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2015-06-23 KAIST team creates first flexible phase-change RAM
The research team developed a low-power non-volatile PRAM for flexible and wearable memories enabled by self-assembled BCP silica nanostructures and self-structured conductive filament nanoheater.
2002-08-22 Honeywell to acquire Invensys sensor business
Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions has signed an agreement to acquire Invensys' Sensor Systems business.
2013-12-26 Electric fields can push droplets from nano-condenser surfaces
Scientists at MIT followed up on their discovery that droplets of water acquire an electric charge when jumping from certain condenser surfaces by finding a way to make use of that effect.
2007-06-22 Digital front-end tool rolls for TD-SCDMA
Xilinx Inc. and Multiple Access Communications (MAC) Ltd partner to deliver a TD-SCDMA digital front-end (DFE) reference design solution based on the Xilinx system generator for DSP tool.
2003-10-29 CommScope to acquire Avaya unit
CommScope Inc. has signed a definitive agreement with Avaya Inc. to acquire its Connectivity Solutions business for cash and securities valued at about $263M.
2015-11-19 Clay shows promise in developing high-temp batteries
A unique combination of materials created at Rice University, including a clay-based electrolyte, may solve a problem for rechargeable Li-ion batteries geared for harsh environments.
2013-08-20 Carbon nanotubes enhance drug production
MIT chemical engineers discovered that arrays of billions of nanoscale sensors could help pharmaceutical companies produce drugsespecially those based on antibodiesmore safely and efficiently.
2015-05-20 Boron-infused graphene boosts wearables
By first infusing the polymer with boric acid, Rice University researchers quadrupled the supercapacitor's ability to store an electrical charge while greatly boosting its energy density.
2015-11-17 Better batteries by adding quantum dots from fool's gold
Vanderbilt University researchers made significant headway by adding quantum dots out of iron pyrite to create batteries that charge quickly and work for dozens of cycles.
2013-05-28 Annular electrodes as PCM solution (Part 2)
Learn about the possible advantages and limitations offered by nanotechnology and self-assembly techniques.
2013-05-24 Annular electrodes as PCM solution (Part 1)
Fine-tuning parameters such as electrode diameter and edge thickness help reduce current density.
2008-01-30 AMCC processors enable Accusys Raid controllers
Storage processors from AMCC have been chosen by Accusys for the latter's newest RAID controller family.
2010-04-22 Agilent dips $40M in new India campus
Agilent Technologies Inc. has invested approximately $40 million for a new campus in Manesar, India, highlighting the company's commitment to country and its growth potential.
2014-06-06 2D FET exhibits high electron mobility
The FET is built from all 2D material components, suffering no performance drop-off under high voltages and providing high electron mobility even when scaled to a monolayer in thickness.
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