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2005-08-15 PMC module churns through high-res realtime data conversion
One of Sheldon's SI-C6713DSP-PMCs can crank through 1800 MFLOPS (peak) of DSP number crunching without breaking a sweat.
2000-06-05 PIC14000 A/D Theory and Implementation
This application note presents an implementation of a DAQ system based on a PIC14000 microcontroller. The PIC14000's AFE performs signal conditioning and A/D conversion of signals used in a battery monitoring application.
2006-04-27 CompactPCI form-factor board packs eight channels of acoustic A/D conversion
Radstone Embedded Computing is debuting an eight-channel acoustic ADC board designed for military sonar applications.
2000-08-30 AVR401: 8-bit precision A/D converter
This application note describes how to perform a kind of dual slope A/D conversion with an AVR microcontroller. The converter requires only six discrete components in addition to the AVR.
2007-02-05 Application of A/D converter (single A/D conversion mode)
This documentation presents a sample program, which uses the 32176 Group on-chip A/D converter in the single mode to perform A/D conversion.
2000-08-29 Analog-to-digital conversion utilizing the AT89CX051 microcontrollers
This application note describes two low-cost ADC techniques that utilize the analog comparator in the AT89C1051 and AT89C2051 microcontrollers.
2000-09-07 Analog-to-digital conversion techniques using Zilog Z8 MCUs
This application note shows how to achieve A/D conversion (without a separate ADC chip) by using 8-bit MCUs without compromising accuracy, speed or system cost.
2000-05-10 Analog to Digital Conversion Using a PIC16C54
The application note describes a method for implementing analog to digital (A/D) conversion on the PIC16C5X series of microcontrollers.
2007-02-05 A/D conversion in scan mode
This article describes A/D conversion that is performed for voltage inputs on four channels, and results of which are stored in RAM.
2007-02-05 A/D conversion control of the 7542 group
The function of the A/D conversion in this article is applied to MCUs of the 7542 group with 8MHz oscillation frequency, 32Kbytes ROM and 1Kbyte RAM.
2007-02-05 3823 Group: A/D converter (internal trigger
This article introduces and shows an example of how to use the A/D converter (internal trigger) on the 3823 group device
2005-10-21 VXS board packs dual 2.2GS/s A/D channels
The new Quixilica Neptune 2 VXS from TEK Microsystems combines field programmable gate arrays with dual 2.2GS/s data conversion channels
2004-12-08 STR71X ADC conversion speed-UP
This app note provides an example of how to reduce the conversion time of a/d converter in the STR71x microcontroller when only one input needs to be converted.
2004-05-17 Scanner front end does 40MS/s conversion
Flatbed scanners and multifunction peripherals appear to be settling out a bit on spatial and density resolution. But page-scanning speed is still a competitive issue in the end market, as is price.
2001-04-17 Precision temperature measurement using RTDs (resistance temperature detectors) with the CS5516 and CS5520 bridge transducer A/D converters
This application note discusses how the CS5516/CS5520 bridge-measurement A/D converters can be configured for precise measurement of resistance using a ratiometric resistance measurement technique
2010-11-30 MDDC 4-channel sensor signal amplifier designed for fast digital power conversion
MAZeT's MDDC 4-channel sensor signal amplifier boasts fast conversion
2005-09-29 GHz-speed A/D consumes 1.9W
National Semiconductor expanded its family of gigahertz-speed ADCs with three converters that are said to offer the industry's best performance with ultra-low power consumption
2006-01-30 Firmware endows PCI bus digitizers with TDC conversion
Acqiris now offers peak analysis and time-to-digital conversion firmware for its existing Model AP240 and Model AP235 dual-channel reconfigurable PCI bus analyzer plug-ins
2008-12-25 Digital receivers tout speedy conversion
Mercury Computer Systems has announced the availability of the initial offering of the new Echotek Series family of high-performance, Virtex-5 FPGA-based digital receivers that allow high-speed/high-resolution data conversion
2000-08-30 AVR400: Low cost A/D converter
This application note describes how to make a very compact and inexpensive ADC design with only two external components, a resistor and a capacitor.
2012-02-21 ADC with software trigger, sequential conversion modes
Learn how to perform analog-to-digital conversion using the RL78/G13 ADC that supports software trigger and sequential conversion modes
2006-09-06 A/D converter offers 'extremely' low power consumption
austriamicrosystems has expanded its high-performance ADC portfolio with the introduction of the AS1534, a parallel interface A/D converter that promises extremely low power consumption
1999-11-13 24bit stereo A/D converter for digital audio
The CS5360 is a two-channel, single 5V supply, 24bit ADC for digital audio systems. The device performs sampling, ADC conversion, and anti-alias filtering. This note deals with the CS5360 and its application for digital audio
2005-11-09 USB modules tout simultaneous-channel data conversion, digital I/O
Data Translation's DT9836 series data-acq products underscore the ascendancy of USB 2.0
2001-08-28 Upconverting signals with the GC2011 for easier digital-to-analog conversion
This application note describes how signals sampled at a clock rate of Fin and centered from 0 to Fin/2 can be upconverted to be centered from Fin/4 to 3Fin/4 and output to a D/A converter at a sample rate of 2Fin
2002-11-26 TDA8789HL dual 8-bit A/D converter with DPGA demonstration board
This application note describes the design of DPGA demonstration board using the TDA8798HL ADC.
2005-07-27 PC/104 board runs eight simultaneous A/D channels
Hardent Canada has a new less-than-$1,000 16-bit PC/104 form-factor analog/digital plug-in board that touts simultaneous channel sampling capability.
2009-02-06 A/D technology is ultrafast
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe's new ultrafast ADC IP is based on CHArge-mode Interleaved Sampler technology (CHAIS) for use in its standard 65nm CMOS process technology.
2000-05-06 Sample/Hold has zero droop and infinite hold
This application note describes the DAC device with an ADC to provide an overall analog-hold function.
2012-02-22 R8C/35C ADC in repeat sweep mode
Know the setting method to perform A/D conversion on analog voltage using the R8C/35C Group ADC in repeat sweep mode.
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