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2004-01-05 Cypress tool simplifies USB 2.0 development
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has unveiled a suite of software tools designed to simplify the development of USB 2.0 peripherals.
2011-09-23 Converting 3-axis directions in Android system
Know how the coordinate system on Android is defined, and how to convert the 3-axis directions on the driver code within the Android system.
2001-08-09 Convergence through scaleable SoC solutions
This conference technical paper describes the functions of a SoC-based VoP processor and its many benefits over solutions based on reduced customer costs and improved performance.
2015-10-15 Cloud-based service eases integration of geotag searches
Geospock has developed a very efficient multi-dimensional database designed for the storage, search and retrieval of geospatial data in real-time no matter how big it gets or how often it changes.
2003-05-22 Cadence claims 10-fold 'chip finisher' speedup
Promising to turn a job that takes hours into minutes, Cadence Design Systems has announced the release of the Virtuoso Chip Editor.
2012-11-22 Broadcom to lead SDN interface venture
Broadcom is leading an alliance of communications OEMs and app developers that seeks to develop an API for software-defined networks.
2014-09-02 BQ32002 real-time clock APIs for Tiva
Here are easy-to-use API calls for interacting with the BQ32002 real-time clock IC. An easy-to-use GUI software for the Windows OS is also provided for testing all the API calls using a PC.
2002-03-26 BlueCore-PC-SDK: Single-chip Bluetooth software
This application note discusses the BlueCore-PC software development kit designed to extend the MicroSira or Casira development kits.
2003-01-16 Benefits, risks in 90nm SoC solutions
Depending upon proven capabilities with SoC designs, the cost/benefit of optimization options must be carefully weighed against assumptions on technology maturity.
2013-11-13 Basics of ARM design on mbed IDE (Part 2)
Read about a number of C/C++ programming methods for ARM designs using the open source mbed integrated development environment.
2002-11-29 An introduction to mvip tm and details on implementation using the mt90810
This article provides a history, an overview and details on the implementation of the multi-vendor integration protocol using the MT90810.
2005-03-16 Adding games, graphics on handsets
The passion in Asia for graphic-rich on-the-move gaming is set to stimulate a huge demand for next-generation mobile phones.
1999-01-01 Acquiring measurement data using Linux
The stability of the Linux OS lends itself well to the development of DAQ systems. Although development continues, several tools and libraries are already available to help one develop his own drivers.
2003-06-10 Accellera launches new verification standards
Accellera announced that its Board and Technical Committee members have approved four new standards for language-based design verification.
2002-06-01 Abstraction tackles interoperability
Applying abstraction methodologies can help developers of network-based devices match speed requirements with the rapid evolution of interoperability products.
2001-05-01 Abstracting system hardware for maximum reuse
Abstracting hardware is difficult at times, but necessary. If you do it right, the resulting software will be much easier to reuse.
2002-12-20 1-Wire Software Resource Guide Device Description
This application note provides the overview of the available resources and a selection guide for the more the company's various 1-Wire devices.
2001-05-23 Writing flexible device drivers for DSP/BIOS II
This application note defines a flexible application programming interface (API) for streaming I/O device drivers for use in real-time DSP applications written with the DSP/BIOS II real-time kernel.
2002-07-05 TranSwitch offers single-chip solution for DS3/DS1/E1 access systems
TranSwitch Corp. has introduced the TEPro device, a RISC processor-based SoC with embedded DD-AMPS firmware and host API, to support next-generation channelized DS3/DS1/E1/DS0 applications.
2007-05-09 TI xDM standard allows seamless exchange of codecs
TI has introduced the eXpressDSP Digital Media Software Standard, a low-level API for DSP-based software that provides a framework for the seamless integration and exchange pf multiple codecs within an application.
2015-10-22 Single-chip PON OLT device targets fibre service providers
The Broadcom BCM68620 offers support for both existing and next-generation fibre technologies under a common API to enable a unified system software design that can be applied to all PON protocols.
2010-03-29 Microchip, Google team on smart energy monitoring
Microchip Technology Inc. and Google PowerMeter have developed the first reference implementation of the Google PowerMeter API for embedded developers.
2014-09-22 Low-profile antenna suits covert applications
U.S. Patent Number 8810474, titled "Antenna with High K Backing Material," features an API-designed topology designed to boost antenna performance.
2009-02-20 Italy awaits 2.2MW solar power plant
SunPower Corp. announced that it has signed an agreement with Sunshire S.r.l., a subsidiary of Api Nova Energia S.r.l., to design and build a 2.2MW solar electric power plant in Tolentino, Italy.
2007-05-01 IPR issues threaten open standards' future
A Java-based API designed to bring interactivity to DTV broadcasts and STBs is being proclaimed dead-on-arrival in Europe, a casualty of mishandled procedures for disclosing intellectual property rights (IPR) related to the standard.
2003-05-28 Intersil inks agreement with Meetinghouse
Intersil Corp., a manufacturer of analog and wireless networking solutions, has licensed Meetinghouse's AEGIS Authentication API.
2011-01-13 Industrial terahertz system uses non-contact, non-radioactive sensor
API's T-Ray 4000 for the factory line offers terahertz system for industrial use. It offers non-contact sensor via terahertz light scanning for quality and process control.
2014-07-28 Geotracking system touts long-range capability
Iotera will provide users with an API interface to create alerts based on geographical boundaries and temperature, among other things, for tracking devices, pets, and children.
2012-10-29 Digital accelerometer touts built-in user-controlled analytical tools
API Technologies' XL403D supports SCPI-like commands, returns data in engineering units and works with any standard terminal emulator.
2002-03-16 Applying POSIX to real-time systems
Every RTOS has its own proprietary API, but some also support the POSIX standards. Here is a look at the parts of POSIX that apply to real-time systems.
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