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2003-10-06 New group seeks to "unleash" promised digital revolution
If the founder of MPEG has his way, a call to political action might drive engineers from their ivory towers to grapple with knotty political issues that have slowed the progress of a promised digital media revolution.
2002-03-19 New Focus to cease China operations
New Focus Inc. has revealed that it will divest operations related to the manufacture and purchase of passive optical components. In line with this, the company will stop operations at its facility in Shenzhen.
2003-12-05 New digital media group formalizes status
The Digital Media Project (DMP) has officially registered as a non-profit organization in Geneva.
2015-01-16 New applications to drive growth in 2015, beyond
The year 2015 looks likely to be a mixed bag of fortunes, says Francois Guibert at STMicroelectronics as he takes a look at what the future holds for MEMS and microcontrollers, bread and butter to his company.
2007-11-27 Network security market expands in China
The sales volume of China's network security market rose 24.3 percent, reaching $240.83 million in Q3 06, reported CCID Consulting Co. Ltd.
2011-09-21 Navigating through the changes in the new U.S. patent law
Knowing how the changes of the new U.S. patent law will affect IP strategies and practices will help inventors and patentees navigate the patent law shifts.
2003-01-02 Navigating rough seas to business success
The economic downturn in which we find ourselves today, took many in the industry by surprise in terms of speed with which it impacted the technology sector, and the way it is turning out to be longer than any of us ever imagined.
2005-01-10 National streamlines production operations in U.S., Europe, Asia
National Semiconductor Corp. has initiated a global program to reduce expenses, streamline manufacturing operations in line with the current utilization of the company's factories, and adjust factory levels required to support its ongoing higher value-added analog business model.
2009-03-17 National reports Q3 income, consolidation plans
National Semiconductor Corp has reported its sales and net income for Q3 of fiscal 2009. The company has also announced plan to reduce expenses and to consolidate manufacturing facilities, impacting an additional 875 positions over next several quarters.
2004-05-11 Nassda adds hierarchical timing analysis
Nassda is preparing Hanex v5.0, an upgrade of its static and dynamic circuit simulator.
2011-12-20 NAND flash market may find respite in holidays
Forecast for NAND flash average contract price could fall 5-7 percent or could stay flat through the pre-holiday sales.
2006-02-13 Multithreading CPU suits embedded applications
MIPS Technologies introduced its MIPS32 34K family of cores, a multithreading solution for embedded applications.
2005-09-23 Multiprocessor design for SoCs
Allocating performance among all of the tasks in an SoC design provides greater design flexibility with multiple CPUs than with just one control processor and multiple blocks of logic.
2007-05-16 Multicore DSP targets China MP3 market
Vivace Semiconductor's multicore DSP will capitalize on the addition of QVGA video to basic MP3 player platforms for the China market.
2009-11-09 Motorola tries its luck on smart phones
Motorola history in the handset market should be enough warning but the company is executing a strategy fraught with danger and likely to repeat mistakes made by previous management.
2015-04-27 More Freescale-NXP merger details revealed
Dutch giant NXPwith more than 27,800 employees in over 20 countriesis scheduled to complete the acquisition of Freescale17,000 employeesbefore the end of this year.
2011-11-17 Mobile patent punch-up survival guide
Experts believe that the disputes come at a time when priorities are shifting from circuits to systems in electronics patents, as products evolve to embrace systems of systems.
2013-05-23 Mobile memory contract price decline eases amid tight supply
In Q2, the drop in mobile DRAM contract prices has eased, and price-competitive mainstream products such as LPDDR2 4Gb, 8Gb and 16Gb underwent price drops of less than 10 per cent QoQ.
2006-10-18 Mitsubishi hit by SRAM probe
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. received a subpoena from the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division, seeking information about the sales of its SRAM parts in the United States.
2012-03-29 Mitigating conducted EMI from DC-DC converters
Here's a look at the theory and mitigation techniques of the conducted portion of EMI, specifically as generated by a step-down switcher.
2004-03-25 MIT technology fuels startup's synthesis tool
EDA startup Bluespec Inc. this week will announce an exclusive license from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for synthesis technology based on term rewriting systems (TRS).
2002-10-10 MIPS to streamline operations
MIPS Technologies Inc. has announced plans to consolidate its design activities and transition operations at its design center in Denmark in order to achieve needed cutting down of costs.
2008-08-15 MIPS to slash 15% of workforce
MIPS Technologies Inc. will lay off 15 percent of its 512 employees following a $103.1 million write off it is taking, mainly against the analog business it recently acquired with Chipidea.
2012-07-19 MIPS partners with Google, beefs up other ties
The company is now focused on growing its Android market and establishing partnerships in Asia.
2007-03-30 MIPS grants license to ST, expands China research center
STMicroelectronics has licensed MIPS Technologies' 64bit architecture core. ST will initially use the core as part of a project in cooperation with the Chinese Institute of Computing Technologies.
2005-08-04 MIPS gaining licensors among Chinese fabless firms
Shanghai's Opulan Technologies Corp. has licensed the low-power MIPS32 4KEc core for use in a system-on-chip platform aimed at China's fast-growing market for xDSL access equipment.
2012-11-15 MIPI Alliance: Standardised sensor interface a must
MIPI Alliance is seeking the development of an interface standard that will allow MEMS sensors to access a common interface.
2007-03-01 Minor role awaits WiMAX in next-gen cellular
WiMAX won't grab the brass ring as the technology that defines 4G cellular systems but it is likely to capture a healthy minority stake in that emerging sector and could help bring Internet access to a new-gen of consumer devices.
2008-02-26 Microsoft makes openness pledge?
Microsoft opens its software a bit more to the rest of the world? There's more than meets the eye going on.
2006-03-28 Microsoft appeals Korea Fair Trade Commission decision
Microsoft filed an appeal with the Seoul High Court to review the decision in the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) case against Microsoft.
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