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2007-05-21 Antenova springs Shanghai surprise
Antenova has opened its newest sales and support office in Shanghai, China.
2005-02-08 Antenova integrates antenna, RF components into single module
Antenna specialist Antenova Ltd expects to be sampling within months integrated modules that incorporate its novel antenna technology with the key RF components and some of the transceiver functionality required for a mobile phone or PC modem.
2005-02-10 Antenova integrates antenna, RF components in single module
Antenova expects to be sampling within months integrated modules that incorporate its novel antenna technology with the key RF components and some of the transceiver functionality required for a mobile phone or PC modem.
2005-03-29 Antenova integrates antenna and RF module
Handheld device antenna manufacturer Antenova Ltd recently introduced a new radio-antenna module that integrates radio and radio frequency (RF) components with a balanced dielectric antenna.
2005-08-19 Antenova acquires gigaAnt wireless antenna business from Perlos
Antenova has acquired the gigaAnt short range wireless antenna business from Perlos. The deal is expected to provide an extended global sales channel for Antenova's HDA technology and RADIONOVA radio antenna modules and broaden Antenova's product portfolio
2005-03-30 Radio antenna module provides simplified connectivity
Antenova's new radio antenna modules are aimed at reducing the cost and complexity of adding wireless connectivity to consumer electronic devices.
2007-02-16 Module integrates GPS radio IC and antenna
Antenova's GPS Radionova RF antenna module integrates a high-performance and low-power receiver IC with the company's single-ended internally balanced antenna technology.
2003-02-24 Antenna enables smaller Bluetooth combo access points
The HDA 2000 2.4GHz antenna from Antenova Ltd enables dual-mode 802.11b and Bluetooth access points to be constructed without large antenna spacings.
2004-11-08 Antenna contract turns into licensing deal
Antenova Ltd has signed a licensing deal which gives Galtronics Inc. the rights to use one of Antenova's High Dielectric Antenna (HDA) designs exclusively for its customers in cellular handsets and cellular PC card devices.
2007-07-04 Ultrasmall antenna suits wireless 2.4GHz apps
Antenova Ltd announced the addition of Fusca 2.4GHz antennathe smallest in the gigaNOVA range of standard antennas.
2009-07-15 SMD antennas ease wireless device integration
Antenova Ltd has expanded its gigaNOVA range of surface mount antennas with the addition of the Reflexus A10315 and Calvus A10340.
2011-05-25 GPS radio antenna uses LDS tech
Antenova introduces the M10382 GPS RADIONOVA, a surface mount GPS Radio Antenna Module utilizing the latest Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) technology in a compact low profile package.
2010-08-26 FM antenna module offers drop-in solution
Antenova's M10385 is a dual-mode receive/transmit internal surface mount FM antenna module suited for mobile and digital media device applications.
2007-01-16 New materials expand wireless options
Designers of portable wireless products now have new tools, approaches and components that provide fresh trade-offs in the quest for a perfect antenna. Newer antenna designs and components give designers other options
2014-07-22 Dev't boards offer wireless access to Raspberry Pi, Arduino
RS released seven SparqEE boards, including the CELLv1.0, a tiny cellular development board that implements a 2G+3G chipset to provide wireless worldwide.
2008-05-21 Analyst: Startups should orient towards India, China
The momentum behind India and China in semiconductors is such that all electronics startups have to be oriented towards one or both of these countries, according to Bipin Parmar, principal analyst for The Chilli, a U.K. consultancy.
2015-05-26 2.4GHz ceramic antenna takes on consumer electronics
The Weii is an omni-directional, SMD mounted dielectric antenna that can be used to add wireless connectivity to any small electronic device such as wearables, headsets and medical devices.
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