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2007-02-15 ADI touts 'tightest' integrated 3G transceivers
ADI says its new Othello-3 CMOS RF radio chip is the tightest integrated transceiver for 3G phones using the W-CDMA air interface.
2007-08-29 ADI touts 'first' HDMI transmitter with on-chip CEC support
ADI has launched the ADV7520NK low-power HDMI v1.3 transmitter for portable media and DVD players, video recorders, and other mobile multimedia devices supporting HD audio and video content.
2008-12-18 ADI touts 'first' HDMI transmitter with CEC, Deep Color
Analog Devices Inc. introduced what the company claims is the industry's first Deep Color HDMI transmitter to integrate a consumer electronic control (CEC) controller and buffer for high-definition (HD) audio/video devices.
2004-06-04 ADI tool enables designers to simulate ADC performance
ADI has launched its ADIsimADC software design tool that allows systems designers to simulate ADC performance, speeding the evaluation and design process.
2005-10-21 ADI to refocus amid fab closure, job cuts
Seeking to cut costs and
2004-11-04 ADI to develop WiMAX basestation PHY with Siworks
Analog Devices Inc. has agreed with Siworks Inc. to implement the physical layer of a WiMAX basestation on ADI's TigerSharc DSP using Siworks' IEEE 802.16 system expertise and intellectual property.
2002-09-13 ADI to develop complete wireless platform
Analog Devices has announced its plans to develop a complete EDGE platform for portable wireless devices.
2005-09-29 ADI to close TigerSharc DSP design center
In a move signaling the maturing state of the architecture, Analog Devices has announced it will close its ten-year-old Herzliya, Israel design center, the birthplace of its TigerSharc DSP architecture, within four months.
2003-06-25 ADI TigerSharc packs 24Mb IBM DRAM
With the help of IBM Microelectronics, Analog Devices Inc. has embedded 24Mb of DRAM unto its TigerSharc DSP.
2002-01-23 ADI three-phase dc/dc converter meets IMVP specifications
The ADP3204/ADP3415 forms a three-phase controller/driver chipset fully compliant with Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning (IMVP) II and III specifications.
2002-03-25 ADI thermal controller lowers PC noise
2002-10-03 ADI thermal controller allows dynamic fan control
Analog Devices' two new dBCOOL thermal controller ICs can dynamically adjust fan speeds for systems operating in external conditions.
2006-07-04 ADI tech designed into Doremi digital movie systems
ADI announced that its JPEG2000 video compression chip, the ADV202, has been designed into the digital cinema movie mastering systems and playback servers of Doremi Labs.
2005-02-02 ADI targets IP-enabled set tops with Blackfin DSP
ADI is launching a new line of BlackFin DSP-based processors that also encompass automotive and medical and remote monitoring apps.
2005-01-31 ADI targets industrial apps with zero-drift instrumentation amp
ADI introduced what it claims is the industry's first 16V, zero-drift precision instrumentation amplifier.
2004-05-11 ADI synthesizer first to enable DDS agility to 2.7GHz
The company has introduced a low cost, low power, monolithic solution to integrate both direct digital synthesis and phased locked loop circuitry.
2005-10-06 ADI switching controller targets apps needing regulated precision
Analog Devices rolled out a new single-phase, high-current switching controller designed for applications that demand regulated precision and reliability, such as wireless base stations and network computing systems.
2004-10-28 ADI SoftFone, TTPCom app software featured in TM150
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) and TTPCom Ltd have disclosed that their wireless technologies power Sharp Corp.'s latest TM150 camera phone.
2009-02-09 ADI slams lawsuit vs. Hittite
Analog Devices Inc. has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts against Hittite Microwave Corp.
2015-09-03 ADI silently snatches piezoelectric MEMS start-up
Analog Devices acquired piezoelectric MEMS resonator startup Sand 9, which hit technical issues amidst changing markets and effectively outlasted investors' patience.
2002-11-15 ADI shows 300MHz Blackfin DSP-based product
Analog Devices Inc.'s Blackfin, TigerSHARC, and SHARC DSPs are targeting multimedia apps in automotive systems.
2002-11-07 ADI ships industry's first 5V CMOS line driver
The AD8328 line driver IC from Analog Devices Inc. is touted to be the industry's first 5V CMOS line driver IC for DOCSIS 2.0-compatible cable modems.
2002-06-28 ADI ships dual-channel W-CDMA receive signal processor
The VersaCOMM AD6634 dual-channel receive signal processor from Analog Devices Inc. performs 80MSa/s in the input side, and outputs signals into a 16-bit parallel output port.
2014-06-19 ADI sharpens RF edge with Hittite
The acquisition of Hittite is expected to reposition Analog Devices on the high-end of radio parts suppliers, strengthening its foothold in the industrial, communications infrastructure, and automotive markets.
2014-11-18 ADI sharpens acquisition skill with Hittite takeover
The $2 billion deal was about high frequency electronics, which is going to become more common, even ubiquitous, across multiple markets that Analog Devices already serves.
2007-09-12 ADI sells cellular chipset business to MediaTek
MediaTek has acquired assets related to the ADI Othello radio and SoftFone baseband chipset product lines, as well as certain cellular handset baseband support operations, for approximately $350 million in cash.
2006-01-17 ADI sells ASIC business to Ikanos
Analog Devices announced that it has signed a definitive agreement with Ikanos Communications to sell its FUSIV network processor and ADSL ASIC product line.
2012-08-24 ADI sees positive changes in converters sector
Analog Devices says more customers are turning to them not only to source components but to get systems-level solutions.
2002-08-05 ADI samples industry's first 800KSa/s SAR ADC
The AD7674 is claimed to be the industry's first 800KSa/s 18-bit successive approximation register ADC.
2004-09-21 ADI samples digital cinema codec
Analog Devices said it is sampling a high-speed JPEG2000 compression chip suitable for the Digital Cinema Initiative specification.
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