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2007-02-16 Open-source APIs up multimedia performance
The new interfaces make it possible to use the GStreamer Linux multimedia framework to leverage the software infrastructure of TI's DaVinci platform of processors. This combined infrastructure provides a flexible framework that can accommodate new generations of multimedia codecs.
2002-02-14 OLA speakers explain new library approach
Tracing the Open Library API initiative back to "a heritage at IBM in which it's unacceptable to fail," IBM Microelectronics vice president Bruce Beers opened the first OLA Conference with an explanation of OLA's roots and its aspirations.
2007-01-29 Nucleus POSIX adds networking support
Mentor Graphics has announced that the new version of Nucleus POSIX software includes support for networking applications.
2005-12-09 New MATLAB software tool saves integration time, cost
LitePoint announced its MATLAB API software package which provides a MATLAB-compatible interface to the same analysis and command resources found in the standard LitePoint IQview "C" API.
2011-03-17 Multicore Association releases MCAPI spec 2.0
The Multicore Association releases version 2.0 of its multicore communications API specs defining new features, such as domains for routing purposes.
2013-06-26 Mentor Graphics adds embedded memories to Kronos platform
The Kronos Cell Characterisation and Analysis platform claims to produce accurate performance models for standard cells, I/Os, complex cells and embedded memories within an integrated environment.
2004-08-02 Media processing meets portable content
The proliferation of streaming-media types has kept chipmakers scrambling to find the best ways to transfer content.
2014-06-04 Marvell hops aboard Apple's smart home train
Apple's campaign constitutes an aggressive software strategy designed to engage vendors to develop solutions "made for iOS devices." Marvell has just released three IoT chips for iDevices.
2002-11-05 Latest Jungo WinDriver to expand options for developers
Jungo Software Technologies will soon introduce a newer version of its WinDriver, a software development toolkit that enables developers to create custom device drivers that can run on a multitude of OSs without modification.
2008-09-22 LabVIEW driver eases interface with monitoring tools
NI has released a new instrument driver that provides users with the NI LabVIEW graphical system design platform the ability to interface with environmental monitoring sensors.
2011-01-25 Khronos offers APIs for mobile TV, audio software
Khronos Group has launched OpenMax AL 1.1—a broad C language API for mobile systems, an extension to that API aimed at digital TV, and OpenSL ES 1.1—an audio API enabling features such as 3D sound.
2005-02-16 Java takes on system-level programming
System-level software written in Java offers better cost/benefit ratio and a viable language for current and future embedded designs.
2001-12-01 Implementing OLA to remove delays
This article addresses the delay problems DSM (deep-submicron) design closure poses and how OLA (open library application programming interface) can be the format to help solve it.
2006-11-01 How to effectively evaluate RTOSes
To survive in an increasingly competitive market, companies must maximize software investments by critically evaluating their choice of real-time operating systems.
2015-01-30 How open OS transforms network lifecycle management
Linux-based network OS software is altering network economics and fuelling innovation for switches, just as it has done for servers. This article explains how.
2007-03-06 High-power DC/DCs suit demanding RFPA apps
Ericsson Power Modules' fully featured, high-power DC/DC converters promise a high quality and cost-effective solution for demanding RFPA applications.
2005-03-11 Hardware, APIs, libraries optimize fast data-acq development platform
Pentek is rolling out its RTS2503 development platform, and SystemFlow API and libraries.
2008-07-18 Group implements multicore management standard
The Multicore Association, a nonprofit organization focused on developing standards for products that involve multicore implementations, has announced the formation of the Multicore Resource Management API working group.
2009-05-07 General C functions for the eTPU
This application note is targeted towards two different audiences. The first target is customers who want to use the eTPU using the API and utility functions provided by Freescale. The second target is customers that are writing new APIs for eTPU functions.
2014-08-12 From desktops to smartphones: OpenGL ground-up makeover
The Khronos Group has initiated a collaborative effort to develop the graphics API from scratch in order to create a cross-platform standard for high-efficiency access to graphics and compute chips.
2006-06-14 Express Logic: micro-Velosity familiar to ThreadX RTOS
Embedded software provider Express Logic alleges that Green Hills infringed its ThreadX API, and took the case before the American Arbitration Association.
2009-05-22 eTPU automotive function set (Set 2)
This application note complements AN3768SW describing the enhanced time processing unit (eTPU) automotive function set (set 2).
2013-11-21 Ensuring the security of connected cars
Learn about some of the ways to manage data exchange and processing in connected cars.
2003-03-11 EMC, Veritas enhance interoperability agreement
EMC Corp. and Veritas Software Corp. have agreed to exchange a range of APIs for storage system and storage software technologies.
2003-09-01 Embedded Linux technologies: More power to you
While users perceive results of power management in terms of battery life, it is really a combination of CPU capabilities, system software, middleware and policy.
2015-11-02 EDI alternatives bring business productivity, revenue boost
EDI has not been refined or modernised as the Internet's capabilities have grown, but there are web service APIs to enable dynamic and innovative software and web applications for the company.
2003-02-13 EDA users, vendors speak out for OpenAccess
The technical and business imperatives for the OpenAccess database and API were made clear by speakers and panelists at the second annual OpenAccess Conference in San Jose, California.
2014-03-24 DirectX 12 to spare CPU, GPU resources
Microsoft's announcement of the latest DirectX release involves an API fix that may have been spurred by the existence of a rival PC-based API, Mantle.
2000-12-01 Digital TV mulling design challenges
This technical paper describes the limitations of current DTV solutions and the key architectural elements necessary to overcome these shortcomings for a next-generation set-top box.
2004-04-22 Developing embedded Linux device drivers for a system-on-chip device
This paper will focus on aspects of writing device drivers for non-standard hardware, and exploring the hardware APIs.
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