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2003-11-24 Qiaoyun wire harnesses support AWG 28, 22
Shenzhen Qiaoyun Electronic Co. Ltd has announced the availability of its 46-39020H-10X audio signal connector for TCL with a 2.5mm interval.
2007-12-05 PCIe AWG card has up to 4GSamples memory
Strategic Test has released the UF2e-6110 two-channel 125MSps 8bit arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) PCIe card.
2007-07-27 PCIe AWG board has synchronous multichannel capability
Strategic Test has developed what it claims as the world's first PCIe-based AWG boards well suited for demanding signal processing applications
2007-05-29 Oscilloscopes, AWG cards offer BaseXIO option
Strategic Test has added a BaseXIO option for its UltraFast oscilloscope and arbitrary waveform generator cards.
2002-12-10 MSA formed for on AWG modules
Alcatel Optronics, Hitachi Cable, and NTT Electronics, have forged an MSA for thermally stabilized Arrayed Waveguide Grating modules.
2002-04-29 Hitachi AWG module offers <3dB insertion loss
Hitachi Cable Ltd has developed an athermal arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) module that offers <3dB insertion loss when used as an optical MUX/DEMUX in DWDM systems.
2006-10-03 High-speed AWG produces 'real-life' waveforms
Tektronix said its new AWG series is the only one that can produce high-speed 'real-life' waveforms with imperfections, including noise, jitter, pre/de-emphasis and multilevel signalling up to 10Gbps.
2011-02-11 COTS AWG solution creates wide bandwidth signals
Tektronix Inc. presents a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) AWG solution, the AWG7000C series to create wide bandwidth signals to 2.5GHz and rise/fall time of 35ps for high speed serial signals.
2005-06-28 AWG serves microwave design
Agilent's low phase-noise N6031A AWG module, using a CompactPCI backplane internally and to connect to the chassis that it's plugged into, offers dual differential output channels to drive both single-ended and balanced designs.
2006-10-12 AWG PCI cards offer up to 4GSamples onboard memory
Strategic Test's two new AWG cards are supplied with 64MSamples of signal memory standard, but can be increased to 4GSamples using a proprietary DIMM module on the card.
2011-03-07 Waveform generator boasts high resolution, wide bandwidth
Agilent's M8190A arbitrary waveform generator boasts simultaneous high resolution and wide bandwidth along with dynamic range and very low harmonic distortion.
2010-04-14 Waveform generator boasts high resolution at 4.2GSps
The Agilent 81180A AWG pushes the waveform envelope further into generator territory, with a sample clock ranging from 10MSps to 4.2GSps and with up to 12bit vertical resolution.
2002-06-20 Variable optical attenuators combined with an arrayed waveguide grating filter for next-generation WDM system
This application note describes the combination of variable optical attenuators with an arrayed waveguide grating filter for next-generation WDM systems.
2014-04-09 Troubleshoot, fix problems on the go
Know how particular oscilloscopes can be used to capture and isolate waveform anomalies to identify source of the problems.
2003-10-01 Testing D-WDM components for loss, dispersion
As networks move to 10Gbps and beyond, it has become apparent that precise optical component characterization becomes mandatory.
2004-09-03 Tektronix software offers ease-of-use test configuration
Tektronix developed a PC-based software that raises ease-of-use to a new level for AWGs and AFGs, which are signal sources from the company.
2002-06-25 Taiwan optical comms sector reports demand growth
Optical communications companies in Taiwan have reported a 27 percent increase in orders for the first few months of 2002, compared to 2001, the Industrial Technology Intelligence Services reports.
2003-05-16 Simulating high-speed disk drive signals
To develop next-generation disk drives, engineers require test signals capable of simulating high-speed channel rates.
2003-03-27 NEC rolls PLC-based tunable dispersion modules
NEC Corp. has expanded its PLC-based products for the WDM transmission market with the development of its colorless AWG wavelength dispersion modules.
2005-05-16 LVDS pre-emphasis boosts cable performance
Moving streams of data over copper cables can be done more cost-effectively without lagging in performance
2002-05-07 105Vrms ring generator
This application note explains the operating principle behind the HV430 switch-mode ring generator, as well as provides sample circuits, including power supplies and PWM sinewave generators.
2002-11-14 Tyco power connectors rated up to 120A
Tyco Electronics' AMP Power Series 120 power connectors are rated at 120A, 600V when using AWG 2 wires.
2007-11-26 Samtec updates high-speed cable system portfolio
Samtec Inc. has expanded its Data Rate high-speed cable assembly line with the launch of its 75 single-ended 38 AWG micro ribbon coax cable system.
2007-07-23 Photovoltaic interconnects ease solar installations
Tyco has added the SolKlip grounding connectors line and solar AWG cable to its SOLARLOK photovoltaic interconnect family.
2005-09-19 Commercial wire from Raychem operates up to 150C
Tyco Electronics introduced the newest member of its Raychem FlexLite commercial wire familyFlexLite MT wire, which is available in a range of 10 to 28 AWG.
2003-06-30 Agere backs group supporting interface spec
Agere Systems has joined the Arapahoe Working Group (AWG).
2008-02-08 Active copper cables operate at 10Gbit/s over 10m
Gore's next-generation extended reach cable assemblies operate at 10Gbit/s per channel over a 10m span of AWG 28 copper cable.
2010-02-04 Wireline data transmission and reception
This application note describes a possible system architecture for transmitting a signal with high-frequency content, compensating for the frequency-dependent attenuation, and receiving this type of signal for further processing.
2008-05-05 Wire-to-board connectors enable secure mating
Molex Inc. has introduced a series of 2mm (.079-inch) pitch SMT wire-to-board connectors designed for applications that require secure electrical contact.
2014-10-07 Wire-to-board connector features crimp contact system
The DF63's crimp contact system features multi-contact points, with clear tactile and audible click during engagement to ensure complete mating.
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