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What is an AVR?
A voltage regulator is an electronic circuit used to maintain a level amount of voltage in an electrical line. It eliminates power surges, spikes and brownouts, which can cause harm to sensitive electronics.
AVR stands for automatic voltage regulator and is often used to refer to end-user equipment.
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2005-12-19 AVR Flash MCUs feature extended CAN capabilities
Atmel introduced AT90CAN32 and the AT90CAN64, 8-bit AVR Flash microcontrollers with extended Controller Area Network capabilities.
2003-04-04 AVR 300: Software TWI Master Interface
This application note discusses/describes the functions and features of the TWI bus and how to implement it into AVR microcontrollers.
1999-11-15 AVR 300: Software I?C Master Interface
The need for a simple and cost effective inter-IC bus for use in consumer, telecommunications, and industrial electronics led to the development of the I?C bus. Today, this bus is implemented in a large number of peripherals and microcontrollers. This note deals with the AVR 300 and its applications to the I?C bus as a master interface.
2006-07-24 Atmel's AVR RAC solution offers 'longest' battery life
Atmel has announced an AVR remote access control (RAC) solution that promises more than 10 years of battery life.
2007-07-30 Atmel unveils four AVR picoPower MCUs
Atmel Corp. has released a new family of 32-pin picoPower AVR MCUsthe ATmega48P, 88P, 168P and 328P devices which have 4, 8, 16 and 32Kbytes of flash memory, respectively.
2006-09-21 Atmel unrolls low-cost development kit for AVR MCUs
Atmel said its AVR Dragon development kit provides a complete on-chip debugging and programming tool for more than 30 different AVR Flash MCUsall at $49making it the industry's most comprehensive low-cost development solution.
2007-06-28 Atmel rolls additional AVR 32bit MCUs
Atmel Corp. has introduced a second family based on the AVR 32 UC core, its 32bit flash MCU with DSP extensions.
2014-11-13 8bit AVR MCUs feature additional analogue functionality
The megaAVR MCUs from Atmel boast additional analogue functionality and features for the latest low-power consumer, industrial, white goods, automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
2006-04-04 32bit AVR processor targets multimedia systems for cellphones
Atmel's new family of 32bit processors has been designed to integrate on a single chip virtually all the functionality required for multimedia systems that are deployed in cellphones and digital cameras.
2004-09-15 TI audio DSP powers Harman's latest a/v receivers
The Aureus audio DSPs and analog components from Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) are being utilized in Harman Kardon's two latest audio/video receivers, the AVR 635 and AVR 435.
2007-02-22 SiP with 8bit MCU, LIN transceiver rolls for automotive apps
Aimed at LIN applications, Atmel's ATA6602 and ATA6603 multichip modules combine an 8bit AVR MCU and a LIN SBC in an SiP without internal connections.
2006-03-27 picoPower tech cuts "power-save" power consumption to 650nA
Atmel's two new AVR MCUs incorporate a power-saving technology that provides multi-year battery-life in lighting control, security, keyless entry, ZigBee and other apps that spend most of their time in sleep mode.
2005-09-22 New battery devt kit from Atmel
Atmel announced a smart battery development kit that is based on the company's ATmega406, a highly integrated single-chip smart battery AVR device, targeting Li-ion batteries for laptop computers, medical equipment and portable instrumentation.
2005-03-15 MCUs reduce chip requirements
The five new low power AVR flash MCUs from Atmel promise to reduce complete system chip count requirements.
2006-12-21 MCUs incorporate power-saving tech
Atmel has released four AVR MCUs that incorporate a power-saving technology for multiyear battery life in LCD, lighting control, security, home automation, Zigbee and other battery applications.
2006-02-22 MCU/DSP core extends battery life
Atmel announced a new 32bit embedded CPU architecture with DSP extensions, which is expected to extend the battery life of portable, hand-held multimedia products.
2006-04-11 Line-interactive UPS can be managed from the web
MGE says its new Nova AVR 600 and 1100 VA line-interactive UPS are the first low-cost types that can be remotely managed through a web browser or a network management system.
2007-02-16 LIN node SiP rolls for automotive actuator apps
Atmel's new multichip modules combine an MCU and a LIN SBC in a single SiP designed for automotive actuator applications typically found in comfort electronics as well as in powertrain applications.
2005-03-15 In-system programming board targets Atmel MCUs
Data I/O now has an in-system programming system for use in automated test systems, as well as during production runs.
2014-09-16 How to catch elusive bugs without using debugger
Sometimes alternative debugging techniques must be utilised for tracking software bugs so elusive that they do not get caught by a hardware debugger.
2004-11-24 Benchmarking the MAXQ instruction-set architecture vs. RISC competitors
This app note compares the MAXQ instruction set with competing microcontrollers, including the PIC16CXXX (mid-range devices), AVR, and MSP430.
2002-05-09 Basler electric's digital excitation control system offers improved voltage recovery time over existing analog solid state systems
This application note describes the improved voltage recovery time provided by Digital Excitation Control System over existing analog solid state systems.
2000-08-30 AVR910: In-system programming
This application note shows how to design the system to support in-system programming. It also shows how a low-cost in-system programmer can be made, that will allow the target AVR MCU to be programmed from any PC equipped with a regular 9-pin serial port.
2003-04-04 AVR460: Embedded Web Server
This application note discusses the features and applications of the AVR embedded web server.
2003-04-25 AVR410: RC5 IR Remote Control Receiver.
This application note discusses the features and functions of a remote control receiver for the frequently used Philips/Sony RC5 coding scheme.
2000-08-30 AVR401: 8-bit precision A/D converter
This application note describes how to perform a kind of dual slope A/D conversion with an AVR microcontroller. The converter requires only six discrete components in addition to the AVR.
2000-08-31 AVR360: Step motor controller
This application note describes how to implement a compact size and high-speed interrupt driven step motor controller.
2003-04-04 AVR325: High-speed Interface to Host EPP Parallel Port
This application note describes a method for high-speed bidirectional data transfer between AVR microcontroller and an off-the-shelf IBM PC-Compatible desktop computer.
2003-04-25 AVR320: Software SPI Master
This application note describes a set of low-level routines for software implementation of the SPI protocol, in Master mode.
2000-08-30 AVR320: Software SPI master
This application note describes a set of low-level routines for software implementation of the SPI protocol, in Master Mode (all communications originate from the AVR).
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