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1999-06-29 GTLP technology drives high-performance data and telecommunications
This paper introduces a backplane semiconductor technology that was designed to offer engineers an improved solution to the problems of high backplane designs. The paper also demonstrates the Gunning Transceiver Logic Plus (GTLP) technology that allows design engineers to economically achieve high performance multi-drop backplane designs that supports throughput levels of 200Mbps to 30Gbps.
2002-07-17 GlobespanVirata DSL reference design cuts board size, port costs
GlobespanVirata Inc.'s next-gen Multiple Dwelling Unit/Multiple Tenant Unit reference design is aimed at reducing the board size and per-port costs of DSL equipment.
2003-11-13 German telecom firm to deploy Conexant solutions
Deutsche Telephonwerke Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG (DeTeWe), a German provider of telecommunications equipment, has selected Conexant Systems Inc.'s single-chip ADSL semiconductor solutions.
2003-08-18 Future-proof your broadband gateway designs
Through a little due diligence, a designer can do much to ensure gateway longevity in the face of rapidly evolving networking options.
2006-01-02 Future-proof telecom networks with VDSL2
Designed to support triple-play services, VDSL2 enables operators and carriers a cost-efficient upgrade of existing xDSL-infrastructures.
2002-11-05 Fujitsu equipment to be used in BT product trial roll-out
BT Group plc has selected Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Ltd to supply them with DSL equipment for its SDSL trial.
2002-05-28 Fujitsu controller enables video over xDSL
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe's KeyStream access controller integrates a 100MIPS embedded RISC processor, dedicated ATM segmentation and re-assembly processing, and MPEG video framing with LAN interfaces.
2003-09-25 Ericsson to service telecom operator in Ukraine
Ericsson and Golden Telecom have signed a contract for an Ethernet DSL access broadband network in Ukraine.
2001-03-01 DSPs: Key to broadband's future
While DSP technology is integral to the new broadband appliances, it is also playing a central role in the broadband access technologies such as DSL that will deliver high bandwidth to these appliances.
2003-10-08 DSL IC market shifting to VDSL: In-Stat
According to In-Stat/MDR, the market for DSL ICs rebounded, in terms of port shipments, in 2002, after a difficult 2001.
2001-03-01 DSL flavors color designer choice
The fact that several different flavors of digital subscriber line (DSL) exist today is a classic example of the inherent laissez-faire nature of the technology industry.
2006-08-07 DSL chipsets target Internet TV
Ikanos Communications Inc.'s fifth generation VDSL/ADSL chipsets offers optimized packet control and networking services for the anticipated growth in Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) services.
2006-09-18 DSL chips target Internet Protocol TV
Ikanos Communications Inc.'s fifth generation of VDSL/ADSL chipsets offers optimized packet control and networking services for the anticipated growth in Internet Protocol TV services.
2004-11-16 DMT solves UTP challenges in VDSL designs
By tapping the DMT technology employed in current ADSL systems, designers can effectively build a VDSL or EFM solution that can combat the problems created by UTP cables.
2001-03-01 Creating a broadband digital home
A broader perspective of home networking is quickly evolving, one that takes into account the full spectrum of bundled services that can be delivered over a broadband pipe.
2002-02-25 Copper lines and high-speed
This application note describes test setups for ADSL with line impedance of 100 ohms.
2002-11-13 Conexant solutions power SMC routers
SMC Networks has chosen Conexant Systems Inc.'s AccessRunner ADSL and home network processor semiconductor solutions to be used on its broadband communications products.
2003-07-16 Choosing wisely between QAM and DMT for VDSL
Telecom operators are responding to the competitive threat of cable and satellite services by offering high-speed applications and converged services to residential and business customers.
2002-06-18 Broadcom unveils BladeRunner chipset
Broadcom Corp. has introduced both its BladeRunner chipset, for DSL CO equipment, and a single-chip ADSL customer-premises router.
2002-02-01 Broadband access needed for the last mile
This article describes how broadband coexistence of numerous communication standards is essential to engineers doing the last mile in designing platforms supporting multiple standards.
2002-11-18 ATM's future in the DSL arena
Though IP is encroaching on the MAN/WAN in the form of MPLS, ATM might still hold on for some time to come. Until then, the future of ATM in the DSL arena may remain hanging in the balance.
2004-01-01 Asia's broadband business booms
The broadband net segment is not just for China alone to conquer. A fair share of the market can also be equally attributed to Taiwan and Korea.
2007-08-31 Are Chinese telecoms switching to ADSL2+?
Media reports have circulated claiming that Chinese telecom operators will cease the construction of ADSL networks and will instead begin the launch of ADSL2+ within the next two years.
2004-02-10 Alcatel to solve interoperability issues using DSL Xpert
Alcatel Belgium has acquired TraceSpan Communications' "DSL Xpert" multi-layer analyzer to resolve ADSL/ADSL2 interoperability issues.
2002-03-20 Alcatel signs distribution agreement with axelec
Alcatel Microelectronics has signed a distribution agreement with Japan electronic component supplier axelec for the distribution of Alcatel's microelectronic components in Japan.
2002-11-25 Alcatel platform to use STMicro chipset
STMicroelectronics has announced that its latest 12-line chipset technology has been integrated into Alcatel's latest DSLAM 7300 platform.
2002-06-04 Alcatel adopts Infineon's GEMINAX chipset
Alcatel has selected Infineon Technologies' Global Enhanced Multiport Integrated ADSL Transceiver (GEMINAX) chipset as one of the solutions for its Litespan next-generation network digital loop carrier multi-service broadband access platform.
2006-01-17 ADI sells ASIC business to Ikanos
Analog Devices announced that it has signed a definitive agreement with Ikanos Communications to sell its FUSIV network processor and ADSL ASIC product line.
2007-01-24 Actiontec expands IPTV-capable CPE offerings
Actiontec Electronics has expanded its line of IPTV-capable consumer premises equipment (CPE) for service providers of all sizes and infrastructures.
2003-06-18 A cascade of DSP apps fueling the industry
The success of DSP related businesses not only benefited consumers, the fruit is also being shared by the equipment manufacturers, component suppliers and software developers.
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