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2002-06-17 ADI crosspoint switch dissipates <2W
Designed for use in high-speed routers of fiber-optic and Ethernet networks, the AD8152 crosspoint switch from Analog Devices Inc. provides a total throughput of 108Gbps while dissipating <2W from a 2.5V supply.
2002-07-16 ADI controller suits CO switching apps
The ADM1070 hot-swap controller from Analog Devices Inc. enables the safe board insertion and removal from a live -48V backplane.
2009-02-24 ADI consolidates fabs amid sales drop
Analog Devices Inc. will accelerate plans to consolidate its two remaining U.S. fabs into one facility as part of an effort to permanently reduce spending in the face of further projected revenue decline of 5 to 15 percent.
2006-06-21 ADI completes transfer of IP from TTPCOM
Analog Devices Inc. announced that all closing conditions were met with respect to its agreement to acquire certain intellectual property assets of TTPCom Ltd and the transaction closed on June 16, 2006.
2008-01-15 ADI completes sale of cellular chip biz to MediaTek
ADI has completed the sale of its cellular handset radio and baseband chipset operations to Taiwan's MediaTek.
2002-09-02 ADI comparator has 300ps propagation delay
The AD53519 dual voltage comparator from Analog Devices Inc. features a propagation delay of 300ps and >75ps overdrive dispersion.
2002-07-10 ADI CMOS switches offer 0.5-ohm maximum on-resistance
Analog Devices Inc. has announced the availability of its ADG8XX family of monolithic CMOS SPST and SPDT switches that offer a maximum on-resistance of 0.5 ohms.
2005-01-28 ADI claims audiophile sound for its Class-D amplifier entry
ADI is targeting a "sweet spot" in the Class D market, the 5- to 40 watts-per-channel amplifiers used by bookshelf stereo systems, integrated DVD players and wide-screen flat panel TVs.
2007-02-09 ADI claims 'most flexible' multichannel DACs
Analog Devices has introduced what it touts as the industry's smallest and most flexible multichannel DACs.
2006-10-13 ADI claims 'first' quad-channel PMU
Analog Devices touts its new AD5522 as the industry's first parametric measurement unit (PMU) that combines four independent channels in a 12-by-12mm TQFP package, with each channel featuring on-chip sense resistors.
2002-06-10 ADI chipset delivers real-time voice, video over IP
Analog Devices Inc. has announced the availability of the ADSST-VC-7000 chipset that delivers real-time voice and video over IP to cable, xDSL, Ethernet, 3G, or fiber-based networks.
2006-08-30 ADI chips power Toshiba HD DVD
Analog Devices announced that Toshiba has chosen several of ADI's signal processing solutions to power the video and audio signal chains in the industry's first hard disk recorder with high-definition DVD.
2003-12-18 ADI chips power TCL mobile phones
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) announced that the first GSM mobile phones resulting from a joint development program with China-based manufacturer, TCL Mobile Communication Co. Ltd, have entered mass production after successfully completing GCF (Global Certification Forum) testing.
2002-02-22 ADI chip integrates DSP core, 14-bit ADC
Leveraging its digital signal processing and mixed-signal expertise, Analog Devices Inc. has integrated its ADSP-219X fixed-point DSP and a 20MSa/s, 14-bit ADC into a single chip built on a 0.25?m process.
2002-05-08 ADI chip integrates ADCs, DACs for broadband apps
The AD9862 mixed-signal front end chip integrates two 12-bit, 64MSa/s ADCs and two 14-bit, 128MSa/s DACs, and is suitable for use in wireless broadband applications such as interactive gaming and video on-demand, that require data converters with higher resolutions.
2006-08-01 ADI chip drives Doremi's digital cinema systems
Analog Devices Inc.'s JPEG2000 video compression chip, the ADV202, has been designed into Inc.'s movie mastering systems and digital cinema servers, ADI announced recently.
2002-09-30 ADI chip combines direct digital synthesizer with DAC
The AD9858, combines a 1GSa/s direct digital synthesizer with a 10-bit, 1GSa/s DAC, 2GHz RF analog mixer, 150MHz phase frequency detector, and a programmable charge pump with proprietary fast-locking acquisition logic.
2002-10-09 ADI charge pump regulator suit color TFT-LCDs
The ADM8839 and ADM8840 charge pump regulators is capable of generating the three voltages needed for the LCD controller and the panel transistor gate driver: 5V and 115V - from a single 3V supply.
2002-05-17 ADI CCD signal processor can speed digital camera design
Analog Devices Inc. says that its latest CCD signal processor allows designers of CCD-based digital still cameras to reduce camera size, lower parts costs and offer a variety of image resolutions.
2003-12-02 ADI cable line driver targets STBs
With the launch of the AD8324 cable line driver, ADI allows designers to lower supply voltages and reduce system costs in their DOCSIS or EuroDOCSIS designs.
2011-06-15 ADI buys startup Lyric Semiconductor
ADI has acquired Lyric Semiconductor with hopes that Lyric will boost ADI's signal processing portfolio.
2006-06-09 ADI buys Korean mobile TV chipmaker
Analog Devices Inc. has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire South Korean RF device maker Integrant Technologies Inc. for $127 million in cash.
2012-04-04 ADI buys clock signal tech firm
The Mixed-signal and converter IC vendor has acquired Multigig in an all-cash transaction that was completed on March 30 this year.
2008-06-17 ADI brings HDMI in digital homes
Today, analog and mixed-signal chips present in video encoders and HDMI connectivity ICs are the components that determine many digital consumer systems' time-to-market.
2005-02-03 ADI Blackfin platform supports China telecom equipment provider
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) disclosed that China-based ZTE Corp., a telecommunications equipment provider, has adopted its Blackfin eMedia platform with Fusiv technology for a wide range of broadband customer premise equipment (CPE) devices including Internet Protocol (IP) set-top boxes.
2008-05-23 ADI beefs up digital isolation portfolio
ADI is expanding its extensive family of digital isolation products with a series of four-channel devices that isolate both data and power.
2007-02-22 ADI baseband processors enable multimedia functions in low-cost handsets
ADI has announced the availability of two highly integrated baseband processors designed to enable multimedia functions in low-cost GSM/GPRS cellular phones.
2007-05-14 ADI appoints Avnet as first pan-Asian distributor
Analog Devices has named Avnet Electronics Marketing as its first pan-Asian distributor, expanding existing distribution agreements that include China and India, to cover the Asia Pacific region.
2006-08-15 ADI announces Q3 results
Analog Devices announced revenue of $663.7 million for Q3 of fiscal 2006, an increase of approximately 14 percent compared to the same period one year ago.
2002-08-09 ADI amplifier provides programmable gain
The AD628 common-mode difference amplifier from Analog Devices Inc. is among the first to include programmable gain, according to the company.
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