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2002-05-29 Richardson to distribute AVX RF products
Richardson Electronics Ltd has signed an agreement with AVX, a supplier of passive electronic components, to become its specialty distributor in North America.
2005-07-14 New MLCCs from AVX provide tin-lead terminations for mil apps
AVX's new LD series of multi-layer ceramic capacitors offer tin-lead solder terminations with 5 percent lead minimum
2006-05-12 NbO-ceramic capacitors from AVX offer low ESR
AVX targets power management decoupling and DC/DC converter filtering applications with its NbO-ceramic multianode chip capacitors.
2005-11-29 Low-profile connector from AVX targets portable electronics
AVX has developed a low-profile, board-to-board connector designed specifically for miniature and handheld portable equipment. Designated the 5805 series, the connector offers a 0.4mm pitch and a 1mm stacking height.
2014-03-28 Film capacitors from AVX geared for DC filtering
Available in large case sizes up to 35L, the FFLC Series capacitors exhibit higher specific energy than equivalent solutions (up to 240J/l) and feature AVX's controlled self-healing technology.
2004-05-06 AVX/Kyocera chip capacitors have 325pH inductance
AVX/Kyocera has expanded its product offering with the release of low-inductance chip capacitors that feature an inductance of 325pH to 450pH.
2004-05-05 AVX/Kyocera capacitor has 25 milliohm ESR
The BestCap series of double-layer supercapacitor from AVX/Kyocera features a capacitance range of 10mF to 70mF.
2004-05-26 AVX/Kyocera capacitor arrays offer 15pH ESL
AVX/Kyocera has launched low-inductance capacitor arrays that utilize up to four separate capacitor sections in one ceramic body.
2003-09-16 AVX-Kyocera releases automotive USB connectors
The Elco 9215 series of wire-to-wire USB connectors from AVX-Kyocera is designed for use in automotive apps.
2005-08-15 AVX's RF capacitor packs high performance in mini package
AVX Corp. has developed a porcelain and ceramic dielectric multilayer capacitor (MLC) that is said to provide industry-leading performance for high Q, low equivalent series resistance (ESR), and high self-resonance in a 0603 package.
2005-11-14 AVX's power film capacitor may replace electrolytic devices
AVX Corp. beefed up the temp and voltage operating conditions of its medium power film capacitor family.
2005-08-12 AVX's new thin-film inductor combines high Q, tight tolerance
The new thin-film RF inductor from AVX Corp. offers high Q and tight tolerances with high current handling capability as well as repeatability in a small 0402 case size.
2012-09-06 AVX's multilayer organic technology provides High Q
AVX's new inductors based on a multilayer low loss organic (MLO) technology represent a paradigm shift from traditional LTCC and thin film passive SMD components.
2012-10-19 AVX's latest TCXO series ready for wide range apps
The Company's latest series of temperature-compensated crystal oscillators offer high stability, high reliability, low phase noise and extremely tight temperature frequency tolerance.
2011-03-15 AVX varistor offers bi-directional voltage suppression
AVX Corp.'s 0201 device provides minimal signal distortion and low insertion loss for handheld devices such as cellphones and PDAs, and for embedded components such as hearing aids and camera modules.
2003-05-14 AVX USB TVSs come in 0402 case sizes
AVX Corp. has released the 0402 case size version of its USB series of TVSs to add to its 0603, 0405 two-element array versions.
2003-05-20 AVX TVS line features improved performance for portable apps
AVX Corporation has released the 0402 case size version of its transient voltage suppressors that provide high electrical performance in computer peripherals.
2004-01-14 AVX TransFeed array comes in 0612 package
AVX Corp. has introduced its TransFeed array in the 0612 package.
2015-02-20 AVX touts lowest profile poke-home connector
The horizontal 9296 series connector features a 2mm dual beam, high spring-force, phosphor bronze poke-home contacts in a sleek 3mm pitch by 2.5mm high SMT package.
2012-12-18 AVX touts card edge connectors
The 9159-500 single-piece, bottom entry, board-to-board connector is engineered for Edison-replacement LED bulb assemblies.
2003-01-21 AVX to convert SMT tantalum caps to lead-free technology
AVX Corp. has announced that it will complete conversion of its commercial line of surface mount tantalum capacitors to lead-free technology in the first six months of 2003.
2005-10-21 AVX tantalum capacitors available for RoHS-exempt apps
AVX developed a tin-lead finish version of its conformally-coated tantalum radial leaded capacitor, which was initially introduced as the first lead-free component of its kind in January 2005.
2003-03-28 AVX supercapacitors offer 25-milliohm ESR
The Battery Energy Saving Technology Capacitor series of electromechanical supercapacitors from AVX Corp. offers an ESR up to 350 milliohms.
2003-11-24 AVX SAW filters measure 1.6-by-1.4-by-0.6mm
AVX Corp. has introduced a series of SAW filters that are designed for use in PCS, cellular, and GPS band receptions.
2015-02-06 AVX rolls out high CV tantalum capacitors
Extremely thin and flat, the new 47muF 8V 1206-06 TACmicrochip Series tantalum capacitor is ideal for use in a variety of handheld and embedded electronics.
2014-12-30 AVX reveals high CV tantalum SMD chip capacitors
Featuring undertab terminations, the F98-AS1 series targets automotive, commercial, industrial and medical applications, as well as input/output lines of small power supply circuits and smartphones.
2003-01-20 AVX releases military tantalum chip capacitors
AVX Corp. is offering its CWR09 and CWR11 military tantalum chip capacitors for commercial availability.
2016-05-12 AVX promises reliable 2mm-pitch battery connectors
Aimed at various consumer, medical and industrial applications, the 9155-800 series touts gold-plated BeCu contacts that deliver notable electrical and mechanical performance for more than 5,000 mating cycles.
2002-01-18 AVX passive filters pack capacitor, inductor elements in one chip
The W2H/W3H series miniature ceramic chip components combine capacitor and inductor elements in a single distributed constant circuit filter device.
2015-02-03 AVX outs high voltage stacked SMPS capacitors
The RV series capacitors are rated for 1kV-5kV and capacitance values spanning 100pF-15uF, and target applications such as medical, test, power conversion, scanning, and quality analysis equipment.
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