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What is a differential amplifier?
An amplifier whose output signal is proportional to the algebraic difference between two input signals; The input stage of operational amplifiers and emitter coupled logic gates.
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2010-05-13 LNA, power amp target wireless net femtocells
Freescale is making its way to the GaAs monolithic microwave IC (MMIC) sector with the launch of four devices aimed at macro base stations, repeaters and femtocells employed in wireless networks.
2004-06-17 LMH730275 triple high-speed SSOP op amp evaluation board
This app note presents the LMH730275 evaluation board designed to aid in the characterization of National Semiconductor's high-speed triple SSOP operational amplifiers.
2004-02-03 Lingyun tuner processes IF AMP, A/V signals
Shaanxi Lingyun Electronic Appliance Co. Ltd has released its TV tuner module of TVM-1A/2A type.
2002-05-24 Linear Tech op amp offers accurate current output
The LT1970 operation amplifier from Linear Technology Corp. uses a 0Vdc to 5Vdc control signal to set the source and sink currents with a 2 percent accuracy.
2003-06-09 Linear Tech op amp features a fixed gain of two
The LTC1992-2 differential input, output amplifier from Linear Technology Corp. features a fixed gain of two.
2002-09-23 Linear Tech op amp exhibits 0.95nV/Hz noise
Linear Technology's LT6200 unity gain-stable, voltage feedback amplifier exhibits noise of 0.95nV/Hz and operates from a single 3V supply.
2002-07-19 Linear Tech op amp exhibits -85dB harmonic distortion
The LT1819 unity gain, voltage feedback op amp from Linear Technology Corp. provides a THD of -85dB (5MHz, 2Vpp), gain bandwidth product of 400MHz, and slew rate of 2.5kV/5s.
2003-09-30 Linear differential receiver amp suits video apps
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LT6552 wideband difference amplifier.
2006-09-15 LGE selects RFMD amp module for upcoming EDGE mobile devices
RF Micro Devices Inc. announced that it is currently shipping its high-power, dual-mode amplifier module for EDGE - the RF3158 - to LG Electronics.
2006-08-25 JFET op-amp targets semiconductor test apps
NEC Electronics has rolled out PC835, a JFET-class dual operational amplifier for IC test applications.
2006-05-16 JFET op amp achieves high input impedance
New Japan Radio announced a JFET input operational amplifier.
2005-08-31 JFET in-amp housed in MSOP
Analog Devices' AD8220 JFET input instrumentation amplifier touts a 50 percent reduction in package size and improved performance, while reducing cost and power consumption
2003-03-14 Jetronic showcases TI DVD power amp solution
Jetronic Technology displayed at the 8th Annual IIC-China Conference & Exhibition, TI's latest digital power amp solution for high-end DVD players.
2007-07-11 IR unrolls Class D audio amp reference design
International Rectifier has introduced the IRAUDAMP4 Class D audio power amp reference design.
2014-07-29 Introduction to PurePath Smart Amp technology
Learn about the Texas Instruments PurePath Smart Amp technology as well as the hardware and software tools used for Smart Amp evaluation and implementation.
2002-08-05 Intersil power amp extends range by 15 percent
The ISL3985 2.4GHz power amplifier provides a typical output power of 21dBm, allowing the device to increase its range by up to 15 percent.
2004-09-27 Intersil op amp offers better fidelity
Intersil's new high-speed dual op amp is designed for use with VDSL and ADSL line driving in DMT-based solutions aimed at video-on-demand service apps.
2007-07-26 Intersil claims industry-first quad instrumentation amp
Intersil has developed a new suite of RRIO instrumentation amplifiers, including one that it said is an industry-first quad instrumentation amp.
2008-07-30 Intersil acquires digital audio amp specialist
Intersil Corp. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire D2Audio Corp., a privately-held provider in the design of digital audio power amplifiers for consumer, commercial, automotive and professional audio applications.
2005-09-16 Integrated video amp saves space, cost in camera phones
Mobile camera phones pose challenging technical requirements that can be eased by an integrated video amplifier
2008-10-13 Integrated pre-amp, output driver earmark voltage comparators
Advanced Linear Devices has released its dual precision CMOS voltage comparator series, touting an industry-first integrated precision pre-amp and output driver.
2008-07-17 Instrumentation amp touts lowest power, improved accuracy
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched what it claims to be the lowest power zero-drift instrumentation amplifier.
2009-04-29 Instrumentation amp is smaller than pencil's tip
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced what it claims to be the smallest and lowest power instrumentation amplifier (in-amp).
2010-04-16 Instrumentation amp comes with on-chip diagnostics
National Semiconductor Corp. has launched the LMP8358 zero-drift, programmable instrumentation amplifier with on-chip diagnostics.
2007-08-22 Instrumentation amp claims 'unmatched' DC precision, AC bandwidth
ADI's digitally programmable instrumentation amp can reach gains of 1,000 while offering DC precision and AC bandwidth the company claims to be unmatched by other in-amps on the market.
2014-08-15 Inductor for TAS2552 boosted Class-D amp
TAS2552 boosted class-D amplifier has a DC/DC converter that requires a properly sized inductor for optimal performance. This application report explains how to choose an inductor for the TAS2552.
2006-05-01 In-amp specifies differential output
Today's instrumentation amplifiers face a daunting task: providing differential-drive output to the next stage in the signal chain, typically an ADC.
2012-11-07 Implement ADC with MCU, op amp and resistors
Learn how to implement an 8bit ADC using a microcontroller and some common components.
2006-12-08 Hybrid sensor/amp eases portable device designs
Honeywell has developed a new magnetic hybrid sensor/amplifier that is expected to simplify the design and improve the performance of portable devices.
2012-07-13 How to stabilize transimpedance amp
Understand empirical calculations for assessing stability, and know how to fine-tune the selection of the feedback phase-compensation capacitor.
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