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2015-11-02 Verizon flaunts affordable, easy-to-use IoT platform
The web-based ThingSpace platform aims to be an easy on-ramp to IoT with dedicated application programming interfaces, partner development kits, and as test and deployment services.
2001-03-30 Using DAQ event messaging under Windows NT/95/3.1
This application note describes how to use the DAQ Event Messaging subsystem of the NI-DAQ 4.4.1A Application Programming Interface (API) under the Windows NT/95/3.1 operating system.
2007-03-12 USBXPRESS programmer's guide
The Silicon Laboratories USBXpress Development Kit provides a complete host and device software solution for interfacing Silicon Laboratories C8051F32x and CP210x devices to the USB. No USB protocol or host device driver expertise is required. Instead, a simple, high-level Application Program Interface (API) for both the host software and device firmware is used to provide complete USB connectivity.
2002-04-29 TrueSAN, LSI forge open storage management alliance
TrueSAN Networks Inc. has formed an alliance with LSI Logic Storage Systems to integrate its Cloudbreak storage operating system with LSI's MetaStor storage systems.
2005-03-11 Tool offers interconnectivity
Accelerated Tech announced an application-level tool that enables high-speed communications between two or more processors running on the same chip, computer or over a network.
2007-05-03 TI algorithm standard eases codec exchange
TI's eXpressDSP xDM is a low-level API for DSP-based software that provides a framework for integrating and exchanging multiple codecs within an application.
2005-11-24 The Multicore Association to launch on Nov. 30
The Multicore Association is an outgrowth of meetings among chip vendors, semiconductor IP providers, as well as RTOS, compiler, and development-tool vendors that have been ongoing since May and is set to have its official formation in Santa Clara, California, on Nov. 30.
2016-03-21 Templates: Powerful yet problematic
In this first part, we define templates and discuss problems engineers have faced in dealing with templates across API boundaries.
2016-04-20 Templates: Implementing template generators
In this second instalment, we explain how run-time templates can be implemented in an efficient way using a new technique.
2003-09-16 T/TCP is protocol of choice for transaction apps
At the transport layer, it is often difficult to decide between TCP and UDP. Fortunately, there is a third choice: a little-known strandard called T/TCP offers the best features of both protocols.
2002-06-12 Standards inch forward with skeptics in tow
Two standards efforts will take major steps forward at the 39th Design Automation Conference, as the OpenAccess Coalition announces four additional EDA vendor members and much of the EDA community lines up behind Accellera's new SystemVerilog standard.
2004-05-03 Speakers challenge APIs for EDA interoperability
A standard API and database implementation may not be the best approach to EDA tool interoperability, according to Synopsys speakers at the Electronic Design Processes (EDP-2004) workshop here Monday (April 26, 2004).
2002-09-03 Software stack provides USB connectivity to embedded OS
The USB Slave Stack provides device manufacturers with a USB driver layer and API to easily incorporate standard USB connectivity in peripheral devices with embedded OS that lack such support.
2007-05-14 Simplify device data replication, synchronization
While db4o's streamlined API makes it quick and easy to incorporate into a database application, its best characteristic is the fact that it is a professional system available as an open-source offering.
2007-01-16 SiCortex tips x86 ASIC for HPC clusters
Startup SiCortex settled on a custom system chip that integrates six MIPS Technologies 64-bit 5Kf cores running at up to 500MHz as well as a proprietary fabric switch architecture, two DDR memory controllers, a PCIe controller and 1.2MBytes of Level 2 cache.
2002-12-04 SCM Micro supports SmartRight initiative
SCM Microsystems has joined the SmartRight initiative.
2004-11-16 Schulz of Si2 gets jazzed on standards
Steven Schulz's ear for finding harmony amid a cacophony of industry voices may have come from his love of jazz.
2003-01-10 S3 core eyes high-end graphics processors
S3 Graphics Inc. has developed a processor core intended for a new line of graphics chips used in mobile and desktop systems.
2013-12-26 Revising DPAA offloading applications
Know the ways to modify the QorIQ USDPAA offloading applications using the DPA offloading driver API.
2004-06-24 Renesas releases platform for app processors
Renesas prepared the SH-MobileJ2 Multimedia Accelerator Platform integrating driver software for use in the development of mobile phone systems employing the SH-MobileJ2.
2003-08-01 Quality is everything for wireless games
Despite all the initiatives in telecom networks, no one has given much attention to the content providers and applications developers.
2011-06-08 Qualcomm APIs upgrades Web apps hardware access
Qualcomm will create APIs for geo-location, sensors, cameras, audio, augmented reality and its AllJoyn peer-to-peer networking technology, giving these Web-based apps deeper links to hardware.
2005-03-07 Quadros offers RTOS support for latest StarCore processors
Quadros announced dual mode RTOS support for the latest StarCore processors.
2007-07-04 Programming the Pocket PC OS for embedded IR applications
This application note details the tools, supporting technologies and procedures for the development of infrared applications on Windows Mobile based devices.
2008-10-09 PolyCore MCAPI offers ThreadX RTOS support
Express Logic and PolyCore Software have announced the first commercial RTOS integration of the Multicore Association's recently released Multicore Communications API (MCAPI) specification.
2015-08-05 Phone batteries expose owner's location
The capacity of the battery exposes a fingerprintable surface that can be used to track web users in short time intervals. The study shows that the risk is much higher for old or used batteries.
2004-01-09 Philips-Samsung initiative to offer new apps interface
Royal Philips Electronics and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd have introduced the Universal Home Application Programming Interface (UH-API) initiative.
2005-03-01 Pentek adds support for system developers
Pentek disclosed that it has boosted support for system developers with the introduction of its RTS2503 Development Platform and the SystemFlow API and libraries.
2003-10-01 Optimize Linux to meet carrier-grade requirements
To help meet the requirements of carriers' networks, Linux has unique functions that can easily be leveraged by savvy programmers.
2003-11-21 OpenAccess database moves into IC design environments
The OpenAccess database is coming into production IC design environments at companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu, Philips, and Motorola.
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