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2003-02-13 Huawei deploys Etek's Conexant-based ADSL modems
Etek Technology Co. Ltd has selected Conexant Systems Inc.'s single-chip ADSL solution to be used on its ADSL CPE modems.
2002-12-13 GlobespanVirata samples single-chip ADSL solution
GlobespanVirata Inc. is sampling its Viking II ADSL solution, which is claimed by the company to reduce system costs by at least 30 percent.
2002-01-16 Full ADSL chip solution offered by Samsung
Intensifying its push into the ADSL chip market, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd said it is the first company to offer a one-stop shopping solution for core ADSL chips.
2002-10-29 Fujitsu adopts TI ADSL technology
Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Ltd has implemented Texas Instruments Inc.'s central office ADSL chipsets in its FDX DSL Access Concentrator to support ADSL deployments throughout the U.K.
1999-04-08 Flow control in ADSL/DSLAM applications
In ADSL implementations, a number of external events can affect data rates including temperature, the physical condition of the link and electromagnetic interference. Likewise, a number of internal events, such as downstream congestion at the ADSL queue or upstream congestion at the client, certainly affect data flow. This paper examines one ABR implementation and describes how it contributes to flexible, cost-effective rate adaptive solutions.
2002-07-18 Efficient Networks, TI to develop next-gen ADSL modems
Efficient Networks Inc. and Texas Instruments Inc. will be working together in the development of next-gen ADSL modems to be deployed worldwide.
2003-04-29 EarthLink deploys DQ Technology ADSL modems
EarthLink Inc. has selected DQ Technology Inc.'s VisionNet ADSL Modems to be deployed in its nationwide marketing of ADSL service.
1999-11-01 Designing ADSL in an ATM network
Based on the development of the current standard, you can fit an ADSL modem into the ATM network. The advantage of using a programmable DSP core for this application is that you can quickly adjust to the ever-changing telecommunications standard.
2006-05-09 Conexant, TI settle ADSL patents dispute
Conexant Systems is paying Texas Instruments a lump sum of $70 million to settle a long-running dispute over patent rights and licensing deals for ADSL technology.
2002-04-12 Conexant releases single chip USB ADSL modem
The CX82320 USB ADSL modem from Conexant Systems Inc. integrates the USB controller, ADSL discrete multi-tone engine, analog front end, and line driver into a single chip, while providing data rates of up to 8Mb downstream and 1Mbps upstream.
2003-09-08 Conexant reference designs to enhance ADSL modems
Conexant Systems Inc. has released reference designs for enhanced-performance ADSL modems.
2002-11-21 Conexant chip integrates ADSL and .11b capabilities
Conexant Systems' CX82340 ship integrates an ADSL router and Intersil's 802.11b wireless LAN baseband/media-access controller on a single chip.
2010-10-05 Compact wireless module supports speeds faster than ADSL
Fabless semiconductor provider u-blox announced a new family of small, ultra-fast wireless modems, codenamed LISA, which are designed to provide wireless high-speed Internet connection for a wide range of high-bandwidth applications such as mobile computing, car infotainment, telematics systems, handheld terminals and ultra-portable devices.
2009-03-04 Chips link analog phones to ADSL
The XWAY ARX188 and XWAY ARX182 expand Infineon's product spectrum of single-chip gateways that connect the user's PC and other devices to an ADSL line.
2002-01-23 Centillium introduces ADSL secure router chipset
Integrating firewall and VPN, the Palladia 100/200 is claimed to be the world's first ADSL secure router chipset.
2004-04-16 Carriers have two routes to ADSL testing
SELT and DELT can be used together to yield the best results for the service provider. However, economics may force providers to adopt one technology over the other.
2000-05-03 Bridging ADSL line driver challenges
ADSL technology is rapidly being adopted around the world by various Internet service providers (ISP) and local exchange carriers (LEC) for the purpose of providing high speed data communications over twisted pair phone lines. This article describes the ADSL technology in detail.
2002-10-10 Bel transformers support ADSL, G.SHDSL functions
Bel Fuse Inc.'s surface-mount transformers are engineered for ADSL and G.SHDSL capabilities of GlobespanVirata's Titanium G24 and Octane chipsets.
2001-09-17 ATM-based ADSL testing
This application note explains how the WWG Domino-360 ATM Internetworking Analyzer can help network operators easily solve ADSL test challenges.
1999-06-29 Application of ADSL in an ATM network
This report investigates and explains how the ADSL modem fits into the ATM network, based on the development of the current standard.
2002-07-16 ADSL: Building a better front-end
2001-05-08 ADSL technology explained: The Physical Layer
Learn about ADSL's multicarrier modulation technique, common impairments and phone-line characteristics.
2000-10-01 ADSL front-ends jumping analog hurdles
ADSL technology is succeeding as a key way to bring multimedia and Internet content to the home. To achieve complete success, ADSL analog front-ends must be carefully designed to avoid noise and linearity problems.
2001-04-03 ADSL CO Driver Design And Thermal Resistance
This paper provides architectural and thermal analyses of the driver portion of an ADSL CO system.
2006-03-10 ADSL chipsets deliver HD IPTV
Centillium announced its Maximus III and Pharos III ADSL chipsets, which aim to bring high definition quality to next-generation video and IPTV applications for service providers and telcos.
2010-10-26 ADSL chipset enables 96ch on linecard
Lantiq says Geminax XXS V3 chipset has highest level of integration and is smaller than the competition
2002-03-19 ADI ADSL line driver delivers 18V from 12V supply
Designed using Adaptive Linear Power (ALP) architecture, the AD8393 ADSL line driver anticipates signal peaks in the network, and delivers 18V from a single 12V supply when the peak power is needed.
2002-10-14 ADI ADSL firmware extends reach to 7km
Analog Devices Inc. has announced the availability of the UltrADSL firmware that provides a data rate of up to 12.8Mbps over a medium length loop of up to 1.6km and features a maximum reach of up to 7km.
2002-08-29 Wintegra, Tundra collaborate to shorten design cycles
Wintegra Inc. and Tundra Semiconductor have entered into an agreement to enhance the performances of Wintegra's WinPath Access Packet Processor and the Tundra PowerSpan II, a PowerPC-to-PCI bus switch.
2004-02-02 What does a VDSL modem consist of?
With the tremendous market potential of VDSL, a close examination of VDSL technical solutions would seem in order.
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