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2013-03-26 Protect data with hardware AES engines
Know how the MAX36025 DeepCover tamper-reactive cryptographic-node controller enables physical tamper protection.
2010-07-29 PIC MCU KEELOQ/AES receiver system with acknowledge
This application note describes a system by which the access point (receiver) responds back to the remote transmitter with a status message.
2014-07-21 Micro SD cards tout access protection, AES flash encryption
The PS-100u PE and PS-100u DP storage cards offer users a high level of storage security without a loss in speed. Only users who enter the right PIN can access the content.
2009-07-31 KEELOQ with AES microcontroller-based code hopping encoder
This application note describes the design of a microcontroller-based KEELOQ Hopping Encoder using the AES encryption algorithm.
2008-09-03 Implementing the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on Xtensa processors
This application note examines the AES cipher and illustrates the power of a configurable processor in accelerating encryption and decryption.
2002-10-08 Broadcom rolls out 4.8Gbps IPsec processor with AES feature
Broadcom's BCM5841 IP security processor incorporates AES support with 256-bit key processing and packet load-balancing technology.
2002-08-26 Broadcom IP security processor supports 256-bit key AES
The BCM5823 Cryptonext IP security processor from Broadcom Corp. supports the 256-bit key Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) at 500Mbps.
2007-09-04 AES to buy IBM-Infineon JV firm
IBM Corp. and Infineon Technologies have agreed to divest their shares in Altis Semiconductor via a sale to Switzerland-based Advanced Electronic Systems AG (AES).
2009-01-06 500Gbyte HDD packs AES 256bit encryption
Fujitsu Hong Kong Ltd has developed what it touts to be the first 500Gbyte 2.5-inch HDDS with AES 256bit encryption to Hong Kong customers.
2013-09-04 Static vs dynamic analysis for code devt (Part 1)
Consider the strengths and weaknesses of static and dynamic code analysis in the development of secure C or C++ code.
2007-02-16 Startup demos interface for HDTV video
Startup Amimon Ltd has demonstrated a prototype of its wireless high-definition interface for HDTV video at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show using technology based on a variation of 802.11n that can deliver up to 1.5Gbps.
2012-10-30 ST's team of experts work on digital-security SHA-3
Cryptography experts from STMicroelectronics joined American National Institute of Standards and Technology's competition, which aimed to select a successor to the Secure Hash Algorithm SHA-2.
2015-04-02 Secure encryption systems against side-channel attacks
Vendors must now look into the process of designing and testing to guard their systems against side-channel attacks. This process begins with understanding how such threats operate.
2007-03-14 Seagate puts 'first' encrypting HDD on ASI laptop
Seagate Technology said that Momentus 5400 FDE.2 (Full Disc Encryption), the world's 'first' encrypting 2.5inch notebook PC hard disk drive, is shipping to ASI Computer Technologies' C8015 whitebook laptop system.
2004-12-28 RF module requires no configuration, offers 40-mile line-of-sight range
MaxStream introduces the 9XTend OEM RF module that provides unprecedented performance in a low cost radio modem.
2004-06-01 QuickLogic delivers encryption IP core
QuickLogic announced the availability of the AES 128 IP core for higher security of sensitive data streams running over wireless and public networks.
2008-03-12 NXP ups security benchmark with MIFARE Plus
NXP Semiconductors has announced MIFARE Plus, a contactless smart card IC that offers breakthrough security and performance for the cost-sensitive automated fare collection and access control markets.
2011-03-25 Microsemi forays into SSD space with new storage device
Targeted at mission-critical applications, TRRUST-Stor gives users a hardware-based implementation of AES-256 encryption with XTS, thus enabling even higher levels of security.
2007-01-16 Microchip offers full-Zigbee, MiWi options
Microchip Technology Inc. has equipped its MRF24J40 device for the 802.15.4 radio chip market with a full ZigBee software offering plus an alternative lightweight 'MiWi' protocol that uses only basic join-and-leave operations of the full ZigBee stack.
2006-08-31 Key socket programmer rolls for Altera Stratix II FPGAs
System General has announced an AES key socket programming support for all Altera Stratix II FPGAs.
2012-10-12 Guarding against side-channel attacks (Part 2)
Here's a discussion on a differential power analysis attack against AES using EM emissions from the devices.
2006-11-23 Experts call for ECC-improved data security
Securing applications with elliptic curve cryptography was the focal point of discussion at the third annual Certicom ECC Conference held last week in Ontario, Canada.
2005-06-16 Data encryption routines for the PIC18
This app note covers four encryption algorithms: AES, XTEA, SKIPJACK and a simple encryption algorithm using a pseudo-random binary sequence generator.
2006-11-15 Contactless IC enables highly secure smart cards
NXP said its new contactless smart card IC features advanced cryptographic engines for data transmissions, providing service providers increased security against fraud and counterfeit tickets.
2013-10-14 Congatec rolls 22nm Atom powered Qseven modules
Armed with Intel's 22nm Atom E3845 processor,the conga-QA3 Qseven modules are fitted with ceramic capacitors, preparing them for industrial mobile applications in harsh environments.
2004-12-02 Chipcon spins ZigBee SoC
Chipcon is sending an IC to market that combines a ZigBee RF front-end, memory and a microcontroller in a single package.
2013-08-19 Auger chemical state analysis for leadframe issues
Read about the use of Auger Electron Spectroscopy chemical state analysis to evaluate the wirebond non-stick on leadframe issue.
2012-10-10 Arria V GZ prepped to meet increased bandwidth demand
Altera Corporation's Arria V GZ incorporates the company's transceiver technology and boosts overall core performance by 30 per cent.
2005-06-01 Application engine synthesis offers new design approach
Application engines have become critical functionality enablers in SoCs for complex consumer devices
2014-10-13 Answering the need for network security through encryption
A new OTN encryption core gives AES-GCM with 96bit IV and a choice of 128bit or 256bit keys, offering privacy as well as confirmation that the decrypted packet has not been altered.
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