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2005-06-08 Efficient bit-banged SPI port for 8051-compatible microcontrollers
This app note discusses efficient bit-banged SPI port for 8051-compatible microcontrollers.
2002-11-13 Controlling a DS1084 using an 8051-compatible microprocessor
This application note provides a simple hardware and software setup for controlling the DS1084 with a DS87C520 (8051) microcontroller.
2005-06-07 Using the Free SDCC C compiler to develop firmware for the DS89C420/430/440/450 family of microcontrollers
This app note demonstrates how to use the SDCC to develop firmware for the DS89C420/430/440/450 family of ultra-high-speed 8051-compatible microcontrollers.
2009-12-18 MCU claims lowest current in every mode
Silicon Laboratories Inc. claims that its F900 series of 8051-compatible microcontrollers doubles the battery life of devices by slashing the MCU's power requirements.
2006-08-16 Flash MCUs offer dual programming partitions
SST's new family of 8bit, 8051-compatible flash MCUs offer a single flash block architecture with two independent program memory partitions.
2001-04-09 Controlling a DS1803 digital potentiometer using an 8051 microprocessor to generate 2-wire signals
This application note presents a simple hardware and software solution for controlling the DS1803 digital potentiometer using Dallas Semiconductor's DS87C520 8051-compatible microprocessor.
2007-07-11 Using the DS89C450 as a static LCD display controller
This application note describes how to implement a display controller for a simple, static LCD panel with 7-segment digits by using the DS89C450 ultra-high-speed flash MCU.
2006-10-19 Teridian debuts industrial automation product line
Teridian Semiconductor has officially entered the industrial automation and control market with the introduction of 71M8100, a measurement controller designed for industrial applications.
2007-04-27 Metering IC features embedded flash memory
austriamicrosystems is getting ready to sample the AS8268, a single-phase SoC metering IC with embedded flash memory.
2006-02-16 MCUs target apps that require USB connectivity
Silicon Laboratories' C8051F34x MCU family has been designed to meet the demands of apps that require USB connectivity and high-performance analog, high-performance CPU processing and larger memory footprints.
2008-02-27 MCU touts low-voltage, small-sized design
Silicon Laboratories has entered the MCU market with an IC that operates at a record-low 0.9V and with sleep-mode current of 50nA.
2012-11-02 Designing Z-Wave devices
Read about the development process and the tools available to design and test Z-Wave compatible devices.
2005-01-19 Chip supports conventional 1-phase 2-wire, 1-phase anti-tamper energy metering
austriamicrosystems introduced the latest addition to its expanding energy meter IC product range.
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