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2011-06-03 Singapore's A*STAR to develop 16Kbit RRAM
The development of a 16Kbit RRAM prototype and memory controller is being pursued under a strategic partnership between A*STAR's Data Storage Institute (DSI) in Singapore and 4DS Inc.
2006-08-25 Singapore's A*STAR now offers R&D foundry services
Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research is now offering R&D foundry services through its Institute of Microelectronics. The agency said the Institute's R&D foundry would help chipmakers launch prototyping and low-volume production of next-generation products.
2013-05-08 Shikino, A*STAR to develop gyro-sensor ASIC IP block
The research agreement will see the development of a low power and high performance gyro-sensor ASIC IP block for commercial hand held applications.
2012-01-03 Seiko, A*STAR partner on HDD tech
The research collaboration will develop pivot assembly for 2.5in, 5mm HDD, targeting the current limitations of both flash-based SSDs and conventional HDD.
2013-04-26 Open-shell PAHs gain attention of A*STAR researchers
The molecules consist of interlocked, benzene-like rings and contain unpaired electrons whose interactions make the compounds extremely responsive to light- and electron-based stimuli.
2012-05-29 NXP, A*STAR develop next-gen GaN-ON-Si power devices
The IME and NXP team will collaborate on the development of process technologies for the manufacturing of GaN devices on 200mm wafer.
2013-05-14 Lloyd's Register , A*STAR IHPC set up joint lab
The joint laboratory aims to deliver innovative technological solutions to address the challenges faced by the marine, energy and offshore sectors.
2010-01-22 Fujitsu, A*STAR team on petascale computing
Supercomputers that are able undertake a quadrillion calculations per second will be used to solve challenging scientific and engineering problems.
2012-02-01 Flight Focus, A*STAR team up on SDR-based comms system
Under the A*STAR Aerospace Program, Flight Focus and I2R will be developing a SDR-based cabin communications platform that will enable in-flight communications with different devices.
2012-08-30 Antenna from A*STAR boasts 200x WiFi speed bump
Researchers from A*STAR's Institute of Microelectronics developed a compact high performance silicon-based cavity-backed slot antenna that operates at 135GHz.
2013-03-01 A*STAR: Aluminium–germanium sealant toughens MEMS
Researchers at A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics investigated an aluminium-germanium sealant that should make MEMS manufacturing easier and cheaper, and could also improve device performance.
2012-06-07 A*STAR, UMC team up on TSV tech
The resulting technology will substantially enhance performance, lower costs and shrink the size of multimegapixel image sensors found in mobile applications, the companies said.
2013-02-19 A*STAR, Stanford to advance NEMS switches
The nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) switch technology is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of mobile devices and ultra low power digital systems.
2014-08-25 A*STAR, SMBC back Japanese R&D projects in Singapore
The partnership between A*STAR and SMBC will allow Japanese companies to develop and optimise their products to cater to unique demands of the expanding markets in Southeast Asia, India and Oceania in various sectors through R&D activities in Singapore.
2013-10-04 A*STAR, Red Hat to leverage open source for BA projects
Red Hat signed an MOU with Business Analytics Translational Centre to team up for big data, middleware, Platform-as-a-Service, cloud and storage, for the development of upcoming analytics projects.
2013-01-31 A*STAR, Physical Logic extend MEMS research team up
The partnership will allow Physical Logic to leverage IME's ASIC design expertise to develop an enhanced MEMS sensor accelerometer with improvement in bandwidth, stability and power consumption.
2013-02-04 A*STAR, Petroleum Geo-Services join for MEMS sensors
Targeting oil and gas applications, the MEMS sensor is to be incorporated into a PGS commercial streamer system to acquire more precise seismic data during seismic survey.
2014-11-11 A*STAR, Obsidian, Tata join forces for supercomputer project
Three firms hope to advance supercomputing by signing up to connect supercomputers in different geo-locations at a speed of 100Gbit/s.
2013-09-06 A*STAR, IDA to develop local cloud-enabled solutions
The partnership aims to promote local ICT firms' adoption of cloud-based technologies in their product and service development geared towards greater productivity and competitiveness.
2012-09-17 A*STAR, Hitachi Chemical team up on 3D IC packaging tech
Hitachi Chemical hopes to leverage IME's advanced 3D IC process capabilities to enhance material technologies that can support the demanding requirements of thin wafer processing.
2013-04-01 A*STAR, Fujikura demo 40-60Gb/s silicon optical modulators
The devices claim to feature advanced multi-level modulation formats for high speed long-haul data transmission.
2014-02-03 A*STAR, China firm ink joint lab deal to push clean EV tech
A*STAR's Institute for Infocomm Research and BYD teamed up to develop electric vehicles with autonomous vehicle sensors to advance clean technology in Singapore's smart transport system.
2012-03-09 A*STAR, Applied Materials unveil 3D chip packaging R&D center
The new facility positions Singapore as a global leader in semiconductor R&D and is expected to help accelerate the development and adoption of 3D packaging technology globally.
2013-11-26 A*STAR works on 'smart window' to up solar energy efficiency
The researchers reported how hydration affects color-changing windows that optimize solar energy transmission, and can boost their efficiency and durability.
2012-06-06 A*STAR to work on sensor ASIC for auto apps
The temperature sensor will be part of a tire pressure monitoring system which maintains the correct tire pressure for comfortable driving, fuel efficiency, longer tire-life and higher safety for the driver.
2010-11-23 A*STAR teams with EU orgs on molecular chips
Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research has joined with ten European Union research organizations to lay the foundation for creating and testing a molecular-sized processor chip.
2013-10-01 A*STAR speeds up commercialisation of nanoimprinting foundry
A*STAR IMRE and its partners launched the Nanoimprint Foundry that will develop, test-bed and prototype specially engineered plastics and surfaces for commercialising the technologies.
2013-06-03 A*STAR SIMTech, University of Leeds sign medtech partnership
The alliance aims to collaborate on the R&D of innovative medical devices in mutually identified areas such as lab on chips, medical implants and implantable devices.
2013-07-15 A*STAR SIMTech to aid SMEs productivity
The agency initiated three projects to include x-ray sterilisation for the medtech industry, corrosion prevention and advanced precision metal machining for oil and gas, and aerospace industries.
2015-11-12 A*STAR set-ups high density, low-cost packaging consortium
Together with industry partners, A*STAR's IME has set-up a high-density FOWLP consortium to extend FOWLP capabilities for applications such as smartphones, tablets, navigation tools and gaming consoles.
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