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2006-06-27 Amphenol unveils RoHS-compliant connectors
Amphenol has introduced RoHS-compliant versions of its Amphe-Lite connectors that promise complete EMI shielding.
2003-05-27 Amphenol connectors provide secure mating
Amphenol Industrial Operations has introduced the GTM-C series of rear-release connectors that features a metal clip contact retention system.
2002-02-18 Amphenol connectors aim at harsh environments
Amphenol Industrial Operations has launched its Amphe-Lite connectors via an exclusive deal with distributor TTI Inc.
2004-12-02 Tru-Lock connector designed for rugged apps
Amphenol Industrial Operations introduced its Tru-Lok 2-pin connector with 1.5mm socket contacts for rugged environments.
2005-10-12 Teradyne sells connector division for $390 million
Automatic test equipment company Teradyne Inc. has agreed to sell its connector division to Amphenol Corp. for $390 million in cash.
2006-03-03 Push-pull connectors enable quick mating
Amphenol Industrial Operations has introduced a series of push-pull aluminum shell connectors that allow for quick mating and unmating of the connector.
2006-05-30 Cylindrical connectors are RoHS compliant
Amphenol Industrial Operations has released the RoHS-compliant version of its PT series miniature cylindrical connectors suitable for environmental sealing or pressurized applications.
2006-03-21 Connectors allow quick mating, unmating
Amphenol Industrial Operations has introduced a new series of push-pull aluminum shell connectors that allow quick mating and unmating.
2005-06-10 Auto connectors handle 250A
In order for all the requirements of a high-power connector in an automobile to be fulfilled, Amphenol is developing a high power connector system with hyperbolic contact geometry for pluggable connections
2009-04-20 Medical connectors promise fast, secure lock
ACAL Technology has released the Amphenol Alden range of medical connectors that offer Pulse-Lok mechanism, which guarantees fast and secure connection in life-sustaining and emergency applications.
2008-02-04 High-speed connector platform comes in stacking version
Amphenol TCS has introduced a stacking version of its 20+ Gbit/s XCede backplane connector platform, providing performance headroom for mezzanine card applications.
2011-09-22 Data connectors operate at -40C to 125C
Amphenol said its high-speed connectors are designed for high vibration, high temperature and rugged environments.
2008-01-28 Connector moves data at 10Gbit/s+ rates
Amphenol TCS has launched its eHSD connector as an upgrade to the VHDM-HSD platform, with significantly less crosstalk and scalable data rates greater than 10Gbit/s.
2009-03-11 Xi'an HTDZ rises as China's R&D hotbed
Having pinned many of its plans for industrial transformation on its electronics and information technology industries, China has become an R&D hotbed among domestic and foreign companies alike.
2010-11-01 SSD Form Factor Working Group kicks off standardization
Several companies have formed the Solid State Drive Form Factor Working Group to push the development of PCIe storage drives through standardization.
2014-10-08 Smart DIY: Why do companies design their own sensors?
There are many reasons why several big companies brew their own sensors and sensor hubs. For some, especially in Asia, it's about vertical integration, while others want to add products to their catalogue.
2007-03-16 Signal-integrity issues plague multigigahertz era
Engineers want a new bag of tricks to manage signal integrity as data rates soar into multigigahertz territory.
2016-03-31 OIF unveils PAM4 and NRZ modulations in the same app
The annual Optical Internetworking Forum at OFC 2016 demonstrates how both PAM4 and NRZ modulations can be used in the same application.
2011-09-09 FPGA kit improves high-bandwidth systems
Altera has launched the full-featured Stratix V GX FPGA-based development kit, which features 28-nm FPGAs and promises to speed up high-performance system design.
2011-05-30 Backplane connector devices offer high linear signal density
FCI announces the availability of XCede vertical backplane headers and right-angle daughter card receptacles that address the requirements for high linear signal density.
2013-05-02 Active antenna prototype maximises coverage, data rate
Today's active antennas can adjust impedance and frequency response to cover a set of frequency bands. The prototype versions can change the length and shape of radiation elements to focus beams in specific directions.
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