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2008-05-16 Freescale, Fujitsu, Alpha develop digital media server platform
Freescale Semiconductor, Fujitsu Microelectronics and Alpha Systems have developed a digital media server development platform that enables real-time transcoding of video content.
2004-05-12 Ballard, Alpha to develop fuel cell backup power systems
Ballard Power Systems Inc. and Alpha Technologies Ltd have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop and field test backup power systems.
2005-10-18 ASML's EUVL alpha tool shipments slip to Q2
European lithography equipment vendor ASML Holdings NV now expects to ship its two alpha extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) tools in the second quarter of 2006, the company said. This is a change from previous expectations that the tools would ship in the first quarter.
2002-05-28 Alpha, Conexant merger to give birth to wireless telecom firm
Upon the completion of the merger between Alpha Ind. Inc. and Conexant Systems Inc., the two companies will create an independent wireless company, which will be named Skyworks Solutions Inc.
2002-02-05 Alpha sampling phase detectors operate up to 22GHz
Claimed to be the industry's first surface-mount sampling phase detectors to utilize a unique hybrid assembly design, the SPD family is designed for use in VSAT and LMDS applications that operate in the 18GHz to 22GHz range.
2003-11-03 Aerodev EMI filters have dual alpha section filter
The DNF05-H EMI filter from Aerodev Electromagnetic Tech Inc. features a dual alpha section filter that provides high CM and DM attenuation.
2002-07-01 Wireless IC company unveils business plan
Skyworks Solutions Inc. is a wireless semiconductor company created by the merger between Alpha Ind. Inc. and the wireless communications business of Conexant Systems Inc.
2001-04-19 Varactor SPICE models for RF VCO applications
This application note discusses a varactor equivalent circuit model for RF VCO applications.
2001-09-11 The AlphaArray as a Microarray Reader
This application note describes the AlphaArray system as a Microarray Reader. It defines the AlphaArray system and discusses its advantages compared to conventional scanner terminology.
2001-04-19 T/R switch for IMT-2000 handset applications
This application note addresses an SMP1320-079-/SMP1320-017-based handset T/R switch design that enables its antenna to be electronically connected to either the transmitter or receiver.
2001-09-11 Strengths and weaknesses of laser/PMT based microarray scanner systems
This application note explains the strengths and weaknesses of laser and PMT (photo-multiplier tube) based microarray scanner systems.
2002-12-26 Startup taps digital holography for wafer inspection
A metrology startup is pitching the use of digital holography to peer into the narrow and deep spaces, such as contacts and trench capacitors, on semiconductor wafers.
2007-05-16 Solder paste with SACX alloy delivers high throughput
Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials adds to its offering the new ALPHA OM-350 Pb-free solder paste with SACX alloy developed by the Cookson Electronics' R&D group.
2006-05-25 Solder paste allows high print speeds
Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials launched the Alpha OM-338 PT, a lead-free solder paste.
2006-03-09 Solder flux designed for tin-lead, Pb-free processes
Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials has launched the ALPHA EF-6100 low-solids wave solder flux.
2014-08-12 Smart load switch supports 5-16V operating input voltage
The AOZ1363 from AOS is a high current smart load switch with rapid turn-off fault protection and current monitoring, and supports up to 6A of continuous current.
2001-09-11 Resolution required with AlphaArray
This application note discusses the resolution required to achieve accurate and reproducible data with the AlphaArray imaging system.
2004-08-18 New wave solder alloy delivers quality cost-effectively
Cookson introduced its Alpha Vaculoy SACX307 lead-free wave solder alloy that "cost-effectively" delivers high yield and fast throughput.
2003-01-20 Nam Tai invests in wireless solution company
Nam Tai Electronics Inc. has subscribed for a 25 percent shareholding in Alpha Star Investments Ltd, a wireless tech firm.
2001-09-12 How intuitive and easy to use is the ArrayEase software?
This application note describes the flexibility and ease of use of the ArrayEase software.
2001-09-11 How AlphaArray generates reproducible data
This application note discusses how the AlphaArray imaging system generates reproducible data with a wide real dynamic range.
2001-04-19 Epoxy die attachment for GaAs flip-chip devices
This application note outlines the epoxy die attach process outlined for Alpha Industries' GaAs flip-chip devices.
2002-10-21 Embedded processors, cores target broad app range
Designers detailed a diverse array of embedded processors at the end of the Microprocessor Forum at San Jose, California.
2005-02-01 Cypress samples seven customers with magnetic RAM
Silicon Magnetic Systems shipped so-called "alpha" samples of a 256Kb MRAM device to customers.
2001-04-19 Circuit models for plastic packaged microwave diodes
This application note reports on the measurement and establishment of circuit models for SOT-23- and SOD-323-packaged diodes.
2003-12-15 AlphaData converter suits business presentation apps
Designed for business presentation applications, the SmartDVD viewer AD-DSC from Alpha-Data is a down-scan converter for sending PC images to a TV screen at a resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels.
2001-09-11 AlphaArray CCD array detector vs. laser-based systems
This application note describes the ability of the AlphaArray system to deliver high-resolution, full-slide image acquisitions 10X to 100X faster than laser- and CCD-based microarray scanners.
2001-04-19 A wideband general purpose PIN diode attenuator
This application note describes the design of a high-performance, PIN-based, four-diode PI attenuator utilizing Alpha's low-cost SMP1307-011 diode in a plastic SOD-323 package.
2001-04-19 A low phase noise VCO design for PCS handset applications
This application note describes the design and performance of a VCO centered at 1.75GHz for a PCS handset that utilizes Alpha's SMV1763-079 varactor diode.
2001-04-19 A level detector design for dual-band GSM-PCS handsets
This application note reviews detector fundamentals and shows the performance of a broadband detector, which terminates a 50-ohm transmission line and uses Alpha's SMS7630 Zero Bias Detector (ZBD) Schottky diode.
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