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2006-02-27 Intel, AMD, HP pay Patriot $24 million for licenses
Patriot Scientific said it has received a total of $24 million as a result of processor licensing agreements with Intel Corp., Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Hewlett-Packard.
2006-11-16 Intel, AMD clash anew on interconnects
A battle royal is shaping up as archrivals Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Intel Corp. race to define interconnects for their next-generation multicore processors.
2002-08-15 Intel adopts strained silicon for 90nm process
Intel Corp. said that it will add strained silicon technology to its 90nm technology mix, and will use the process to make the Pentium 4 microprocessor code-named "Prescott" starting next year.
2005-12-06 India may take 26% equity in fab
The Indian federal government is likely to take a 26 percent equity stake in the new company being floated for the wafer fab project proposed by SemIndia with AMD.
2002-12-03 IC execs whisper of recovery
For two years chipmakers have been at the mercy of their customers, who have not been shy about playing the overcapacity card to their advantage by pressing for lower prices and shorter lead times.
2005-07-21 IBM, AMD, Infineon, Micron form litho club
Chip makers IBM Corp., Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Infineon Technologies AG, and Micron Technology Inc. are joining forces with ASML Holding NV and KLA-Tencor Corp. in a $600 million seven-year consortium called INVENT, according to a report.
2004-12-17 IBM, AMD develop strained silicon transistor tech
IBM and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) have developed strained silicon transistor technology aimed at improving processor performance and power efficiency.
2007-02-22 IBM's eDRAM challenges Intel on cache
IBM's announcement that it will be able to pack as much as 48Mbytes of eDRAM on a processor when its 45nm process technology comes online, could mark a shift toward using DRAM for cache in some chips.
2003-11-25 IBM could be a partner in AMD's Dresden fab
U.S. chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has decided to build a 300mm wafer fab in Dresden Germany.
2012-11-20 Globalfoundries targets profitability, IPO in 2015
Mike Noonen, Globalfoundries' executive vice president, stated that the pure play foundry expects to be profitable by 2015 and may stage an initial public offering once that goal is met.
2006-12-11 Gartner raises chip market estimate
Worldwide semiconductor revenue totaled $261.4 billion in 2006, an 11.3 percent increase from 2005, according to preliminary results from Gartner Inc
2002-12-17 Flash gets a quantum makeover at IEDM
Research at the University of Tokyo and at Advanced Micro Devices Inc. dangles the possibility of using quantum-well technology to breathe new life into Flash memory.
2006-08-22 Dell to launch desktops with AMD processors
Dell announced that it will launch its first desktop computers with Advanced Micro Devices processors in September
2006-05-23 Dell embraces AMD processors
In a major shift in strategy, Dell Computer said that it would roll out new servers, based on microprocessors from Advanced Micro Devices
2006-03-24 Dell acquisition start of AMD relationship, says analyst
A prominent semiconductor industry analyst characterized Dell's proposed acquisition of high-end PC supplier Alienware as a way for the computer giant to "back its way" into a relationship with AMD.
2006-10-20 Court approves AMD's acquisition of ATI
The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has issued the final order approving AMD's acquisition of ATI Technologies.
2005-04-21 Chinese PC firm hit by shortages of Intel's mobile MPUs
Intel Corp. reportedly continues to experience shortages for its mobile microprocessor line, especially in Asia.
2006-09-08 ATI lowers sales forecast by $140M
ATI said that consolidated revenue for Q4 of fiscal 2006 is currently expected to be around $520 million, which is more than $100 million below estimates before AMD offered to buy the company.
2002-06-25 Analysts flatten computer growth forecasts
Wall Street analysts cratered already low growth forecasts for the computer industry in 2002-2003 to near zero this week following quarterly earnings warnings from Apple Computer Inc., Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and others.
2005-07-29 Analysis: why did Intel announce new fab?
Intel Corp.'s announcement to build a new 300mm fab has little to do with future PC growth, as the chip giant hinted earlier this week.
2003-01-24 AMD, Metrowerks platform supports Linux-based PDAs
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Metrowerks have created the OpenPDA Linux-based software platform for PDAs and smart phones based on AMD's Alchemy Solutions Mobile Client reference design kit.
2002-06-10 AMD, Infineon, DuPont establish photomask facility in Germany
Construction work on the Advanced Mask Technology Center, an equally-owned venture of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), Infineon Technologies AG, and DuPont Photomasks Inc., has begun in Dresden, Germany.
2006-12-06 AMD, Hynix to enter top 10 semi suppliers
Advanced Micro Devices and Hynix Semiconductor will finally break into the list of the world's top 10 semiconductor suppliers this year, according to a preliminary ranking from iSuppli
2004-11-30 AMD, ATI Technologies unveil notebook chips
Advanced Micro Devices and ATI Technologies unveiled last week processors for thin and light notebooks
2005-04-01 AMD's Opteron moves into high-end embedded markets
The Opteron processor is headed to high-end embedded markets, including medical imaging, storage appliances and carrier-grade telecom, according to AMD.
2006-03-01 AMD's Live aims to bring online content to the TV
The brand names rhyme, but otherwise, AMD's Live has little in common with Intel's Viiv.
2004-02-11 AMD wins approval for European fab
The EU Commission has approved an investment of $693M for Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD) new fab in Dresden, Germany
2006-10-11 AMD Validated Solutions power best-of-breed platforms
AMD unveiled the AMD Validated Solutions that is designed to address needs for best-of-breed platform provider solutions and to provide rigorous platform validation and testing.
2004-08-27 AMD unveils new processor for desktop-replacement notebooks
AMD's new Athlon 64 processor 3700+ is touted to be the highest performing 32-bit/64-bit processor available for mobile PCs.
2002-01-21 AMD to sign deal with Asian foundry
Hector Ruiz, COO at Advanced Micro Devices Inc., said he expects to announce soon an agreement with an unnamed Asian foundry that will allow AMD to "take our sweet spot and fine-tune it for the foundry market."
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