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2010-05-04 Toshiba offloads AFPD shares to AUO
Toshiba Mobile Display has concluded a definitive agreement with AU Optronics, under which the company will transfer to AUO all shares in subsidiary AFPD Pte Ltd (AFPD).
2007-09-12 Taiwan's AUO opens another LCD plant in China
Taiwan's has opened of a manufacturing plant in Xiamen, its second production base in China for small-, medium- and large-sized LCD modules.
2010-12-21 Taiwan greenlights AUO's gen 7.5 TFT-LCD fab on mainland
Government regulators relented thus AU Optronics' planned new facility in China—a generation 7.5 TFT-LCD fab—is set to rise. The company already has eight LCD fabs in Taiwan, including a gen 8.5 set to mass produce in 2011.
2011-04-20 Sharp, AUO settle patent suits
Sharp Corp. and AU Optronics Corp. have signed an agreement to settle their patent infringement lawsuits and cross-license their LCD technologies.
2011-01-27 Sharp files LCD patent infringement lawsuits against AUO
Sharp has filed a complaint with the US ITC against Taiwan-based AUO alleging that LCD panels and modules manufactured by AUO infringe upon seven of its U.S. patents.
2010-01-12 Marvell, AUO develop eReader ref design
As features, performance and libraries of digital content grow, eReaders are projected to top 18 million units in 2012.
2006-05-02 Honeywell grants LCD license to AUO
Honeywell has granted a license authorizing AU Optronics to use a patented Honeywell technology relating to specific LCD products.
2007-01-05 AUO: Equipment installation at 7.5G plant on schedule
AU Optronics has denied reports from Taiwan equipment manufacturers that the company will delay the equipment installation at its second 7.5G facility to 2008 instead of the original schedule in the fourth quarter this year.
2010-08-24 AUO, Wistron enter JV
AUO's board of directors has just approved a TFT-LCD TV panel module production joint venture with Wistron in Guangdong, China.
2005-04-11 AUO, Wellypower strengthen CCFL bond
AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) and cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) maker Wellypower Optronics Corp. strengthens its affiliation as AUO's General Manager Syuan-Bin Chan becomes Wellypower's chairman and Bishop Chen, general manger of AUO's subsidiary Konly Venture Corp., becomes CEO.
2010-03-16 AUO, TPV create LCD joint venture in Poland
AU Optronics Corp.'s Board of Directors has approved a resolution establishing a joint venture of TFT-LCD module production and TV-set ODM with TPV Technology Ltd in Gorzow, Poland.
2010-06-01 AUO, SunPower set up solar plant in Malaysia
The Board of Directors of AU Optronics Corp. has approved the resolution of a joint venture to construct and operate a solar cell manufacturing facility in Malaysia with SunPower Corp.
2006-03-31 AUO, Sharp expand TFT LCD licensing agreement
AU Optronics and Sharp Corp. will expand their cross-licensing agreements on patents involving TFT LCDs, following Sharp's resolution of its lawsuit with Teco Electric & Machinery Co. Ltd.
2006-01-17 AUO, Samsung sign patent cross-license agreement
AU Optronics announced that it has signed with Samsung Electronics a broad patent cross-license agreement to allow expanded access to the patent portfolios each company holds.
2010-12-01 AUO, Evonik expand cooperation
AUO and Evonik extend cooperation into solar, lighting and green energy markets
2006-05-15 AUO, CPT, LG.Philips to supply Dell with LCDs
Dell will reportedly place orders with AUO, CPT and LG.Philips LCD for 20-inch widescreen monitor panels, with total monthly shipment volume to exceed 100,000 units.
2010-11-18 AUO, Arizona State collaborate on flexible AMOLED
The Arizona State University's Flexible Display Center and AU Optronics are collaborating to develop mixed oxide TFTs to hasten the commercialization of active-matrix OLED flexible displays.
2007-03-08 AUO's panel shipment slipped 17% last month
AU Optronics Corp. recorded preliminary consolidated revenues of $687 million and preliminary unconsolidated revenues of $686 million for February, up 5 percent from year-ago period and down 20.3 percent from January.
2003-03-20 AUO WXGA LCD panel produces 600cd/m? brightness
AU Optronics (AUO) Corp. has announced the development of a 26-inch WXGA LCD panel that delivers a brightness of 600nits and a viewing angle of 85.
2010-08-25 AUO verifies PV module's carbon footprint
Raw materials make up 82 percent of EcoDuo PM220P00's carbon footprint
2008-06-12 AUO touts green technologies
AU Optronics Corp. has unveiled what it claims to be the world's thinnest 13.3-inch TFT LCD, the world's lightest 46-inch TFT LCD with CCFL backlight and the most power-saving 10.2-inch TFT LCD.
2004-06-04 AUO to start equipment installation at 6G plant
AU Optronics Corp. will start installing the first batch of equipment in its 6G TFT-LCD plant at the Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP) this July.
2013-08-28 AUO to showcase UHD 4K TV panels at Touch Taiwan 2013
The company has successfully developed UHD 4K technology and will demonstrate 65 and 55-inch next-generation UHD 4K Wide Colour Gamut TV Panels at Touch Taiwan 2013
2004-06-07 AUO to mass produce organic EL panels
AU Optronics Corp. will begin mass production of its organic (electrolumiscent) EL panels in the third quarter.
2007-05-08 AUO to delay LCD expansion due to Q1 loss
Taiwan-based AU Optronics Corp. will delay expansion of its factories by almost a year after a global surplus led to a record loss in Q1, according to a Bloomberg report.
2004-07-23 AUO sets up 5G line at 6G plant
AU Optronics Corp. has revealed plans on establishing a 5G TFT-LCD line at its new 6G plant, which is expected to churn out 50,000 substrates to 60,000 substrates a month for 17-inch monitor panels.
2005-05-04 AUO sets standard for 7G line
AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) is setting its LCD substrate standard at 1,950-by-225mm in its 7G production line, following the lead of South Korea-based LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd.
2008-02-22 AUO seeks more land for new LCD plants in Taiwan
AUO has asked the Central Taiwan Science Park to provide more land for the company to accommodate two new TFT-LCD panel plants, said a park administration official.
2004-06-30 AUO secures orders from Motorola
AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) has received orders for mobile phone panels from Motorola Inc.
2006-08-03 AUO sales, earnings dip in Q2
For Q2 2006, display supplier AU Optronics Corp. posted sales of $1.88 billion, net earnings of $5.63 million, and earnings per share of 1 cent per common share.
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