challenge as their transmission over adjacent RF bands may conflict and severely degrade performance. But it's possible for these wireless technologies to exist in the handset.
2007-01-31 Kyocera, Runcom collaborate on mobile WiMAX
Kyocera Wireless has started developing mobile WiMAX consumer electronic devices powered by Runcom Technologies Ltd's WiMAX chipset.
2005-11-21 Korean Telecom readies mobile wireless service
Korea Telecom (KT), South Korea's top fixed broadband service carrier, said it will roll out a new mobile wireless broadband service by mid-2006 called WiBro.
2005-10-04 Korea wireless broadband set for 2006
Korea Telecom (KT) is on track to deploy a proprietary mobile wireless broadband service in Korea by early next year.
2005-12-13 Korea Telecom, Alcatel target mobile wireless
Korea Telecom and Alcatel will establish a joint research center in a move to gain the top position in a recently-certified mobile wireless broadband service called WiBro.
2007-01-16 Jumble of network formats seen in 4G
Technologists are sparring with bean counters over what 4G should look like to yield the best service for customers and the best return for operators.
2005-12-01 Is wireless broadband a small-town hero?
As companies begin to fall halfway between DSL, WiMAX is comes to save the day.
2007-02-22 IPR issues could haunt 4G, LTE, mobile WiMAX
Reports on IP and patent rights associated with next-gen mobile networks suggest that the situation may pan out better than with existing networks, but both include important caveats.
2005-01-14 Intel, ZTE to collaborate on WiMAX solutions
Intel Corp. and ZTE Corp. have announced plans to jointly deliver global broadband wireless solutions using WiMAX technology, joining the growing ranks of companies adopting the emerging wireless network standard.
2004-06-22 Intel, Proxim partner on WiMax reference design
Intel Corp. and Proxim Corp. will collaborate to develop and deliver WiMAX solutions for fixed and portable broadband wireless access, the companies announced Thursday (June 17, 2004).
2006-05-05 Intel, NDS test WiMAX TV multicast
Intel and NDS Group have announced a trial system to demonstrate the TV and video services for fixed WiMAX technology.
2009-06-16 Intel, Globe roll out WiMAX in the Philippines
Intel Corp. and Globe Telecom have announced the official roll-out of commercial WiMAX services in the Philippines through Globe Broadband.
2007-12-14 Intel, Comstar take Mobile WiMAX to Russia
Mobile WiMAX in Russia will be developed by a collaboration between Comstar-United TeleSystems and Intel Corp. The collaboration aims to provide faster, lower-cost and truly mobile data broadband technology to the country.
2004-10-28 Intel, Clearwire to devise networks based on WiMAX
Intel Corp. and Clearwire Inc. on Monday (Oct. 25) said they will jointly develop and deploy wireless broadband capabilities using WiMAX networks.
2008-05-23 Intel's Barrett: Education, not technology, is key to success
Intel Chairman Craig Barrett said global alliances will be the key to getting the next 1 billion people on the Internet and better education is the best way to achieve this goal.
2004-09-10 Intel targets 2005 for WiMax roll out
Intel Corp. has taken another baby step on its roadmap for broadband wireless chips, saying Tuesday (Sept. 7) that it is sampling its WiMAX chip to "strategic partners" in preparation for a wide-scale rollout in 2005.
2006-10-13 Intel solution eases building out a WiMAX network
Intel has announced the NetStructure baseband card that combines transport, control and baseband processing in a standards-based AdvancedMC form factor.
2005-09-30 Intel pledges WiMAX broadband connectivity in Asia
Remarkable efforts in advancing WiMAX wireless broadband are being made by Intel for the massive deployment of its infrastructure in Asia, especially in developing countries.
2005-06-24 Intel joins picoChip's $20.5 million funding round
PicoChip Designs Ltd has raised $20.5 million in third-round funding, led by Scottish Equity Partners and joined by Rothschild and Intel Capital.
2005-10-03 Instrumentation bus eyes Express lane
The PXI Systems Alliance has detailed a standard for a hardware based on PCI extensions for instrumentation.
2005-03-31 India joins with Alcatel for wireless research
India's Center for Development of Telematics has signed a memorandum of understanding with French telecommunications equipment supplier Alcatel to form a joint research and development center in India focusing on broadband wireless access.
2006-11-20 In-Stat forecasts rapid growth for WiMAX
The availability of WiMAX Forum-certified equipment will spur the rapid growth of WiMAX technology, reports In-Stat.
2006-11-01 IMS day has not yet dawned
While IP Multimedia Subsystem promises to usher in the era of true network convergence, participants at last September's VON conference cautioned that its day has not yet dawned.
2008-12-01 IMEC pushes SDR effort forward
A variety of advanced FEC technologies used in a range of wireless WAN and LAN can be handled by a chip introduced by IMEC as part of its effort to assemble a full suite of silicon for software-defined radio.
2007-07-20 IEEE 802.20 working group revises voting procedure
In response to allegations of voting irregularities, the IEEE 802.20 Executive Committee and Oversight Committee have revised the working group's procedures to 'one entity, one vote.'
2003-02-03 IEEE 802.16 spec could disrupt wireless landscape
The IEEE Standards Authority has approved the 802.16a specification for wireless MANs in the 2GHz to 11GHz range.
2009-06-19 IDC: APAC base stations to hit 3M by 2012
Market research firm IDC predicts that there will be over 3 million base stations and over 1.8 million cell sites in APAC by 2012.
2007-04-10 Huawei, ZTE beef up R&D, production in China
Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp. are planning to build new manufacturing and R&D bases to speed up their expansion in both domestic and global markets.
2007-05-25 Has Intel scored a WiMAX deal in central China?
Intel appears to have struck a WiMAX deal with a central China provincial government, but the company spokesman would not confirm the news.
2006-05-16 Handset features still not a wrap
The product-definition uncertainty that roiled the smart phone and PDA communities a decade ago has returned with a vengeance, as advanced services like mobile broadcast video and HSDPA leave handset developers pondering what to keep in and what to leave out of a slim-line design.
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