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What is an AVR?
A voltage regulator is an electronic circuit used to maintain a level amount of voltage in an electrical line. It eliminates power surges, spikes and brownouts, which can cause harm to sensitive electronics.
AVR stands for automatic voltage regulator and is often used to refer to end-user equipment.
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2004-12-02 Using Atmel's AT84AD001B dual 8bit 1Gsps ADC with Atmel's ATmega128L AVR
This app note provides relevant information for interfacing the AT84AD001B with ATmega128L AVR.
2000-08-30 Understanding the AVR ICEPRO I/O registers
This application note describes the I/O Register views seen in AVR Studio when using the ICEPRO emulator.
2008-05-13 Ref design rolls for AVR USB MCUs in 2.4GHz band
Atmel has announced the AVRUSBRF01 reference design for development with AVR MCUs in the unlicensed 2.4GHz ISM band and connection to PCs with USB.
2007-09-10 MeshNetics adds Zigbee to Atmel AVR Z-link chipsets
Atmel announced that MeshNetics' eZeeNet ZigBee networking stack software will be bundled with Atmel's AVR Z-Link chipsets, accessory and demonstration kits at no extra cost to the users.
2004-12-02 Long delay generation using the AVR microcontroller
This app note discusses several solutions when a microcontroller-based application requires the implementation of long delays.
2008-04-23 IAR, Atmel delivers tool support for AVR XMEGA
IAR Systems has launched the Version 5.10 of IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR, which now supports the new AVR XMEGA family of 8bit MCUs from Atmel.
2004-01-26 Cirrus Logic DSPs eye AVR, entertainment markets
Cirrus Logic has introduced the CS49500 family of multi-channel audio DSPs that are targeted for the AVR and other digital entertainment markets.
2004-12-02 C code for interfacing AVR to AT17LVXXX FPGA configuration memories
This app note describes how to in-system-program (ISP) an Atmel FPGA configuration memory using an Atmel AVR microcontroller; and how to bit bang a two-wire interface (TWI) using port pins on an AT90S8515 AVR microcontroller.
2003-04-04 AVR: Low Cost A/D Converter
This application note discusses the procedure in making a simple ADC with only two external components, a resistor and capacitor.
2003-04-30 AVR462: Reducing the Power Consumption of the AT80EIT1 - AVR Embedded Internet Toolkit
This application note discusses the procedure to upgrade of the AT90EIT1 by reducing the power consumption of the Ethernet board.
2003-04-25 AVR350: XmodemCRC Receive Utility for AVR
This application note describes the functions and features of the XmodemCRC protocol.
2000-03-14 AVR335: Digital sound recorder with AVR and serial DataFlash
This application note describes how to record, store, and play back sound using any AVR microcontroller with A/D converter, the AT45DB161 DataFlash memory and a few extra components.
2003-04-04 AVR335: Digital Sound Recorder with AVR and DataFlash
This application note discusses how to record, store and play back sound using any AVR microntroller with A/D converter, the AT45DB161B DataFlash memory, and a few extra components
2003-04-04 AVR306: Using the AVR UART in C
This application note describes how to set up and use the UART present in most AVR devices.
2003-04-30 AVR223: Digital Filters for AVR
This document describes how to implement simple digital filters in AVR micrcontrollers.
2003-04-25 AVR201: Using the AVR Hardware Multiplier
This application note discusses the proper procedure for using the AVR Hardware Multiplier.
2003-04-25 AVR130: Setup and Use the AVR Timers
This application note describes how to use the different timers of the AVR.
2004-12-02 AVR065: LCD Driver for the STK502 and AVR butterfly
This app note provides a basic overview of common features; and an introduction to the terminology used in relation to LCD glass.
2004-12-02 AVR042: AVR hardware design considerations
This app note covers the most common problems encountered when switching to microcontroller architecture like the AVR.
2003-04-25 AVR035: Efficient C Coding for AVR
This application note describes how to utilize the advantages of the AVR architecture and the development tools to achieve more efficient C code than for any other microcontroller.
2000-08-31 AVR034: Mixing C and assembly code with IAR embedded workbench for AVR
This application note describes how to use C to control the program flow and main program and assembly modules to control time critical I/O functions.
2003-04-25 AVR031: Getting Started with ImageCraft C for AVR.
This application note discusses the initial settings of the ImageCraft IDE and compile a simple C program.
2003-04-04 AVR030: Getting Started with C for AVR
This application note serves as a guide for new users through the initial settings of the Embedded Workbench from IAR and for compiling a simple C program.
2000-08-28 AVR000: Register and bit-name definitions for the AVR microcontrollers
This application note contains files that allow the user to use Register and Bit names from the data book when writing assembly programs.
2007-04-17 AVR RFID demo kit suits tracking apps
Atmel has released the ATA2270-EK1125-kHz RFID demo kit, which enables the evaluation and prototyping of the company's portfolio of LF IDICs used in a broad range of RFID applications.
2009-01-29 AVR microcontroller packs Touch-library
Atmel Corp. has announced the availability of its Touch-library that is integrated in the microcontroller instead of a separate chip resulting in a highly cost effective solution at no additional cost.
2008-03-11 AVR MCUs combine USB controller, analog features
Atmel has announced new AVR MCUs that combine USB controller and high-performance analog features.
2005-02-04 AVR MCU implements smart battery monitoring in one chip
The ATmega406 is touted by Atmel to be the first high-voltage technology AVR MCU implementing full 2-4 cell Li-ion smart battery monitoring and protection on a single chip.
2005-12-08 AVR Flash MCUs tailored for battery-powered equipment
Atmel's new AVR family of Flash microcontrollers have internal EEPROM, pull-up resistors and an 8MHz, high precision calibrated RC Oscillator, leaving 12 general I/O pins available for application use.
2007-03-21 AVR flash MCUs roll for high-volume USB apps
Expanding its family of AVR MCUs, Atmel has launched two new devices for high-volume USB applications ranging from HID to wireless adaptors.
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