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2003-05-12 Philips launches 32-bit ARM7TDMI-S MCU line
Philips Semiconductors has launched the first three members of a new family of microcontrollers based on a 32-bit ARM7TDMI-S processor core.
2004-11-29 How to connect a small page NAND flash Memory to an ARM7TDMI core based microcontroller
This app note demonstrates how to drive a STMicro small page NAND flash memory with an ARM7TDMI core based microcontroller that does not have an embedded NAND controller.
2005-07-07 Fudan University licenses ARM7TDMI processor
China's Fudan University and ARM have revealed that the State Key Laboratory of ASIC & System licensed the ARM7TDMI processor through the ARM foundry program.
2002-02-11 Zeevo Bluetooth solution designed for embedded apps
The Blue Shark development kit aims to accelerate the development cycle of Bluetooth products such as digital cameras, printers and keyboards.
2002-12-16 Zeevo Bluetooth SoC has 10.9-by-13.1mm footprint
The TC2001 Bluetooth SoC combines radio, link controller, audio, and CPU functionality in a 10.9-by-13.1mm, 65-ball package.
2006-07-26 Winbond's 32bit solution cuts product development time
Winbond has launched the integrated general 32bit single-chip W90P710 and W90N745, and a comprehensive development proposal to reduce product development time of system houses.
2002-06-17 W-Link adopts Zeevo TC2000 Bluetooth solution
W-Link has selected Zeevo Inc.'s TC2000 single-chip device to be integrated in its range of products.
2002-07-01 Universal controller ties fate to emulation
SoC design service providers are tapping the flexibility of emulation techniques to enhance chip verification and test.
2002-11-15 Tower newest member of ARM foundry program
Tower Semiconductor has joined the ARM Foundry Program.
2002-12-11 Toshiba Bluetooth LSI occupies smaller board area
Toshiba Corp. has developed a Bluetooth LSI that integrates an RF, baseband, and mask ROM circuits in a 113-pin FPLGA package that measures 7-by-7-by-0.8mm.
2002-04-17 Toshiba Bluetooth baseband LSI manages Bluetooth protocol stack
The TC356510 Bluetooth baseband LSI from Toshiba Corp. manages the execution of the Bluetooth protocol stack that controls the wireless communication and profiles, allowing the CPU to be fully-dedicated to the application software.
2006-12-05 Taiwan's CIC licenses ARM processors
ARM announced that the National Chip Implementation Center has licensed the ARM7TDMI and ARM926EJ-S processors, the RealView CREATE family of ESL tools and the ARM RealView Development Suite 3.0.
2006-10-20 Sub-$50 BASIC board runs with 60MHz ARM processor
Priced at less than $50, Coridium's new ARMmite single board controller clocks a 60MHz ARM LPC2103 processor.
2004-04-15 STMicro MCUs based on ARM core family
STMicro has introduced two ARM core-based product families that include embedded flash and low pin-count packages.
2003-01-23 Spreadtrum enhances wireless IC solutions with ARM core
Fabless semiconductor company Spreadtrum Communications Inc. has licensed ARM Ltd's ARM7TDMI microprocessor core.
2006-03-29 Spansion partners with Qualcomm, ARM to expand handset presence
Flash memory supplier Spansion has inked deals with Qualcomm and ARM that help expand its offerings for the wireless market and expands its logic-on-flash line-up.
2006-03-29 Spansion licenses ARM processor to expand logic-on-flash solutions
Spansion announced that it has licensed the ARM7TDMI-S processor and the SecurCore SC100 processor to integrate the ARM processor with its MirrorBit flash memory on a single die.
2004-10-08 Single-chip processor offers all media playback functions
Atmel's next gen media processor is designed for standard and high-definition TVs, flat-panel displays, projectors, portable media servers and standalone playback boxes.
2003-11-18 Silicon Wave, RF Micro IC decreases development time
Silicon Wave and RF Micro Devices have introduced the SiW3500 UltimateBlue IC, a single-chip CMOS Bluetooth solution that helps speed time-to-market.
2003-03-18 Silicon Wave releases integrated Bluetooth v1.1 radio processor
The company's UltimateBlue 3000 radio processor features a direct conversion radio modem with an ARM7TDMI processor core.
2003-03-11 Sharp ships ARM-powered general-purpose MCUs
Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas has expanded its BlueStreak MCU line with the introduction of four 16/32-bit general-purpose devices.
2002-05-22 PortalPlayer adopts ARM technology for digital audio applications
PortalPlayer Inc., a supplier of digital audio platforms, has adopted the ARM7TDMI core for its digital audio encode and playback devices.
2005-07-12 Philips ARM-7 based MCU fully compliant to USB 2.0 standard
Royal Philips Electronics has launched what it believes is the industry's first fully-compliant USB 2.0 full speed ARM7 microcontroller.
2004-01-08 Oxford chip supports FireWire standards
audio controller ic, oxford semiconductor, oxfw970, arm7tdmi, processor
2004-02-05 Oxford bridge IC increases data transfer
The bridge IC from Oxford Semiconductor Ltd offers increased data transfer performance.
2003-11-03 Oxford bridge chip offers 88MBps transfer rate
The OXFW912 from Oxford Semiconductor is claimed as the first FireWire800 (IEEE1394b) to IDE (ATA7) bridge chip to maximize transfer rates for both single- and dual-disk drives.
2003-02-13 Oki packs 32-bit controllers, Flash into single package
Oki Semiconductor has announced a family of ARM7-based 32-bit microcontrollers that houses the controller and Flash memory in a SIP device.
2002-11-18 NetSilicon 32-bit MCU targets 16-bit slots
NetSilicon hopes to grab microcontroller slots from 16-bit devices with a stripped-down 32-bit ARM7TDMI-based MCU.
2002-09-17 Micronas dashboard MCUs drive up to seven stepper motors
Micronas GmBH has launched what it claims to be the world's first fully-integrated series of dashboard microcontrollers that are capable of driving up to seven stepper motors for car instrumentation.
2002-07-30 MediaTek licenses ARM cores
MediaTek Inc. has licensed ARM's ARM7TDMI microprocessor core for its latest products.
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