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2004-08-20 AMD confirms 90nm shipments, juggles processors
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has confirmed reports that appeared last week that it has begun shipping for revenue microprocessor ICs made using 90nm manufacturing processes.
2002-12-27 AMD brings processor to mission-critical systems
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has announced the availability of the Athlon MP processor 2400+, which is designed for intense computing apps.
2007-02-16 AMD bares first details of 45nm plan
The company's 45nm blueprint includes the use of copper interconnects, porous low-k-dielectric films, embedded strained silicon and advanced annealing
2003-04-23 AMD 64-bit processor supports 32-bit software
Advanced Micro Devices has announced the release of the Opteron 64-bit processor, which is aimed as an alternative to Intel's Itanium processors
2006-05-01 A year on the rise for AMD
AMD scored major successes in CPU design, sales and manufacturing in 2005, further bolstering its reputation as a credible alternative to archrival Intel.
2006-10-02 'Server-on-chip' opens road to universal I/O
Sun Microsystems will pack native PCI Express and 10GbE interfaces onto its next-generation Niagara processor. The resulting server-on-a-chip generated debate about the future of integrated I/O in the era of multicore microprocessors.
2006-12-08 'Digital living room' to take many forms, says AMD
Contrary to the prevailing wisdom, the PC will not necessarily be the centerpiece of the so-called "digital living room," according to an Advanced Micro Devices Inc. executive.
2007-01-01 'Digital living room' to take many forms
The PC will not necessarily be the centerpiece of the so-called "digital living room," according to an AMD executive.
2005-02-21 World's 'smallest linear PA module' includes on-chip power detector
RFMD's new RF5198 module is touted to be the world's smallest linear PA module to include an on-chip power detector.
2005-01-07 Transceiver solution supports four frequency bands
RFMD unveiled its Polaris 2 Total Radio solution that is comprised of its Polaris 2 transceiver and PowerStar power amplifier module.
2002-09-13 Singapore seeks to achieve electronics rebound
Government officials and industry leaders in Singapore said their key focus is sustaining growth for the city-state's faltering electronics industry.
2003-05-27 RFMD, Silicon Wave partner on Bluetooth solutions
RF Micro Devices and Silicon Wave have agreed to enter into a strategic relationship for Bluetooth solutions manufacturing and distribution
2004-03-12 RFMD launches world's smallest PA module
RF Micro Devices has disclosed that it has begun production shipments of the world's smallest quad-band, Edge-capable power amplifier module
2004-10-22 RFMD delivers transceivers, PAs to Motorola
RF Micro Devices Inc. (RFMD) has announced volume production shipments of POLARIS TOTAL RADIO GSM/GPRS transceivers and PowerStar power amplifier (PA) modules for use in the Motorola MPx220 handset
2002-08-27 RFMD CDMA receiver features 3-by-3mm footprint
The RF2870 CDMA front-end receiver features a transmit local oscillator buffer amplifier and occupies a 3-by-3mm footprint.
2004-03-05 NEC phones contain RFMD's PA modules
RF Micro Devices Inc. (RFMD) has announced production shipments of its RF3133 and RF3140 PowerStar power amplifier (PA) modules to NEC for broadband networking and mobile Internet
2006-05-30 Memory modules support socket AM2 desktop processors
Kingston Technology Co. Inc. announced the release of DDR2 800MHz ValueRAM memory modules to support select socket AM2 desktop processors
2010-06-17 Front-end module fits multiple Tx/Rx apps at 900MHz
From RF Micro Devices Inc. comes the RF3858 front end module, which supports multiple Tx/Rx applications in the 900MHz ISM band, including Smart Energy/AMI
2013-01-16 FEM targets smart energy, ISM band apps
The RFFM6403 from RFMD operates in the 405-475MHz range and integrates a transmit high power path with a 30.5dBm PA and Tx harmonic output filtering.
2007-01-12 Digital cable tuner turns PC into PVR
AMD's ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner turns a PC into a PVR with easy-to-use Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center menus and interfaces.
2003-10-20 Current leakage tool could boost Transmeta's Efficeon
Transmeta Corp. has launched its second-generation x86-compatible notebook processor.
2005-12-14 ChipMOS, Spansion ink test agreement
ChipMOS Technologies has entered into an assembly and testing agreement with Spansion LLC, the flash memory venture of Advanced Micro Devices
2003-05-15 AMD ships new Athlon XP desktop processor
The Athlon XP processor 3200+ is touted by AMD to be world's highest performing desktop PC processor.
2002-12-23 AMD ships development kits for Alchemy SoCs
The company has announced the availability of the DBAu1000, DBAu1500, and DBAu1100 development board kits for its Alchemy Solutions processor family.
2003-05-09 AMD rolls Athlon MP 2800+ processor
Advanced Micro Devices has introduced the Athlon MP 2800+ processor which is designed for one- and two-way servers and workstations
2002-08-09 AMD Flash memory eyes 2.5G, 3G phones
AMD Inc. has announced the availability of the Am29BDS640G 64Mb Flash memory device that operates at 1.8V and is targeted towards 2.5G and 3G mobile phones
2006-05-05 AMD challenges Intel on processor power consumption
Advanced Micro Devices is turning up the heat on rival Intel by turning down the power
2006-02-06 Voltage comparators deliver high output
Advanced Linear Devices added two quad voltage comparators to its precision monolithic high performance line that are said to provide a 0.24A output drive
2007-03-12 Qualcomm invests in Shanghai-based IC equipment developer
Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. announced that it has raised $8 million from Qualcomm Inc. and other investors in its latest round of financing
2003-03-20 Optical interface alliances drive new integration business
Semiconductor and opto-component manufacturers culminating for the Optical Fibers in Communications Conference will seek through alliances and design wins the kind of subsystem integration long predicted for the optical transmission world.
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