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2010-04-12 UHF ICs offer tag tamper alarm, privacy mode options
NXP offers the UCODE G2iL and G2iL+ UHF chips featuring tag tamper alarm, privacy mode options and password-protected data transfer or digital switch
2005-06-03 Tri-mode charge pump targets high volume cellphone market
Advanced Analogic Technologies introduced a high efficiency, low noise, constant frequency charge pump for white LED applications
2009-09-03 Transceiver guards against common mode transients
Isolating the logic level interface and line transceiver enables common mode rejection of >30kV/?S
2008-03-31 Toshiba adds VHF-to-UHF dual-mode LNA
TAEC has rolled out a VHF-to-UHF dual-mode RF amplifier IC for use with portable systems with a built-in TV tuner
2009-04-14 Smart card interface claims 'lowest power stop mode
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the DS8023, a low-power, low-cost, single smart-card interface. A complete interface for smart-card communication, this device performs level translation between a host microcontroller and a 5V, 3V or 1.8V smart card.
2015-02-24 Single module packs dual-band Wi-Fi, dual-mode Bluetooth
The ODIN-W262 module from u-blox supports multiple concurrent Wi-Fi, Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy links to provide flexibility, and it is easily configured using AT-commands.
2007-05-22 Resonant mode controller enables compact power design
ON Semiconductor has introduced NCP1396, a high performance resonant mode controller featuring built-in high side and low side MOSFET drivers
2010-09-22 Quad-mode LED driver powers ultra-low-power applications
New LED driver features quad-mode charge pump for high peak efficiency
2010-10-21 Power amplifiers for mobiles boast digital power mode control
Avago Technologies' new CoolPAM power amplifier modules designed for linear quad-band GSM/EDGE operation
2009-11-03 MOSFET drivers provide light-load efficiency mode
Microchip rolls out synchronous buck MOSFET drivers in small 8-pin SOIC and 3mm x 3mm DFN packages to provide maximum efficiency in a small footprint.
2010-03-04 MCUs consume 180?A/MHz in active mode
From Energy Micro come the ARM Cortex-M3-based EFM32 Tiny Gecko microcontrollers that have active mode current consumption typically 180?A/MHz executing code from flash
2011-07-20 MCUs consume 160µA/MHz in active mode
Energy Micro's EFM32 Gecko and Tiny Gecko product lines target energy sensitive applications such as building automation, security systems and portable health and fitness equipment.
2011-03-18 LED driver uses peak current mode control scheme
Supertex releases HV9860 boost LED driver designed to optimize the performance and lifespan of LEDs in applications RGB or white LED backlighting, LCD TVs and LED lamps.
2009-04-03 LDO regulator equipped with power save mode
Torex Semiconductor Ltd has released the XC6220 series of 1A output high-speed CMOS LDO regulator.
2013-10-10 IDT takes on wireless power market with dual-mode solution
IDT's dual-mode solution can automatically switch between WPC and PMA protocols and negotiate the power exchange without user supervision
2006-10-19 Green-mode power adapter suits HD DVD players
Adapter Technology has launched the STD series of green mode, environment-friendly power adapters that are suitable for external HD DVD players
2008-03-13 Dual-mode GPU transmits DisplayPort, HDMI
TI has introduced three compact GPUs that support data signaling rates up to 2.7Gbit/s to accommodate DisplayPort and HDMI speeds.
2008-12-22 Dual voltage regulators feature energy-saving mode
Torex Semiconductor Ltd has released the XC6416 series of dual LDO voltage regulators that employ a CMOS process, providing high accuracy, low noise, high ripple rejection and low dropout.
2010-03-17 Current-mode controllers come in 100/133kHz versions
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NCP1237, NCP1238 and NCP1288 fixed-frequency, current-mode controller ICs that include built-in 65kHz oscillator and 100kHz and 133kHz versions
2007-11-08 Class D speaker amp has dual-mode volume control
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9768 highly efficient, 10W, mono, single-supply, Class D speaker amplifier with versatile, analog/digital volume control.
2006-10-26 Catalyst offers LED driver for Movie/Flash mode apps
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has announced the availability of a high power, 500mA inductive boost LED driver for Movie/Flash mode applications
2006-02-10 Capacitors suppress common-/differential-mode interference
Vishay extended its range of ceramic disc capacitors with the launch of two new series of high-reliability components designed for RFI/EMI suppression.
2015-11-02 Camera sensor can record 30fps in HDR mode
OmniVision's 1/3in OV2718 features the company's OmniBSI-2 pixel architecture to deliver best-in-class low-light sensitivity for security and surveillance systems.
2014-08-20 Burst-mode camera allows movie shooting at 1 trillion fps
A group of researchers claimed to have developed the world's fastest burst-mode camera that obtains continuous, single-shot, burst-type images without the need for repetitive measurements
2010-07-16 All-purpose signal spectrum analyzer operates in real-time mode
The FSVR real-time spectrum analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz combines the functions of an all-purpose signal and spectrum analyzer with a real-time spectrum analyzer.
2008-11-24 16bit MCU with stop mode suits DAQ apps
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAXQ2010 16bit mixed-signal MCU with power-saving stop mode that reduces power consumption to 370nA typical and 6.5?A maximum at +85C, extending the life of battery-powered devices
2014-09-24 VESA extends DisplayPort support to USB Type-C interface
The specification leverages the Alt Mode functional extension of USB Type?C, repurposing some or all of the four existing SuperSpeed USB lanes to deliver full DisplayPort performance.
2007-06-20 White LED drivers offer 90% efficiency
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. releases two new 1.25MHz current-mode boost converters optimized for white LED applications
2015-03-12 Toshiba unveils smallest CMOS image sensor
Toshiba introduces the world's smallest CMOS image sensor with 13Mpx and HD video support. The device integrates the Bright Mode technology, which boosts image brightness four-fold
2009-12-09 SR controller promises high accuracy, reliability
International Rectifier has launched the IR11672A SmartRectifier IC with advanced Minimum On Time protection circuitry for energy-efficient AC/DC power converters.
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