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2005-11-02 Soft ARM7 processor optimized for ProASIC3 FPGAs
Actel Corp. started to sample three devices M7A3P250, M7A3PE600 and M7A3P100 with CoreMP7
2007-02-22 NXP adds LCD support to ARM7 MCU line
NXP has announced the new LPC2478 MCUclaimed to be the industry's only ARM7 flash-based MCU offering integrated LCD supportand its flashless version, the LPC2470.
2008-06-26 MCUs integrate 24bit sigma-delta ADCs, ARM7 core
Analog Devices Inc. has unveiled a highly integrated MCU family incorporating two 24bit sigma-delta ADCs and a host of analog peripherals with a 32bit ARM7 core to create a solution for precision sensing applications.
2002-11-26 Interfacing the 1-Wire master to an ARM7 processor
This application note demonstrates how to interface the DS1WM to an ARM7 processor and how to communicate to devices in the 1-Wire bus with standard C routines.
2006-11-30 IAR unrolls devt kit for ARM7 MCU from NXP
IAR Systems has announced a development kit designed to offer the necessary components for professional product development and debugging on the LPC2148 MCU from NXP.
2007-03-19 Flash density of ARM7-based MCUs doubles
Atmel announced 512Kbyte dual-bank flash memory extensions to its AT91SAM7S, SAM7X and SAM7XC MCUs based on the ARM7TDMI processor core.
2006-03-08 Dev kit used for ARM7-enabled FPGAs
Actel announced the availability of the CoreMP7 development kit used for the implementation of the company's CoreMP7 soft ARM7 processor core.
2005-02-25 Atmel releases CANopen for ARM7-based AT91SAM7A MCUs
Atmel Corp. announced an industrial-strength CANopen protocol stack for its AT91SAM7A ARM7-based microcontroller family with integrated CAN.
2004-10-25 Atmel ARM7-based flash MCUs priced below $3
Atmel introduced what it claims as the world's first family of ARM7-based flash microcontrollers with prices starting at less then $3.
2006-06-07 ARM9 MCU supports migration from ARM7
Atmel's ARM9 MCUs share the same programming as ARM7 controllers, allowing direct migration among controllers of different ARM cores.
2008-03-04 ARM7-based MCUs integrate power-saving techniques
Atmel's new series of high-performance, ultralow-power ARM7TDMI-based MCUs feature innovative power reduction techniques for both active and standby modes.
2006-09-29 ARM7-based MCUs from NXP tout dual high-speed buses
The new LPC2300 and LPC2400 ARM7-based MCUs from NXP Semiconductors are said to be the first such devices having two ARM high-speed buses.
2005-10-12 ARM7-based MCU offers features specifically for industrial apps
ST's ARM-based MCU called the STR730F series is aimed specifically at industrial apps such as factory automation, appliances, test and measurement equipment, point-of-sale terminals and security systems.
2005-01-28 ARM7 MCU family touts full range of flash
TI joined the growing number of MCU chip vendors that offer general purpose MCUs based on the 32bit ARM7 Thumb extension debug module multiplier interface core.
2005-09-09 ARM7 MCU combines Ethernet, CAN, USB, encryption
Broadening its ARM7-based offerings, Atmel is launching two flash MCUs with embedded 10/100 Ethernet MAC, CAN, full-speed (12Mbps) USB 2.0 and a high speed AES/3DES encryption engine.
2006-10-06 ARM7 Flash MCUs feature 54MIPS, low-power modes
ST's STR7 family promises 54MIPS (at 60MHz) performance while providing outstanding low power modes.
2004-09-06 AMIS licenses ARM7 family processors
AMI Semiconductor Inc. (AMIS) has licensed two ARM7 family processors to develop industry-specific solutions that will help improve driver information, in-car entertainment, body electronics and passenger safety.
2007-01-24 Adding UARTs to ARM7 for free
Designers can use the HET peripheral found on TI ARM7-based, 32-bit TMS470 microcontrollers to implement additional, full-duplex high-speed UART interfaces with interrupt capability and zero ARM7 CPU overhead.
2006-08-03 Actel rolls out free IDE for 32bit ARM7 MPU core
Actel recently released a free development environment for its CoreMP7, claimed to be the industry's only soft 32bit ARM7 microprocessor core for FPGAs.
2002-07-19 Thomson Multimedia licenses ARM microprocessor cores
Thomson Multimedia has entered into a partnership with ARM, licensing the latter's ARM7 and ARM9 family microprocessor cores.
2006-11-28 Starter kit offers complete devt solution for STR7 apps
The Raisonance STR750-SK starter kit provides a complete, flexible and affordable software and hardware development solution for STR7 applications.
2014-06-26 Quarter-brick DC-DC converters support PMBus interface
The 12Vout DBQ0135V2 from Murata supports the TNV input voltage range of 36-75V with a typical efficiency of 95.2 per cent by using a 32bit ARM7 processor.
2004-01-14 Quadros RTOS supports IAR C/C++ development tool
Quadros Systems and IAR Systems have released a port of the RTXC Quadros RTOS for the IAR Systems ARM Embedded Workbench along with an RTOS-aware plug-in.
2005-07-12 Philips ARM-7 based MCU fully compliant to USB 2.0 standard
Royal Philips Electronics has launched what it believes is the industry's first fully-compliant USB 2.0 full speed ARM7 microcontroller.
2002-06-13 OSE, Micronas collaborate on evaluation platform
OSE Systems Inc.'s real-time kernel has been integrated into Micronas' ARM7-based evaluation platform for the CDC 32xxG automotive controller family.
2003-05-22 Oki, ARM release developer kit for MCUs
Oki Semiconductor and ARM Holdings plc have announced the availability of the ARM RealView Developer Kit that is designed specifically as a solution for Oki's advantage MCU products.
2004-08-17 Oki 0.15?m ARM core achieves Silicon Verified Silver Status
Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has claimed that its 0.15?m ARM7 hard IP core family is the industry's first ARM-based core to achieve Silver IP status on 0.15?m technology at UMC.
2003-07-15 NEC GPS chipset targets mobile apps
The uPD77534 device from NEC Electronics Corp. is an ARM7 TDMI-based System LSI for signal processing that is fabricated on 0.15?m process.
2006-11-02 MCUs offer access to high-capacity external storage
Atmel's SAM7SE MCUs are said to be the only ARM7-based MCUs to include an external bus interface that provides access to massive amounts of external NAND Flash, SDRAM, CompactFlash, SRAM and ROM storage.
2008-06-23 MCU with direct FPGA interface debuts
Atmel Corp. has announced the AT91CAP7E, said to be the industry's first ARM7-based MCU with a direct FPGA interface.
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