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2002-03-14 UMC licenses ARM cores
Taiwan Semiconductor foundry United Microelectronics Corp. has licensed the ARM946E core and the ARM1022E core.
2002-09-11 Stepmind licenses ARM core for encryption project
Stepmind has licensed ARM's ARM946E microprocessor core to be used on a custom networking encryption project.
2005-07-21 Renesas uses ARM1136JF-S for mobile phone, consumer devices
Renesas Technology Corp. has licensed the ARM1136JF-S processor for use in its future advanced mobile phone designs, and the ARM946E-S processor for its ASICs used in consumer applications.
2004-03-02 Oki Electric licenses ARM for digital consumer apps
SoC provider Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has licensed ARM946E-S microprocessor core for use in digital consumer and automotive applications.
2002-04-22 Oak ships imaging, printing SoC solution
Oak Technology, Inc. has announced the availability of the OTI-4110 imaging SoC solution that allows appliance-type products to support image-rich content, which can be captured and printed without using a PC.
2003-11-07 Fujitsu evaluation device implements SoC platform
Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia Pte Ltd has announced the development of an ARM9 multi-CPU evaluation device, which implements the next-generation SoC platform, integrating ARM926EJ-S and ARM946E-S embedded macrocell cores.
2002-11-20 Flextronics signs up as first participant in latest ARM program
ARM Ltd and Flextronics Semiconductor have announced that the latter is the first partner to participate in the new ARM Approved Licensing Program.
2002-11-14 eSilicon licenses ARM technology
eSilicon Corp. has licensed ARM Ltd cores through the ARM Foundry Program, namely the ARM7TDMI, ARM922T, ARM946E, and the ARM1022E cores.
2005-02-04 eSilicon expands access to ARM tech for its customers
eSilicon Corp. has expanded its portfolio of ARM processors.
2002-06-27 Chartered gains access to ARM cores, microprocessors
Chartered Semiconductor Mfg Co. Ltd has joined the ARM Foundry Program, ARM's business model that enables OEMs in emerging markets to gain access to ARM processor technology for advanced SoC solutions.
2002-09-13 Matsushita licenses ARM cores for wireless devices
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd. has licensed the ARM946E-S and ARM926EJ-S microprocessor cores.
2001-12-01 Deterministic simulation of an ARM core
This technical article discusses the deterministic and random testing techniques used to verify complex cores such as the ARM946E-S architecture.
2003-05-07 ARM core supports Winbond networking apps
ARM Ltd has licensed its ARM946E-S microprocessor core to Winbond Electronics Corp.
2003-09-18 ARM core licensed to Datang Telecom
ARM Ltd has licensed its ARM946E microprocessor core to China's Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group.
2003-04-11 Toppan joins ARM program
Toppan Printing Co. Ltd of Japan has become a partner of the ARM Approved Licensing Program.
2006-02-27 Renesas licenses ARM multiprocessor
Renesas and ARM announced that Renesas has licensed the ARM11 MPCore multiprocessor, enabling the company to produce and sell LSI semiconductor solutions incorporating the ARM processor.
2002-10-22 Redux rolls 100Mbps Ethernet bridge processor
The PrimaGate RS-120 100Mbps wire-speed Ethernet bridge from Redux Communications Ltd provides full-duplex bridging from Ethernet to HDLC and Ethernet to Ethernet.
2002-05-06 LSI Logic licenses ARM cores
LSI Logic Corp. has licensed ARM's synthesizable ARM1026EJ-S microprocessor core and the Jazelle technology-enabled ARM7EJ-S core. LSI will apply these cores in its Gflx 0.11?m and G9090nm process technologies.
2002-07-19 Chartered aims to ride ARM license to SoC
Chartered Semiconductor Mfg Ltd said it plans to license 32-bit RISC ARM microprocessors based on processes ranging from 0.255m to 90nm.
2007-03-27 Audio processors promise optimum performance
MCS Logic has released three digital audio processors that promise optimized performance and code density for the combination of control code and signal processing requirements in digital audio decoding, file system management and system control.
2004-07-09 Atheros takes ARM license for next-gen WLAN chips
ARM Ltd has extended its reach in the WLAN chip market with the addition of Atheros Communications Inc. as a licensee for its ARM926EJ-S and 946E-S processor cores.
2006-06-14 ARM-wrestling: MCU vs. core
Designers must wrestle between taking advantage of STMIcroelectronics' off-the-shelf ARM 9E-based solution and designing their own solution with ARM Ltd's Cortex-R4 ARM core.
2006-05-18 ARM launches next-gen processor
ARM announced the new Cortex-R4 processor for the next generation of mobile phones, hard-disk drives, printers and automotive designs.
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