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90nm process technology
The 90nm process refers to the level of CMOS process technology that was achieved sometime 2003. Process technology basically boils down to the size of the finished transistor and other components.
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2005-06-30 LSI pushes RapidChip ASICs to 90nm
LSI Logic announced plans - but not availability - for its long-expected 90nm, 500MHz structured ASIC family.
2002-05-07 LSI Logic introduces 90nm SoC process
LSI Logic Corp. has introduced the G90 90nm SoC integration process that is aimed at accelerating the time-to-market of products with increased integration and system-level functionality.
2005-06-01 Leakage power at 90nm and below
Learn more about the challenges and tools needed in addressing leakage power at 90nm and below in today's advanced designs
2006-09-04 LDO supports CPU, DSP based on 90nm tech
Power Analog Microelectronics has introduced the PAM3111, an ultralow output voltage (0.9V) LDO linear regulator that supports CPU and DSP based on 90nm technology.
2006-11-06 Lattice unrolls PCIe cores for its 90nm FPGAs
Lattice Semiconductor has added to its ispLeverCORE portfolio PCIe IP cores that are optimized for its 90nm LatticeECP2M and LatticeSCM FPGAs.
2006-09-13 Lattice to debut 90nm FPGA, embedded IP core
Lattice Semi's new 90nm LatticeECP2 FPGA combines an efficient FPGA fabric with dedicated high-performance DSP blocks on-chip for high-volume, low cost applications.
2007-07-16 Lattice challenges big rivals at 90nm FPGAs
Lattice has announced the LatticeXP2 family of non-volatile FPGAs, produced in a 90nm process co-developed with foundry partner Fujitsu Ltd, which doubles maximum logic capacity to 40k lookup tables, adds dedicated DSP blocks and improves performance by 25 percent, all while reducing the price per function by up to 50 percent.
2003-09-05 KLA-Tencor, Carl Zeiss team on 90nm photomasks
KLA-Tencor and Carl Zeiss Microelectronic Systems have established an alliance to help the semiconductor industry reduce costs and speed time-to-market on next-gen photomasks.
2002-07-03 Japan venture seeks common 90nm process
A group of leading Japanese semiconductor makers will form a joint venture that will work to standardize the process technology for 90nm devices.
2003-07-23 Japan opens joint test line for 90nm designs
Advanced SoC Platform Corp. will begin shuttle services later this year using its 300mm wafer-prototyping line and 90nm process technology.
2003-07-02 Japan opens joint test line for 90nm
A research center funded by the Japan government and the semiconductor industry has opened a 300mm wafer line to test and develop specs for 90nm and finer process technologies.
2003-10-28 Intel, TI 'straining' to improve 90nm silicon
Intel Corp. and Texas Instruments Inc. process technologists have reached into their bags of "strain engineering" tricks for 90nm silicon.
2002-12-12 Intel, IBM joust 90nm technology at IEDM meet
Intel and IBM each came to the 2002 International Electron Devices Meeting claiming logic performance leadership at the 90nm.
2004-10-25 Intel taps 90nm process for integrated network processor
Intel is leveraging its 90nm process technology to roll out what one analyst said is the first integrated control and data plane processor.
2005-09-09 Intel reportedly delays 90nm flash production
Intel Corp. on Thursday (September 8) is expected to raise its revenue mid-point guidance for Q3 despite chipset shortages and delays with its 90nm flash-memory production, according to a report from an analyst.
2005-11-21 Intel launches 90nm NOR flash memory for handsets
Intel Corp. has launched what it claims as the industry's first 90nm multi-level cell NOR flash memory targeted at multimedia handsets.
2002-08-15 Intel adopts strained silicon for 90nm process
Intel Corp. said that it will add strained silicon technology to its 90nm technology mix, and will use the process to make the Pentium 4 microprocessor code-named "Prescott" starting next year.
2005-06-03 Inotera, Infineon ramp 90nm DRAM production
Inotera Memories Inc., the joint venture between Infineon Technologies AG and Nanya Technology Corp., is beginning a transition to 90nm DRAM manufacturing, and Infineon has already moved 5 percent of its production over to 90nm, Infineon said
2003-08-08 Infineon, UMC achieves 90nm silicon success
Infineon Technologies and UMC have announced a breakthrough in their 90nm development program with the delivery of functional complex circuitry utilizing an advanced production technology.
2005-11-30 Infineon hard disk drive read channel core implemented in 90nm
Infineon Technologies introduced an advanced hard disk drive read channel core that is implemented in the company's 90nm process technology.
2003-02-14 Inductance issues not what they seem at 90nm
Inductance in metal interconnect will force design teams to deal with a number of new issues as the industry moves toward 90nm line widths.
2003-09-01 Identifying front-end challenges for 90nm design
FEOL scaling is about density improvement while simultaneously improving transistor performance
2005-02-09 IBM, Sony, Toshiba tip 'Cell' processor at 90nm
At the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) on Monday (Feb. 7), IBM Corp., Sony Corp., Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., and Toshiba Corp. disclosed more details of the long-awaited &quote;Cell&quote; processor.
2004-05-27 IBM, Chartered claim broad EDA support at 90nm
IBM Corp. and Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd said May 24, 2004 that they have received support for their joint 90nm manufacturing process from four leading EDA companies.
2005-03-16 Hard designs at 90nm
Designing at 90nm may be hard, but it may also open the door to new architectural alternatives.
2007-03-22 Guessing game: Will Intel build a 90nm fab in China?
Reports about the construction of a 90nm Intel fab in Dalian, China had the industry abuzz with different speculationssome expect the company will confirm plans for the fab next week while others expressed doubt that the project will happen at all.
2010-09-06 Globalfoundries, Freescale join forces for TFS on 90nm
Globalfoundries and Freescale Semiconductor has announced plans to offer a new class of thin film storage (TFS) flash memory products to market on 90nm technology. This advanced technology is expected to be deployed in Freescale microcontrollers (MCUs) intended for applications ranging from consumer electronics and household appliances to medical devices and smart metering systems.
2002-04-02 Fujitsu promises 90nm production within a year
Fujitsu Ltd has begun prototype production of chips in its 90nm process technology at its Akiruno Technology Center, and plans to introduce the process for commercial production this fiscal year.
2004-10-01 Freescale announces dual core PowerPC on 90nm process
Freescale disclosed the existence of a dual processing core PowerPC processor, described as the company's 'most powerful processor to date.'
2003-04-03 FEI offers system to modify 90nm chips
The company has announced the development of a new focused ion beam system capable of accessing and rewiring the metal stacks on 90nm ICs.
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