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2004-12-09 Analog devices TigerSHARC link
This app note demonstrates a full-featured transmitter/receiver macro that can communicate with Spartan-II, Spartan-IIE, Spartan-3, Virtex, Virtex-E, Virtex-II, and Virtex-II Pro FPGA families via the analog devices ADSP-TS101S TigerSHARC link-port function.
2008-09-11 Analog Devices taps Virage Logic's Aeon NVM tech
Analog Devices has licensed Virage Logic Corp.'s Aeon embedded NVM for use in broad range of analog and mixed-signal products.
2006-12-22 Analog Devices sues Silicon Labs for patent infringement
Analog Devices has filed a lawsuit against Silicon Laboratories for multiple patent infringement and copyright complaints.
2012-10-10 Analog Devices rolls 14bit, 250MSPS ADC
The dual-channel AD9250 touts the JEDEC JESD204B serial output data interface standard that accommodates the precise synchronisation of multiple data-conversion channels through a serial interface.
2002-11-19 Analog Devices products power Sharp camera
Sharp Corp. has selected Analog Devices Inc.'s signal processing products to be used on its latest GX10 GSM/GPRS camera phone.
2007-11-28 Analog devices improve processor system reliability
ST unveiled an Advanced Analog division that offers a variety of components that support microprocessors in reducing parts counts and lowering system cost, while ensuring system robustness
2005-08-15 Analog Devices earnings up, sales down
Analog Devices posted net earnings of $121.4 million, or 32 cents per share on sales of $582.4 million for the third fiscal quarter ended July 30.
2005-10-20 Analog Devices chipset picked for 3G TD-SCDMA phone
Analog Devices, Inc. has announced that Holley Communications of Hangzhou, China has selected its SoftFone-LCR chipset for use in Holley's next-generation handsets based on the TD-SCDMA Low Chip Rate (LCR) air interface.
2004-03-15 Analog Devices buys laser trim tool from GSI Lumonics
Analog Devices Inc. has purchased GSI Lumonics Inc.'s WaferTrim M310 systems. The systems will be delivered in the first and second quarters of this year.
2002-06-18 Analog Devices adds dual fractional-N PLL offering
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced a dual fractional-N PLL frequency synthesizer for the upconversion and downconversion of RF signals in wireless applications.
2004-07-02 Analog Devices ADCs push architectural limits
Analog Devices will announce two products that represent significant advances in analog-to-digital converter technology.
2004-05-27 Analog Devices 8-bit ADC achieves linearity at 250MSPS
Analog Devices' new 8-bit ADC achieves a conversion rate of 250MSPS while maintaining a differential nonlinearity of 0.25LSB.
2008-03-25 Analog companion IC joins power management, audio interface
Atmel has announced the release of its AT73C209 analog companion power supply and audio interface IC designed for low-cost music players
2005-01-03 Analog business overtakes digital
Analog business is growing faster than the digital business and new applications are driving high performance development and requirement of analog products
2008-06-24 Analog boosts RF profile with direct conversion receivers
Analog Devices Inc. continues to expand its RF product portfolio, adding a new quadrature demodulator and dual gain trim amplifier for direct conversion receivers in next-generation cellular 3G/4G and broadband wireless 802.16 applications.
2012-06-26 ADI, TSMC team up to develop analog process tech
The development of the analog process platform aims to significantly improve analog performance for a number of devices.
2007-01-04 ADI unveils HDMI 1.3-compatible devices
ADI continues to expand its line of HDMI interface ICs with the availability of HDMI v1.3-compatible multiplexer, receiver and transmitter circuits.
2004-02-13 ADI reference design simplifies mobile devices
Analog Devices has released a reference design for the development of GSM/GPRS wireless devices.
2008-09-11 ADI optimizes image quality, power efficiency of ultrasound devices
ADI says its AD9272 features the industry's lowest terminated noise for high- and mid-end cart-based ultrasound equipment that need superior image quality, and the AD9273 is said to be the most power-efficient device in its class for addressing the requirements of portable ultrasound systems.
2015-07-30 ADI flaunts AFE devices with integrated 24bit ADCs
The AD7124-4 and AD7124-8 AFEs connect directly to all standard industrial signal sources and sensor inputs, while reducing power requirements by 40 per cent over comparable devices
2011-05-03 2010 worldwide analog IC market grows 32
The 2010 worldwide analog IC market grew 32 percent from the previous year's data, according to Databeans
2002-10-25 Zarlink expands analog IC lineup
Zarlink Semiconductor will introduce a series of analog ICs targeting high-speed communications apps such as cellular and fixed wireless networks
2003-08-08 Zarlink analog PLL simplifies line card design
Zarlink Semiconductor has unveiled an analog PLL timing chip for optical line cards operating at OC-192 rates
2008-06-02 Working on India's analog dream
Notes Anand Valavi of Wipro Technologies, " We want to get to the point where people think if they have some state-of-the-art analog work to be done, India is a good place to do it
2004-04-23 Wolfson codec offers power savings for mobile comms devices
Wolfson has announced the third generation of its audio/touch-panel codecs that provides broad functionality and new levels of power-saving.
2008-02-18 Why we need a new analog design flow
Analog-mixed signal designers need a first-time right design methodology now. Why is this familiar cry more urgent and probably truest this time
2006-08-01 What will happen to analog video
With the new digital video standards coming into the picture, the common misconception is that analog video is dead or dying. The reality is that analog video is very much alive
2006-06-08 VoIP engine features analog telephony interface
Infineon's new single-chip VoIP engine with integrated codec is touted to be the world's first to allow any analog phone to make VoIP calls
2008-08-15 Virtus' MEMS motion sensing devices debut
Virtus Advanced Sensors, a developer of multi-axis inertial sensor technology has introduced its first sensor product, an analog 3-axis accelerometer for low-cost consumer electronics applications
2008-01-25 Video amp handles analog output for HD devices
New Japan Radio has released the NJM2583A, an HD signal-compatible 6ch video amplifier that is capable of handling analog video output for devices such as Blu-ray and HD DVD players and digital tuners.
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