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What is an AC/DC converter?
An AC/DC converter is an electrical device for converting alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC).
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2006-01-06 XP Power unveils 'most compact' AC/DC switching power supply
The ECM100 single-output AC/DC switching power supply from XP Power is touted to be the world's most compact unit of its type. This device features a 4.5-by-2.5-inch footprint and 1.2-inch height.
2007-07-18 XP Power rolls 'smallest' AC/DC power supplies
XP Power unveils that its latest product offering, the 10W ECL10 and the 15W ECL15 series of ultracompact, low power AC/DC power supplies.
2013-05-14 XP Power outs 80 Plus certified 150W AC-DC power supply
The GCS150 is available with a 12, 15, 24, 28 or 48VDC single output voltage and can deliver up to 110W.
2012-09-17 XP Power claims smallest 5W, 10W AC/DC power supplies
The ECE05 series measures 25.4 x 25.4 x 15.24mm while the ECE10 series comes at 38.1 x 25.4 x 15.24mm, covering nominal output voltages from 3.3-48VDC and a wide universal input of 85-264VAC.
2014-09-22 XP Power boasts highest power density 60W AC-DC supply
The ECE60 series is available in either PCB mount, chassis mounted with screw terminals, or in a DIN rail mount configuration.
2003-04-01 WestCor ac/dc switcher provides 500W output
The company's FlatPAC-EN ac/dc switching power supply measures 233.7-by-127-by-35.6mm and provides up to 500W of output power.
2007-12-20 Wall-mount AC/DC adapters boast mini-USB connectors
A series of wall-mount AC/DC power adapters that use mini-USB connectors for their DC power output have been launched by Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson.
2006-08-11 Triple-output AC/DC supplies deliver up to 650W
Antec's TruePower Trio family of 12V triple-output AC/DC supplies delivers up to 650W in three models for better power distribution in PC and do-it-yourself applications.
2007-01-24 Tiny AC/DC eliminates EMI sans input filter
Bias Power's BPS-2 series of universal single- and dual-output 2W AC/DC supplies features a patented circuit design that effectively eliminates line EMI without need for an input filter, all in a package measuring under 1 inch?.
2004-12-07 ST switch IC tailored for AC/DC converters
ST rolled out a primary-side switch IC for AC/DC converters, designed for DVD players, LCD monitors and STBs.
2011-05-16 SoC demonstrates AC/DC-power measurement
Teridian Semiconductor demonstrates AC/DC-power measurement targeted for high-power LED-lighting ballasts using the Teridian/Maxim 78M6613 energy-measurement SoC.
2004-06-17 SMK ac-dc charger suits portable apps
SMK developed a soft switching system ac-dc charger for portable devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras and other portable audio equipment.
2002-01-15 Small ac/dc supply for telecom delivers 1kW
OnLine Power Supply Inc. touts proprietary distributed-power magnetics technology as key to the size, weight and reliability advantages of its OPS-1000-48 ac/dc supply.
2006-10-09 Small 60W AC/DC targets medical/dental apps
Astrodyne's ASM60 60W open-frame modular switching power supplies, for medical and dental instrumentation applications, measure just 1.2-by-2-by-4 inches.
2008-09-29 Rohm offers isolated AC/DC converter
The BP5729 from Rohm is a switching power module consisting of a quasi-resonant RCC-type isolated AC/DC converter control module and a built-in power MOSFET.
2003-06-04 Power-One ac/dc source targets power-over-LAN apps
Power-One Inc. has introduced the 400W PALS400 that is claimed by the company to be the industry's most powerful ac/dc power supply.
2004-08-18 Power One ac-dc supply has two high-current outputs
Power One's NET2-4350 is a 400W ac-dc supply featuring a special dual-converter topology that provides two tightly regulated high-current outputs.
2012-02-09 Power controller optimized for AC/DC, DC/DC design
TI's UCD3138 combines a 32bit microprocessor, high-speed precision data converters and multiple programmable hardware control loops in a 6 x 6mm package.
2002-12-24 OPS obtains U.S. patent on ac/dc power technology
OnLine Power Supply Inc. (OPS) has received from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office patent no. 6,493,242 B1, entitled
2005-06-22 Non-isolated positive output buck/boost ac-dc converter
This app note describes how to easily design a simple, non-isolated ac-dc converter for powering the low voltage control portion of line-powered applications that use a triac or SCR power switch
2007-05-07 Non-isolated positive output buck AC/DC converter
This application note describes the way, how to easily design the simple, non isolated AC/DC converter for powering low voltage control part of mains applications with triac, or SCR power switch.
2005-06-22 Non-isolated negative output buck ac/dc converter
This app note describes how to easily design a simple, non-isolated ac/dc converter for powering the low voltage control portion of line-powered applications that use a triac or SCR power switch
2008-09-25 Murata boosts AC/DC switching power supply lineup
The CF series from Murata Power Solutions is a new range of high density AC/DC switching power supplies.
2002-06-28 Mobility Electronics unveils ac/dc, dc/dc combo power adapter
Mobility Electronics Inc. has unveiled the Juice combination ac/dc and dc/dc power adapter for notebooks and other mobile devices, eliminating the need to carry multiple power products.
2002-02-27 Minwa ac/dc adapter provides 3V to 24V outputs
The MW7C20T switching ac/dc adapter provides selectable outputs of 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12, and 24V regulated voltage, making it suitable for audio equipment and electrical appliances.
2005-02-16 Military-grade ac-dc supply delivers 430W
The 56SQ1 from North Atlantic Industries is a rugged universal-input, quad-output ac-dc supply that delivers up to 430W for VME-based systems.
2006-09-05 Micro-sized AC/DC suits 'green power' apps
Designed for standby mode and "green power" applications, Bias Power's expanded BPS micro-size AC/DC switching power supplies are available in 0.5W and 1W models.
2006-06-14 Medical AC/DC switchers offer flexibility, reliability
XP Power's latest medical AC/DC switchers have an MTBF of over 300,000 hours and full medical agency safety approvals.
2007-01-09 Medical AC/DC supply meets Green standards
Advanced Power Solutions' new desktop switchers comply with "Green" energy efficiency standards that call for minimal input power under no-load conditions.
2002-03-25 Magnecraft SSRs carry controlled ac/dc inputs
A series of SSRs from Magnecraft and Struthers-Dunn targets industrial applications, such as microprocessor-based controls, computers and peripherals, process control systems using PLCs, temperature control systems and UPSs.
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