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2015-02-20 USB batt charging protocols in Android-based design
Here is a walk-through on the process of incorporating effective power management into a design using the Android distribution of the Linux operating system
2011-10-25 TI touts role in Android 4.0 rollout
TI took credit for some of the more unique features of the Android 4.0 user experience, such as hardware-integrated security and enhanced memory based on a memory manager baked directly into the chip
2008-11-13 Teardown reveals Android phone BOM cost
A virtual teardown conducted by iSuppli Corp. estimates that the BOM cost of T-Mobile G1 smart phone, the first wireless handset to be based on Google Inc.'s Android mobile OS, reached $143.89.
2010-12-14 Processors tip Android OS
The complete Google Android OS has been ported to run Imagination Technologies plc's Meta Linux kernel, offering symmetric multi-processor and "hot-plug" features.
2010-12-09 NXP, Google collaborate for Android NFC
NFC has been gaining momentum, and now NXP and Google have announced a partnership to integrate the short range wireless technology into handsets.
2011-05-12 New protocol connects Android apps to any platform
Objective Interface Systems has unveiled a new communications protocol to connect Android apps to any platform, anywhere
2009-07-14 Mélange of reactions surround Chrome OS
Chipmakers and most analysts gave a thumbs-up to the concept of a Google Chrome OS, while system makers took a more guarded wait-and-see stance on the Windows alternative
2015-02-12 Microsoft, Samsung resolve Android royalties squabble
Microsoft said Google's Android OS infringed some of its patents, but instead of going after Google, it instead entered into licensing agreements with various tech companies making Android handsets.
2010-06-09 LTE protocol stack supports Android
MIPS Technologies Inc. and SySDSoft Inc. have developed what they claim is the first LTE protocol stack ported to the Android platform
2010-10-18 Kit eases Android user interface creation
Mentor Graphics Corp. releases a user interface development kit for the Android OS that generates Java interfaces, integrates code, and creates required files automatically.
2010-12-09 Imagination Tech extends Android support to processors
Imagination Technologies is offering Android support for its META multithreaded processor family, including META connected application platform solutions
2013-07-10 Guide to porting Android on embedded platforms
Find out how to port the Android distribution of the open source Linux OS to your embedded design in four easy steps.
2008-10-29 GooglePhone responds to Android's aspirations
Smart phones are again the talk of the town. This time it's the T-Mobile G1, a distinctly un-Apple, un-iPhone-like slider. Is the new "GooglePhone" a true revolution or simply a creative reuse?
2015-11-10 Google lightly treads new waters leading to Android chip
Rumours are going around that Google held discussions with silicon vendors about co-developing chip designs, including a phone's main processor to make significant headway in Android OS.
2009-07-10 Google concocts PC OS
Google Inc. said it plans to develop and roll out a new PC OS that will aim at dislodging Microsoft Corp. from its perch atop the computer world, as the two continued their intense rivalry for dominance in the technology market
2014-09-02 From hand to wrist: Android advances to smartwatches
Android Wear, the smartwatch version of Google's Android is designed to make the OS easy to use on the move by boiling down messages to a format users can absorb at a glance.
2009-04-27 Firms give MIPS processor Android boost
Open source developer Embedded Alley and RMI Corp. have partnered to port the Android OS to RMI's MIPS-based Au1250 processor.
2011-10-13 Enterprise tablet touts secure OS, rugged design
Motorola Solutions' ET1 sports a Corning Gorilla glass and runs on a modified Android OS.
2011-04-05 Digitimes: Google, ARM in talks over Android standardization
Google is reportedly eyeing to standardize its Android OS for an ARM-based chipset in an attempt to use a more disciplined approach to the Android development and resist fragmentation.
2014-04-22 Communication between MQX RTCS, Android OS
Learn about MQX RTCS ability to communicate with an Android OS application, which is running on a smartphone.
2015-03-18 China-made smartphones speak in forked Android
Chinese smartphone vendors used to worry about Google's dominance on the smartphone operating system. But not so much anymore, as the fragmentation in Android becomes widespread
2014-08-26 China makes own OS to rival U.S. tech giants
China is developing its own operating system to help its local industry compete with Google, Apple and Microsoft. The Chinese-made OS for PCs is expected to arrive as early as October
2013-01-14 CES 2013's Android connection
The Android OS may have been designed primarily for mobile devices but it has since crossed over to other realms of consumer electronics as evidenced during CES 2013.
2009-08-11 Are you ready for high-def Android
MIPS Technologies and one of its partners are working on extensions to the Android OS to support high-definition video displays.
2008-09-23 Android-powered smart phones ready for launch
Google's Android OS will account for 4 percent of all smart phones sold in the United States during the Q4 08, according to market research group Strategy Analytics.
2011-04-06 Android to stay architecture-neutral, says MIPS
MIPS claims Google's Android anti-fragmentation moves are architecture-neutral and proof of this is the Android Native Development Kit available for each processor architecture that supports the OS.
2011-08-17 Android tablets bite 20% from iPad's share
Worldwide annual media tablet shipments are seen to exceed 120 million units in 2015, and for the last year, Android tablets have been eroding the market share of iPad
2012-09-14 Android smartphone shipments to reach 1B in 2013
IHS revealed that worldwide annual unit shipments of Android phones will rise to 451 million in 2013, up from 357 million this year
2012-08-01 Android smartphone market share in US drops to 56% in 2Q12
An analyst noted that Android remains the number one platform by volume in the U.S., but its market share is approaching a peak and Apple iOS has been gaining ground
2010-08-06 Android phone shipments up 886% year-on-year in Q2 2010
The worldwide smart phone market grew by 64 percent annually in Q2 2010, driven in part by the growth of Android device shipments by a range of vendors
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