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2015-03-13 Intel processors boost computing for Ansys design tool
Intel's Xeon processors ensure seamless high-performance computing for the Ansys 16.0 prototype validation tool, helping simulation engineers decrease products' time to market.
2013-10-07 Ansys tech enables modelling of mm-wave for wireless comms
ANSYS's partnership with Imec allows the research centre to use ANSYS' modelling tools to perform advanced research on antenna design and antenna/package-chip co-design in integrated mm-wave SiPs.
2014-05-05 Ansys fosters rapid product design iteration with SpaceClaim
The SpaceClaim acquisition enables ANSYS to provide engineers with a powerful and intuitive 3D direct modelling solution, and expand its user base from analysts and expert users to 5 million design and systems engineers.
2011-07-02 Ansys acquires Apache Design for $310M
Ansys has announced it will acquire Apache Design for $310 million, with the aim of accelerating development and delivery of new products to the market.
2008-04-04 ANSYS acquires Ansoft for $832M
ANSYS Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Ansoft Corp. for approximately $832 million in a mix of cash and ANSYS common stock.
2015-10-02 Online design startup sparks tool debate
The Upverter Parts Concierge lets engineers request a component be added to an online design in progress and it seeks to eliminate the need to copy information from datasheets into a CAD design.
2012-10-17 TSMC names EDA partners for CoWoS, 20nm
TSMC has validated technologies from Cadence, Mentor and ANSYS for use in its 20nm and CoWoS design infrastructure.
2009-05-22 Software cuts engineering time, prototype iterations
Ansys Inc. has released the Simplorer 8.0, part of the Ansoft family of EDA products, targeted for the design of mechatronic and other multi-domain systems in the automotive, aerospace/defense and industrial automation industries.
2010-12-17 Bi-directional integrated solution provides efficient loop for composites
Ansys and Vistagy integrate Ansys 13.0 Composite PrepPost and FiberSIM 2010 to deliver quicker, more accurate composites design and analysis. FiberSIM’s Analysis Interface allows optimization of parts, assemblies and structures more efficiently.
2011-11-21 Workstation tech touts simultaneous computing and simulation
Nvidia's Maximus technology claims to speed up work by concurrently handling graphics and compute-intensive work.
2012-09-21 The golden age of simulation-driven design
Find out what it takes to design for reliability nowadays.
2013-06-03 Si2 set to unveil PDN Standard for 3D integrated ICs
The 3D IC Design Exchange Format Standard for Power Distribution Networks describes a unified interface protocol for both Power/Ground and signal ports for die-2-die and package-2-PCB interfaces.
2009-02-05 PI tool for PCB promises accuracy
Mentor Graphics Corp. threw its hat in the ring of EDA vendors addressing power integrity in the PCB space, rolling out HyperLynx PI (power integrity), which is billed as easy-to-use and promises accurate analysis of power plane structures.
2014-05-30 PDK delivers power noise, reliability sign-off flow
The PDK includes reference flow guidelines, collateral, example test cases and flow setup guidance that will enable analogue and RF designers.
2013-02-19 Paper tackles 3D IC temperature solutions
The methodology flow presented in the paper will demonstrate the link between the 3-D IC package thermal simulations with the system thermal simulation.
2015-11-18 Intel shifts from HPCs to scalable system framework
With SSF, Intel aims to scale the future of supercomputing with every level of computing, to create an ecosystem of hardware and software suppliers that can serve all systems.
2007-06-29 Intel rolls out cables, spec for clusters
Intel has developed a new class of optical cables and system specification geared towards boosting the growth of computer clusters.
2014-09-12 Intel plans to extend Moore's Law to 7nm
Chipmakers generally don't expect the much-delayed extreme ultraviolet lithography in time for 10nm chips, but many still hold out hopes it could be ready for a 7nm generation.
2015-10-26 Impact of wearables, IoT on electronic design
Today's IoT and wearable products must deliver ever-increasing capabilities in smaller packages with more aerodynamic shapes. Engineers will need all the help they can get.
2007-07-02 EDA tools add MEMS capability
By integrating its tools with existing EDA tool sets, SoftMEMS claims to be uniquely positioned to enable EEs to co-design electronics-with-MEMS chips from the comfort of their familiar EDA platform.
2012-04-30 Design for power methodology: From architectural plan to signoff
Here's a look at a holistic design for power methodology that spans from architectural decisions through front-end design to physical implementation and sign-off.
2008-10-14 Comment: Mentor adopts a better strategy
I have been very excited by Mentor Graphics Corp.'s acquisition of Flomerics because it represents the first time that a traditional EDA vendor has recognized and acted upon a system that is more than simply the electronic components.
2014-10-17 Boost thermal management of electronic systems
Find out how accurate compact thermal models of three-die power packages can be used to improve the thermal management of electronic systems.
2008-05-27 Assessing the DFM impact
The EDA industry, always looking for timely solutions to the existing problems of the electronics market, has taken the challenge of defining a new market segment.
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