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2005-02-17 Agilent optimizes wireless video services with test capabilities
Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced video testing capabilities for its wireless network optimization platform that enable RF engineering teams to quantify wireless user experience during video calls and help identify the cause of problems.
2013-01-04 Agilent opens repair, calibration lab in Vietnam
The facility will offer local services that claim to incorporate the same automated procedures used at service centres and mobile calibration labs around the world.
2003-04-10 Agilent opens online EEsof center
Agilent Technologies Inc. has launched its EEsof Knowledge Center, a Web site for EDA information and tools.
2007-04-24 Agilent opens headquarters campus, open lab in China
Agilent announced the official opening of its China headquarters campus and the launch of its Open Lab & Solution Center and the Life Sciences & Chemical Analysis Center of Excellence
2003-05-19 Agilent offers hot-pluggable DWDM transceivers
Agilent Technologies has announced that it has begun shipping of what it claims to be the industry's first hot-pluggable DWDM transceivers.
2008-07-17 Agilent offers first HiSIM2.4 model extraction package
Agilent Technologies Inc. releases the first commercially available HiSIM2.4 model extraction package for DC and RF parameters for advanced CMOS device models.
2007-04-03 Agilent offers complete optical receiver stress test solution
Agilent Technologies introduced a complete optical receiver stress test solutionthe N4917Awhich provides repeatable conformance and characterization test results.
2009-02-24 Agilent offers 'first' LTE real-time base station test
Agilent Technologies Inc. is offering what it claims is the first LTE real-time signal generation and channel emulation product for base station test.
2004-06-16 Agilent offering evaluates all RF, microwave sources
Agilent's new instrument can evaluate the critical performance characteristics of nearly all types of RF and microwave signal sources
2003-07-17 Agilent obtains chip test system orders from ASE
ASE Group has purchased 25 units of 93000 SOC series test systems from Agilent Technologies Inc.
2004-12-03 Agilent N2X solution validates Cisco's 40Gbps CRS-1 system
Agilent Technologies Inc. has conducted the demonstration of core router performance at speeds up to 40Gbps in an independent evaluation of the Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System.
2002-02-05 Agilent mouse sensor provides 800 CPI resolution
2012-03-02 Agilent MOI for MIPI M-PHY conformance tests
Know the measurement procedures for the interface S-parameter and impedance tests defined in the MIPI Alliance Specification for M-PHY.
2012-09-05 Agilent MOI for HDMI 1.4b cable assembly test
Understand the measurement procedures for HDMI cable assemblies with Agilent E5071C ENA Option TDR
2004-06-08 Agilent module features motor shaft revolution-count capability
Agilent introduced a module that adds motor shaft revolution-count capability to its AEAS-7000 plug-and-play absolute encoder
2003-08-19 Agilent MIR transceiver features low power
The second-generation MIR transceiver from Agilent Technologies is claimed by the company as the industry's lowest power transceiver.
2005-08-19 Agilent microwave synthetic instruments to meet MIL demands
Extending longevity, and attempting to lower the cost of automated test, Agilent is about to roll out a family of six synthetic instruments that are all are slated for microwave apps
2012-02-09 Agilent Medalist i1000D with JET board handler
Learn about Agilent Medalist i1000D with JET board handler touted to enable in-circuit test in a fully automated environment
2014-01-24 Agilent M8000 allows validation of physical layer designs
The M8000 bit error ratio test solution from Agilent Technologies allows developers and system integrators of multi-gigabit network equipment to characterise and validate physical layer designs and to conduct compliance testing in this area.
2011-08-15 Agilent logic analyzer touted as industry's fastest
The AXIe-based U4154A claims to be the industry's fastest logic analyzer with state capture speed of 4GB/s on 68 channels and 2.5Gb/s on 136 channels.
2004-01-09 Agilent links up with Unified 10Gbps Initiative
Agilent Technologies Inc. has joined the Unified 10 Gbps Physical-layer Initiative (UXPi) as a contributing member.
2004-04-19 Agilent LEDs eye next-gen mobile phones, PDAs
Targeting the next-generation mobile phones and PDAs, Agilent has introduced what it claims as the industry's smallest ChipLED surface-mount LEDs
2002-02-25 Agilent launches value-added services for GSM, GPRS operators
Agilent Technologies launched at the 3GSM World Congress a pair of GSM and GPRS solutions aimed at generating additional revenue for network operators.
2003-06-23 Agilent launches project to aid Taiwan-based manufacturers
Agilent Technologies has received a government grant from the Taiwan MOEA to spur communications product R&D through an initiative called the Agilent Integrated Platform Service Project.
2007-08-24 Agilent launches new optical polarization solutions
Agilent Technologies has expanded its fiber-optic test portfolio with six new polarization analysis and control solutions for R&D and manufacturing of optical components and systems.
2003-08-11 Agilent launches ISO 17025-compliant services
Agilent Technologies has announced that they now provide fully conformant ISO 17025 calibration services for complex electronic test instruments.
2005-10-26 Agilent joins Zigbee Alliance
Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced that it is the first test and measurement equipment firm to join the Zigbee Alliance, an international organization of over 100 companies pushing for the deployment of this open global standard connectivity platform.
2008-02-26 Agilent joins LTE/SAE trial initiative
The LTE/SAE Trial Initiative, which is designed to validate the technology's capability to bring high-speed wireless broadband to the global market, has gained a new member with the enlistment of Agilent Technologies Inc.
2002-09-18 Agilent IR transceiver integrates IrDA, remote control ops
Agilent Technologies Inc.'s HSDL-3002 IR transceiver combines IrDA compatibility with IR remote control operation, enabling PDAs and mobile phones to control consumer appliances.
2004-03-09 Agilent IR transceiver enables remote control features
With Agilent Technologies' IR transceiver, mobile phones will be able to function as universal IR remote control devices for televisions, VCRs and DVDs.
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