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2011-05-30 EMC Basics #4: Analog devices as crucial circuits
Find out how analog devices, circuits and functional blocks can be affected by radio frequency.
2009-11-02 Dongbu aims to be analog foundry powerhouse
South Korea foundry Dongbu HiTek Co. Ltd is looking for respect in the foundry business and aims at being the "TSMC" in analog and mixed-signal
2008-01-17 Digital living room challenge: Make devices talk wirelessly
Since a full suite of HDTVs, DVD players and cameras are now being delivered by consumer electronics companies into the digital living room, the question of how best to connect them wirelessly arises.
2008-05-27 Digital and analog measurement units for digital CMOS microphone preamplifier ASICs
The purpose of this application note by Rebecca Reich for Analog Devices is to explain the difference between analog and digital values when measuring the input and output of a digital microphone preamplifier with an audio analyzer.
2004-08-18 Despite profit, Analog Devices results disappoint
Analog Devices Inc. has reported net income of $169 million on sales revenue of $717.8 million for the third quarter of fiscal 2004, ended on July 31.
2011-04-26 Databeans: Analog Devices profits from data converter needs
Analog Devices benefits from growing demand for digital devices, according to Databeans.
2008-11-07 Compact modulator carries AGC for comm devices
Analog has launched a high-performance broadband I/Q quadrature modulator that incorporates automatic gain control circuitry within a compact 6mm x 6mm lead-frame chip-scale package
2004-07-01 CMOS wireless looks to 60GHz devices
Broadband wireless in the 60GHz band is challenging designers to develop low-cost CMOS devices in the microwave region
2007-01-15 Choose the right OS for your consumer devices
The explosive growth of the CE market has led to a proliferation of hardware platforms, operating systems and development tools. In response, the consumer products industry is embracing the concept of DSO which involves optimization of technologies and processes on an enterprise basis rather than project by project.
2006-09-22 Catalyst Semicon beefs up analog roadmap
Despite the fact that 90 percent of its revenue comes from its memory business, Catalyst Semiconductor has opted to focus its R&D initiatives on new analog products
2006-11-01 Catalyst Semi beefs up analog roadmap
While 90 percent of its revenue comes from its memory business, Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has opted to focus to its R&D initiatives on new analog products
2012-08-24 Cable equalizer aimed at analog video distribution
ADI's AD8122 claims to enable clear transmission of UXGA and 1080p images over Cat-5 cables up to 300m.
2010-07-12 Analysis: Can Intersil make it big in analog
Intersil Corp. has made some moves to break out of the pack and become the next $1 billion wonder in analog, but many wonder if the chipmaker is a contender or a mere pretender
2007-03-05 Analog video distribution solutions support 500MHz bandwidth
ADI has introduced the first combination of analog crosspoint switches and driver/receiver amplifiers that support bandwidths up to 500MHz for analog video
2008-12-09 Analog vendors suffer more job cuts, lower forecasts
The once-robust analog chip market continues to suffer as vendors report more lay offs and reduced forecasts
2010-03-19 Analog vendors struggle with crisis, miscalculations
The analog semiconductor market is in a state of uneasy balance between slightly lopsided and complete disarray, due to weak economy and miscalculations
2008-10-01 Analog vendors raise portable sound quality to higher level
With mobile phone users struggling to hear and be heard in noisy environments, designers are working hard to integrate more advanced audio processing into portable audio devices
2008-03-17 Analog vendors need to come up with diverse tactics
Analog vendors need different tactics to serve power-supply and RF niches in the mobile segment, where users are fickle and performance is a relative requirement
2003-12-16 Analog switches target feature-rich cellphones
Fairchild Semiconductor International introduced a family of analog switches designed to increase audio quality while switching signals among three or more outputs
2010-10-20 Analog surges due to new apps
As the IC industry matures, growth will be driven by new analog applications including power management, automotive, sensors, implantable medical devices and LED lighting.
2008-03-17 Analog soars in Asia
There is no doubt that Asia will achieve greater heights with greater products for the connected world.
2007-11-15 Analog renders ultrasizzling 3G phone
The N95 gets anointed in Nokia's marketing as a "multimedia computer," but in one view, it's the still the analog IC that sets it apart
2002-07-29 Analog receives ISO-14001 certification for its SOI fab
Analog Devices Inc. has received an ISO-14001 certification for its SOI substrate manufacturing facility in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2007-06-29 Analog ICs gear up for automotive engine control
Freescale unveils six standard SMARTMOS analog products designed for automotive engine management apps to meet the industry's performance, fuel efficiency and environmental requirements
2007-06-01 Analog front-end targets mobile ultrasound
Analog Devices Inc. rolled out an integrated analog front-end in an effort to gain an edge in mobile ultrasound systems.
2014-06-05 Analog expands RF platform with modulator, demodulator
The devices are designed for 3G/4G communication, microwave PtP radios, military/aerospace and instrumentation applications
2004-03-02 Analog Devices, TCL build wireless development lab
Analog Devices Inc. and TCL Mobile Communication Co. Ltd have jointly established a laboratory for the design of wireless handsets based on the 2G, 2.5G, EDGE, and 3G standards.
2011-05-27 Analog Devices, MIT develop patient monitoring devices
Analog Devices Inc. and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are collaborating to develop advanced technology for next-generation patient monitoring devices that can be used at home.
2005-08-18 Analog Devices' Blackfin defines performance in its class
Analog Devices Inc.'s Blackfin has been chosen by ArWest Communications as its core processing platform.
2016-03-01 Analog Devices unveil energy harvesting PMU for IoT
The latest power management unity (PMU) from Analog Devices enable energy harvesting for IoT applications with its multiple-power-path design for fast start-ups.
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